Getting the most from Facebook Fan page


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This presentation will show you how to set up a Facebook Fan page to include important basic configurations, best practices for increasing and sustaining engagement, and methods for increasing integration.

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  • Recommended to post by both page and fans to get the most interaction. Also include the capability of fans to post photos, videos and links.The idea is to increase communication as much as possible.
  • Later, we will be talking about landing pages. This is the first step. First create a content page and tab on Facebook.
  • You can use any Web editing tool to create your code. Keep your code as simple as possible; this will help with compatibility with Facebook.Here is more on FBML:
  • If it is your first time loading FBML you should see a link for FBML – FBML.Otherwise, you will see an application with the name <some application – FBML. Regardless, you click on the “Edit” link.
  • If you intend to have a specialized landing page, you must first create a FBML page.
  • I encourage you to get more members of your organization involved as administrators.
  • You must systematically tab through each block so that it will verify the content.
  • Have your members assist you with recruiting for your site.
  • Cross pollinate your links across your site.
  • Send out a notice at least quarterly to your e-mail lists and distribution lists.
  • Conduct a poll, asking fans for their favorite image, video, link, etc.Conduct a drawing for a book, free pass, freebie, etc.Publicize winners of contests.Clever contest by IKEA:
  • Basically, the http:// will help make the link hot.
  • If you are friends with the individuals in the pictures, you can tag them. Otherwise, encourage them to tag themselves.
  • You can find more information about this feature at this page:
  • References:
  • Getting the most from Facebook Fan page

    1. 1. Getting the most out of your Facebook Fan Page<br />@uwcesedtech<br />#uwces<br /><br />
    2. 2. Some guidelines to make your journey more pleasant… also for others.<br />We have 100 slides to go through.<br />Raise your hand to ask questions, or post them to the chat.<br />Feel free to post to Twitter with the hashtag of #uwces<br />Time is ticking… let’s start.<br />
    3. 3. You have just set up your Facebook Fan page and you want it to be successful.<br />
    4. 4. You are new to Facebook Fan pages.<br />
    5. 5. You are not sure if you have addressed all the pieces for a Facebook Fan page.<br />
    6. 6. You want to get the most out of your Facebook Fan page.<br />
    7. 7. Let me show how to fully set up a Facebook Fan page.<br />
    8. 8. The first major step is to set-up your new Facebook Fan page.<br />
    9. 9. Here are the basic steps for initially configuring your Facebook Fan page.<br />
    10. 10. Configure your Page's "Settings" to allow more participation by clicking on Edit Page.<br />
    11. 11. Click on “Edit” under the Wall Settings.<br />
    12. 12. Update the view settings and the fan permissions<br />
    13. 13. Use your organization's logo as your Page picture.<br />
    14. 14. Mouse over the picture and click on “Change Picture” then choose an option.<br />
    15. 15. Fill out the Info Tab to provide fans with contact information.<br />
    16. 16. Complete the Info Tab by starting with the Edit Information link.<br />
    17. 17. Complete the Basic Info by adding your address and operating hours.<br />
    18. 18. In the detail section, add your Websites and parking information.<br />
    19. 19. Add information in the about box that highlights your purpose.<br />
    20. 20. Click on the pencil inside the box to start editing, and the pencil to stop.<br />
    21. 21. Now you need to enhance your fan page with some important features.<br />
    22. 22. Select a username that matches your organizations Website.<br />
    23. 23. You must have at least 25 fans before you can have a custom username. <br />
    24. 24. Start by going to<br />
    25. 25. First, create a unique username for your personal account.<br />
    26. 26. Next, click on the “Set a username” link.<br />
    27. 27. Select a page and insert a username; finally, click on “Check availability.”<br />
    28. 28. Finally, read the warning and confirm that you want the username.<br />
    29. 29. You can create your own content and tabs on Facebook.<br />
    30. 30. Begin by developing the code for your page; use absolute addressing.<br />
    31. 31. Search for FBML application, and click on “Add to my Page”.<br />
    32. 32. Select the page where you want to add the application and click on “Add to Page.”<br />
    33. 33. Return to Fan page, and click on “Edit Page.”<br />
    34. 34. Scroll down and select “Edit” under the FBML – FBML application.<br />
    35. 35. Insert a Box Title and paste your code in the appropriate field. Save changes.<br />
    36. 36. Return to your Fan page by selecting the link in the upper left corner.<br />
    37. 37. Add the new tab to the menu.<br />
    38. 38. Your new tab will now be listed with the other tabs.<br />
    39. 39. Create a landing page for visitors who are not yet fans.<br />
    40. 40. Change the landing page for new visitors by clicking on “Edit Page.”<br />
    41. 41. Click on “Edit” under the Wall Settings.<br />
    42. 42. Update the view settings to the new “Default Landing Tab for Everyone Else.”<br />
    43. 43. Now to add the final touches to your fan page.<br />
    44. 44. Use the "Favorite Pages" function to build partnerships on Facebook.<br />
    45. 45. Start by going to your favorite page and click on “Add to My Page’s Favorites.”<br />
    46. 46. Find your page in the drop down list, click on the save button.<br />
    47. 47. Assign more than one administrator for your Facebook Fan page.<br />
    48. 48. Start by scrolling down to your “Fans” and click on “See All.”<br />
    49. 49. Click on the “Make Admin” button for each fan who you want to be an admin.<br />
    50. 50. Add Google Analytics to keep track of your Facebook activity.<br />
    51. 51. First, create an account on Google Analytics and access your Analytics.<br />
    52. 52. Click on “+ Add new account.”<br />
    53. 53. Click on the “Sign Up” button.<br />
    54. 54. Complete the form using your Facebook page username, e.g.,<br />
    55. 55. On the next page, enter your contact information.<br />
    56. 56. Agree to the terms of service and create your new account.<br />
    57. 57. Copy the “UA” code and click on the “Save and Finish” button.<br />
    58. 58. Go to and enter the “UA” code along with other information.<br />
    59. 59. Copy all of the code in the results box.<br />
    60. 60. Return to your Facebook Fan page, and ensure you have aFBML Application loaded.<br />
    61. 61. Look for a FBML application and click on “Edit.”<br />
    62. 62. Click on “Add another FBML box” then click on the “Edit” link next to new FBML application.<br />
    63. 63. Enter a new Box Title, paste in HTML image code, and save changes.<br />
    64. 64. Your new FBML application will be listed in the Boxes Tab. Click on the Boxes Tab.<br />
    65. 65. Click on the pencil and then click on “Move to Wall tab.”<br />
    66. 66. Verify the new FBML application is on your page. <br />
    67. 67. Best practices for increasing and sustaining engagement.<br />
    68. 68. Here are some strategies for getting fans.<br />
    69. 69. Ask your Fans to "Suggest to Friends" on a monthly basis.<br />
    70. 70. Share your Facebook URL everywhere. Ours is<br />
    71. 71. Talk about your Page on Twitter.<br />
    72. 72. Invite individuals from your opt in lists to become fans.<br />
    73. 73. Here are strategies for keeping your fans coming back.<br />
    74. 74. Limit your status updates to one per day.<br />
    75. 75. Create Facebook specific content not shared in other places.<br />
    76. 76. Keep your material fresh.<br />
    77. 77. Post links, photos and videos.<br />
    78. 78. Here are some strategies for increasing engagement.<br />
    79. 79. Ask questions to spark conversation and activity on your Page.<br />
    80. 80. Hold regular contests and drawings, perhaps have followers post images, etc.<br />
    81. 81. If your fans take time to make contributions to your site, take time to acknowledge them.<br />
    82. 82. Ask fans to share photos, videos, links, and stories.<br />
    83. 83. Here are some simple suggestions for raising your page to the next level.<br />
    84. 84. Tag folks in status messages, for example, @skrabut<br />
    85. 85. Add an opt in form for your organization newsletter.<br />
    86. 86. Put "http://" before all Web sites in "Updates".<br />
    87. 87. Tag photos on your site so that fans are recognized on their site.<br />
    88. 88. Change out your logo in the same spirit as Google. It keeps it interesting.<br />
    89. 89. Add the "Static FBML" application and learn basic HTML.<br />
    90. 90. Incorporate your Facebook Fan page into the rest of your Web sites.<br />
    91. 91. Add links for your Websites and blogs back to your Facebook Fan page.<br />
    92. 92. Add Share Buttons to your blog and Web site to make it easier for fans to find your page.<br />
    93. 93. Add the Fan Box Widget to your website or blog. <br />
    94. 94. Start by clicking on “Edit Page.”<br />
    95. 95. Select the “Promote with a Fan Box” from the Promote your Page section.<br />
    96. 96. Complete the items in section 1 and then click on the appropriate button in section 2.<br />
    97. 97. Copy the resulting code and paste it into your Web page where you want it to display.<br />
    98. 98. Incorporate your Facebook Page into your e-newsletter. <br />
    99. 99. Integrate Facebook into your online donation "Thank You" Web page and e-mail. <br />
    100. 100. You are not sure if you have addressed all the pieces for a Facebook Fan page.<br />
    101. 101. You want to get the most out of your Facebook Fan page.<br />