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  1. 1. DR. QUENTIN R. SKRABEC EDUCATION PhD Manufacturing Management, University of Toledo, 1998 Major- Systems & operations; Process and Project Management Minor- Statistical Analysis -B.S. Material/ Industrial Engineering, University of Michigan, Cum Laude, 1972 - M. S. Metallurgical/ Industrial Engineering, Ohio State University, 1973 -M.S and B. S./ Management / Operations/ Systems/ Org. Leadership, Robert Morris University, Magna Cum Laude, 1978/1983 M.B.A. Business Administration, Organizational Leadership & Behavior, Robert Morris University, 1983 Presently working on PhD in Biblical Studies Languages- Latin, Greek and Hebrew TEACHING EXPERIENCE University of Findlay 1997 to present - Assisstant Professor 1997-2004 - Associate Professor- 2005- University of Toledo 1993 to 1997 Instructor and PhD candidate • Fifteen years as Adjunct – detailed below • ADJUNCT PROFESSOR- ROBERT MORRIS UNIVERSITY 1980-1984 • ADJUNCT PROFESSOR – UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH 1983-1985 • ADJUNCT PROFESSOR – UNIVERSITY OF AKRON 1987-1992 • ADJUNCT PROFESSOR- UNIVERSITY OF TOLEDO 1995-1998 ***** Extensive experience in teaching internet courses—both Blackboard and Web Board Corporate and Community Boards • Kanco Board of Directors- 2000 to present (Automotive parts) • Durkin & Wise Board of Directors 1999 to present (Industrial Suppy) • State of Ohio NE Jobs Recovery Board 2009- • Owens Business Program Review Board 2001-present • Owens Industry training Advisory Board 2005-present • Universtiy of Michigan Materials Engineering Advisory Board 1998-2007
  2. 2. BUSINESS EXPERIENCE • General Manager/VP of Process Control -LSE/LTV Steel - full responsibility for the design, setup, and implementation of a Total Quality Management system that has gained international recognition in automotive and appliance industries. This joint venture company is recognized for its excellence in new management systems. 1990-1993 • Vice President of Quality Control-LTV Bar division - A multi-plant position responsible for the manufacture of high quality bearing steel for aerospace, defense and automotive industries. 1986-1993 • Manager New Products-Jessop Steel - responsibility for the process and market design for new tool steel and stainless steel products. Products developed included applications in the nuclear, automotive, and defense industries. 1983-86 • Manager of Operations-Jessop Steel- Operating responsibility for primary operations for steel making and foundry operations. 1979-1986 • New Product /Process Engineer-National Steel- Responsible for the development of new aluminum and steel products for the automotive, appliance, electrical and defense industries. 1973-1979 MAJOR ACHIEVEMENTS . Won the first USA TODAY/Rochester National Quality Cup being featured on front page. 1992 Elected Automotive Professional of the Year in 1994 by the American Society of Quality Control Author of over fifty papers on management systems, organizational design, and Total Quality Management Author of seventeen books on business organization and principles LTV Company to --33 magazines’s manufacturing company of the year LTV to Tom Peters 100 Best Managed Companies List Patents on a number of industrial processes; Formed a successful regional management consulting business-St. Eloi Services for ISO 9000/QS9000 Educational Committees (major) • Business Accreditation Committee University of Toledo 1995-96 • Served 3 years on HLC Committee for University of Findlay 2003-2006 • Served as Chair (2000-2004) Assessment Committee University of Findlay and member 1999-2006 • Served as Chair (2001-2006) General Education Committee University of Findlay member 1997-2005 • Library Committee 1999-2003; 2007 • Faculty senate Curriculum Committee – 2010 CONSULTING • SUCCESSFUL ISO / QS 9000 CAMPAIGNS AT THIRTY EIGHT COMPANIES INCLUDING SURFACE COMBUSTION, TOLEDO BLANK, LTV STEEL, UNION CARBIDE, DELTA STEEL,MOTOR CARRIER SERVICES • Consulting for hospitals on ISO and JCAHO – as well as process and project – [Banking industry as well] • SUCCESSFUL CAMPAIGNS AT TWENTY SERVICE COMPANIES INCLUDING AB PRINTING, MONROE ENVIRONMENTAL, WILLIAMS CONSULTING • Major Areas- Process and Project management, ISO, TS, Lean manufacturing, Six Sigma
  3. 3. PROFESSIONAL Speaker at over thirty National conferences on Management Writer for local business news Senior member American Society of Quality Control and American Society of Materials Certified quality engineer and auditor - American Society of Quality Control American Society of Metals 1975 to present ISO 9000 Lead Auditor and QS 9000 Lead Auditor Society of Manufacturing Engineers 1980-present Society of Production and Inventory Control Society 1995 to present WRITING Author of over fifty articles on business, manufacturing and industrial history and eighteen books BOOKS St. Benedict’s Rule for Business—Purdue University Press 2001 Middle Management Success- University Press 2002 Boys of Braddock- The Steel Industry and Globalization- Heritage Books 2003 Metallurgic Age – McFarland December 2005 Manufacturing Capitalism Heritage Books 2003 Biography of Michael Owens- Glassmaker - Pelican June 2006 Lessons in Operations Management- University of Michigan Press 2007 George Westinghouse- the man, manager, and engineer Algora Publishing 2005 Interviews with Titans of Business University of Michigan Press 2006 William McKinley: The Apostle of Protectionism – Agora Publishing 2006 H. J. Heinz McFarland 2009 Saintly Principles and Divine Concepts for Business—Nova Science 2001 Henry Clay Frick- Master of Manufacturing Capitalism Mcfarland Publishing 2009 William McGuffey: Educator Algora Publishing 2009 Capitalism and Manufacturing, Mcfarland, -----2010 release Journal Articles “Problems with ISO 9000,” Industrial Management December 2006 “Playing by the rules: Why ethics are profitable,” October 2003, Business Horizons (Indiana University- Kelly School of Business) “The Myth of Teams,” October 2004, Journal of Industrial Management, Vol.44 “Lost Grail of Middle Management,” June 2002, Industrial Management “ Progymastia: A synchromus approach to Internet teaching,” Winter 2002, Vol 123, Journal of Education “ Quality Assurance Revisited,” Industrial Management, 1999, Volume 36 Business Columns Monthly article on Globalization and Operations – Business Advantage Runs in Toledo, Detroit, Cleveland, and Chicago editions- monthly Talks/Conferences Akron Chamber of Commerce, Return of American Industry, April 2009
  4. 4. Society of Engineers, Innovation in Manufacturing, Pittsburgh, Pa. March 28, 2009 TV/Radio March 2009, Public Televsion (PBS) on Heinz biography Jan 2009, PBS, Toledo station- on Mike Owens Book November, 2008 History Channel – DVD on Geroge Westinghouse Book