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Is 201 group project 1 presentation

Group Project 1
Microsoft/Apple future

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Is 201 group project 1 presentation

  1. 1. The Future ofGiantsAn assessment of where Apple and Microsoft willbe in five years.
  2. 2. APPLE
  3. 3. Apple Technology to be Released inthe Immediate Future• iBooks/ibook Author- allows purchasing of online textbooks at a reduced price.• iPhone 5- the next generation of the iPhone, release date is expected to be mid 2012 • Includes larger display and advanced Siri.• iPad 3- the newest version of the Apple tablet set to release in early 2012 • Enhanced battery life and greener technology.
  4. 4. iBooks 2 and iBook Author• Updates e-reader for iOS• Adds downloadable textbooks/ iPad-optimized e-textbooks• Allows for interactive media such as movies, 3D diagrams, and step-by-step processes• 350,000 downloads in the first three-days• Is this a big concern for online giants such as Amazon? • Threat to market share • Possible “war”
  5. 5. Three Year Plan • Expand HDTV and LCD • Combine platforms: ios, appstore • Hardware: iphone, ipad • Content: itunes
  6. 6. iTV• Features liquid crystal displays and integrated internet content• Consists of an initial production run between 5 to 10 million units• iCloud for iTV will be overhauled with full screen apps
  7. 7. What’s Next?
  9. 9. Cloud Computing • Microsoft leading transition to Cloud • Reduces risk of data loss • Enables businesses to effectively distribute data and increase productivity
  10. 10. Windows 8 • Optimized for use with touchscreen technology and mobile devices • Redesigned user interface • HTML5 compatible
  11. 11. Microsoft Surface • Developed via Microsoft/Samsung partnership • Converted ordinary surface space into touchscreen device
  12. 12. Mobile Devices • Partnered with Nokia to produce current mobile devices • Rumored to be in negotiations for Nokia’s smart phone division • Currently unlikely
  13. 13. New Business Plan• Reduce R&D expenses by decreasing third-party development and programing costs• Continue support for Xbox 360 platform through 2015• Compensate for increased use of mobile devices instead of PCs • iPad/iPhone being used to do traditional PC tasks.