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Shawn Krawetzki Slideshare Resume

  1. 1. 16 Fielding Court, Durham, North Carolina 27703SHAWN KRAWETZKI PH: 919.768.7714 - R E G I S T E R E D L A N D S C A P E A R C H I T E C TTalented, dedicated, and performance-driven professional with wide-ranging experience in providing Landscape Architecturaldesign, project management, and construction observation services. Proven ability to manage and complete projects on-time andwithin budgets while maintaining excellent client relationships. Extremely well-experienced in construction documentation,specifications, and construction observation. Very hardworking, team player that has been praised for always assisting projectteams whenever it was needed. • Exceptional ability to learn new technologies, software, and processes in short periods of time. • Reliable work ethics, desire to achieve professional growth and advancement through relevant experience, learning from others, reading, attending training, and teaching others what I have learned. • Demonstrated excellent communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills. • Proficient at prioritizing work and staff resources effectively and efficiently while actively managing 6-12 projects. • Outstanding problem solving skills both in the office and field; very detail oriented. • Tenacious at ensuring that projects are completed with high quality construction. • Adept at interacting with clients and consultants; owners, engineers, architects, and municipal personnel. P R O F E S S I O N A L E X P E R I E N C ELappas + Havener, PA. Durham, NCLandscape Architect, Project Manager, CAD Manager October 2003-May 2010Landscape Architect with 6 1/2 years of experience that has successfully managed and completed multiple projects of various scalesand phases simultaneously, while maintaining the project budgets and client relationships. Design involvement encompassingMaster Planning, Design Development, and Construction Documentation. Provided exceptional expertise for projects in permitting,construction documentation, detailing, specifications, cost estimation, presentations, and construction observation.Experienced in a broad range of projects that include LEED accreditation, Municipal parks, new / renovated university buildings,college infrastructure renovations, college master planning, corporate campuses, Multi-use developments, greenways, communityrecreational facilities, shopping center plazas, continuing care and retirement center facilities, senior recreational centers, hospitals,State buildings, Municipal complexes, public spray grounds, public dog parks, and a national bank client.Directed the office’s project based digital filing and CAD systems, provided training to all new employees in CAD operation, filemanagement, and office standards. Created training manuals and systematic procedures for handling the processing of externaldata files received for project use (survey, engineering, and architectural files). Set up office drawing standards and templates toallow efficient and repeatable drawing production that provided clear and concise documentation; decreasing the number ofpotential estimation and field errors caused by hard to interpret drawings. Created / programed tools and macros in CAD to allowfor more efficient and error free drafting. Page |1
  2. 2. 16 Fielding Court, Durham, North Carolina 27703SHAWN KRAWETZKI PH: 919.768.7714 - skrawetz@nc.rr.comNotable Projects:North Carolina State University Alumni Center - Raleigh, NC: Developed the landscape, parking, fire access, donor opportunityplaza, memorial garden, activity plaza (used for high profile events with large tents), and coordinated the location of sculptureelements.North Carolina State University Thompson Theater Renovation - Raleigh, NC: Developed the landscape and hardscape plans, toinclude providing new accessibility for two existing building entrances, while maintaining the character of the building. I was alsovery involved in the design of the storm water system along with our Civil Engineering consultant due to connections to anantiquated, existing utility system.Castalia at Meadowmont - Chapel Hill, NC: Developed the landscape plans and coordinated with the Civil Engineer and Architect tocreate a multi-use (office / residential) building on a prominent and controversial site. The plans required public meetings with theHome Owner’s Association, Chapel Hill’s Town Council, and Meadowmont’s Development Council to come up with an acceptablesolution that meet all of the groups’ criteria.First Citizens / Ironstone Bank (National Client)- Raleigh, NC (projects in NC, VA, TX, TN, AZ, AL, OK, & GA): Developed landscapeand irrigation plans for headquarters and branch banks, coordinated / consulted with Civil Engineers with locations of utilities,parking, storm water system, and site walls. Created a water reduction strategy for the client and assisted the client with re-writingtheir maintenance manual. I managed this long term client for LHPA for the last three years and maintained a positive relationshipwith them throughout that time. This client brought in ¼ to ½ million dollars a year which accounted for 5-8% of the firm’s income.Wake County Schools - Raleigh, NC: Developed zoning compliant landscape plans for permitting and provided constructionadministration for clients with extremely tight budgets.Town of Carys Bartley Park - Cary, NC: Developed site and landscape designs, grading, and details for a 34 acre park that included adog park, restroom building, outdoor shower, public art, picnic shelter, playgrounds, and spray ground. As the project lead thatincluded Civil Engineers, Architects, and Environmental Engineers, I was responsible for all the scheduling, permitting, budgets, clientand consultant interaction and coordinating packaging and delivery of drawings to the client. I was also solely responsible forchanging the clients’ outlook on the firm after 2 previous project managers were not able to meet the clients’ expectations.SEI Engineers Powell, OHDesigner, 3D Modeler, CAD Technician September 1999-March 2003Project experience includes: 3-Dimensional modeling of a processing, blending, and packaging facilities, provided 3-Dimesionalmarketing materials and movie walkthroughs of designs for client presentations, performed spatial analysis of working areas toensure personnel could safely operate equipment, utilized 3D model to evaluate mechanical, structural, and utility designs forinterferences prior to construction, construction detailing of structural elements, aided engineers with grading, and assisted in ariver bank stabilization project. Page |2
  3. 3.            16 Fielding Court, Durham, North Carolina 27703  SHAWN KRAWETZKI   PH: 919.768.7714  ‐    E D U C A T I O N  The Ohio State University    Columbus, OH Bachelors of Science in Landscape Architecture     October 1993‐June 2001 Accredited degree in Landscape Architecture with emphasis in design, grading, and environmental conditions.    A F F I L I A T I O N S  CLARB ‐ Registered Landscape Architect of North Carolina    September 2008‐Current       American Society of Landscape Architects    November 2003‐Current      North Carolina Chapter        Professional Practice Networks in Historic Preservation and Digital Technology  Boy Scouts of America  December 1991        Eagle Scout      Order of the Arrow – Vigil Member  C O M P U T E R   S O F T W A R E   &   S P E C I A L   S K I L L S    MicroStation (J - V8i)  AutoCad (r14 - 2002)  AutoTurn (6.0) – Vehicular Sweep Path Analysis Software  Photoshop CS  Computer Networking  Computer System Building – 3D Graphics  Microsoft Word  Microsoft Excel  Microsoft Outlook  Microsoft PowerPoint  3D Modeling / Animation (MicroStation, Sketch-Up)  Photography Page   | 3
  4. 4. 16 Fielding Court, Durham, North Carolina 27703SHAWN KRAWETZKI PH: 919.768.7714 - P R O F E S S I O N A L R E F E R E N C E L I S TWalter Havener, RLAOwner / Principal at Lappas + Havener, PA Peter Bishop, P.E.215 Morris Street, Suite 150 Principal at Kimley-Horn & Associates, IncDurham, NC 27703 333 Fayetteville Street, Suite 600919.419.1199 Raleigh, NC 919.677.2164 Peter.Bishop@kimley-horn.comAdam AlexanderFederal Highway Administration – Noise Specialist Michael Allen, P.E.1200 New Jersey Ave. SE Principal at Mulkey Engineers & ConsultantsWashington DC 20590 6750 Tryon Road202.366.1473 Cary, NC 919.858.1888 MAllen@mulkeyinc.comTodd Manning, P.E., CCM, PMP, LEED APNC State Construction Office David Moore, AIAConstruction Management Principal at Callaway Johnson Moore and West (CJMW)301 N. Wilmington Street, Suite 450 119 Brookstown Ave., Suite 100Raleigh, NC 27601-1307 Winston-Salem, NC 27101919.807.4100 Dave.Moore@cjmw.comMarilee Martin, RLA Ben Benson, AIA, LEED APCity of Durham - General Services Department Partner / Principal at Jenkins*Peer ArchitectsConstruction Project Manager 112 South Tryon Street, Suite 13002011 Fay Street Charlotte, NC 28209Durham, NC 27704 704.372.6665919.560.4197 ext. 21285 Page |4
  5. 5. June 3, 2010Letter of Recommendation for Shawn KrawetzkiOver the past six and one half years, Shawn Krawetzki has been a loyal and dedicatedemployee whom we greatly valued. He is a wonderful person who contributes to theoverall office atmosphere and is a pleasure to both work along side and direct.Shawn began as a designer at Lappas + Havener, PA and worked his way up to juniorproject manager to project manager. He also gained his Landscape Architecture licensein 2008. Refining and improving his skills, Shawn was able to gain our confidencewhich led to increased project management responsibilities. He was often assigned to theproject teams that handled the largest and most complex projects. During the last severalyears Shawn managed junior staff in the development of design drawings and documentsand shared his technical abilities with junior staff. As a highly skilled employee, Shawnexcelled at construction administration issues such as designer coordination, Contractorrelations, contractual issues and field observation. In addition, Shawn provided muchtechnical support to the overall office by contributing to CAD, detail standards andQA/QC and management processes.In his last 2 or 3 years at LHPA, Shawn provided design work and constructionadministration for many projects – in particular the First Citizens Bank Clients. Weheard directly from First Citizens and other clients that as a project manager he wasvalued for his ability to provide good service and communication.His outstanding service combined with his pleasant personality will be missed at Lappas+ Havener, PA. We are displeased that the economic conditions led to his layoff.SincerelyWalter R. HavenerLappas + Havener, PA
  6. 6. PARKS RECREATION AND CULTURAL RESOURCES DEPARTMENT June 18, 2010To: Whom it may concernFrom: Paul Kuhn, Senior Parks Planner, Town of CaryRe: Shawn Krawetzki,RLA, ASLAShawn Krawetzki was a consultant for the Town of Cary working on the first phase ofthe future Bartley Park – a 50 acre Community Park. He was brought into the projectmidway thru the construction document phase in order to finalize the constructiondocuments and all permits in preparation for bidding. He was able to quickly get up tospeed on the project and has the knowledge and capabilities to get the project 100%design, permitted and ready to bid.The Town of Cary at this point was reviewing all capital projects and put this project onhold due to the $3 million dollar estimated cost. If the Town had not put the project onhold we would have immediately gone out to bid and were looking forward to workingwith Shawn on this phase of the project.Shawn is very personable and easy to get along with. He would quickly respond to anyinquires we had and would get back to us with answer. He also was always preparedfor meeting and arrived on time.If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at 919-469-4360 T OW N O f C A R Y • • • 316 N. Academy St.•Cary, NC 27513•PO Box 8005•Cary, NC 27512-8005 tel 919-469-4061 • fax 919-469-4344• •