Info and tech standards early release jan 2012


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Info and tech standards early release jan 2012

  2. 2. InfoWhelm
  3. 3. HOW DO WE DEAL WITH “THE SHIFT”?Information and Technology Skills Essential Standards:5 standards – same topics from k- 12Vertically aligned to build from grade to gradeInfused into the curriculum
  4. 4. 5 INFORMATION AND TECHNOLOGYESSENTIAL STANDARDS Standard 1: Sources of Information Standard 2: Informational Text Standard 3: Technology as a Tool Standard 4: Using a Research Process Standard 5: Safety & Ethical Issues
  5. 5. TODAY’S FOCUSEssential Standard 3: Technology as a Tool
  6. 6. TECHNOLOGY AS A TOOL: HOW?1. Students as Creators  VoiceThread
  7. 7. TECHNOLOGY AS A TOOL2. Providing access to resources  Kathy Miles Wiki  Step by Step Instructions  Appropriate Resources
  8. 8. TECHNOLOGY AS A TOOL3. End Products
  9. 9. QUESTIONS TO PONDER DURING VIDEO1. What do you see in the video that might work for you?2. What technology tools do you already use?3. How could technology tools enhance something you are already doing within your curriculum?
  10. 10. Video Introducing Information and Technology SkillsEssential Standards
  11. 11. SMALL GROUP DISCUSSIONDiscuss questions for 10 minutesDivide Your Group into roles  Facilitator  TimeKeeper  Recorder  Reporter
  12. 12. EXIT TICKETS:  Whatare your hopes for how students will benefit from these changes?  Otherthan time, what will hinder you from implementing these changes?