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This is very helpful to understand concept of Scifinder databases. This Power point presentation is presented by me at IISER-Trivandrum...then i upload here,

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Scifinder scholar ppt

  1. 1. Presented by Surendra Kumar Pal Library Information Assistant traineeIndian Institute of Science Education & Research-Trivandrum, Kerala
  2. 2. Contents Definition Overview Scifinder Content Coverage Feature and Benefits How to Search? Conclusion
  3. 3. Definition SciFinder Scholar is a Z39.50 Windows-based interface that provides easy access to the rich and diverse scientific information contained in the CAS databases including Chemical Abstracts from 1907 onwards. The SciFinder Scholar offers a variety of pathways to explore CAS databases as well as MEDLINE. SciFinder Scholar interface provides the most accurate and comprehensive chemical and related scientific information including: journal articles and patents together in one source, substance data, chemical reactions, chemical regulatory data, chemical suppliers and biomedical literature. SciFinder Scholar covers not only chemistry but also Agriculture, Biology and Life Sciences, Engineering, Food, Geology, Medical, Physics, Polymer and Material Sciences.
  4. 4. Overview References from more than 10, 000 currently published journals and patents from more than 63 patent authorities. Important scientific discoveries from the present to the mid – 1800s. The worlds largest collection of organic and inorganic substance information. The latest scientific breakthroughs almost as soon as they are published with references added daily and some patent information as recent as 2 days ago.
  5. 5. Scifinder contentSciFinder Scholar gives you access to: 30 million abstracts in CA plus 17 million abstracts in medline 103 million organic/inorganic substances 16 million single/multi step reactions 29 million substances with commercial availability 1.1 Billion Predicted and experimental properties IR and NMR and 23 million predicted spectra. 246,000 regulated chemical inventories
  6. 6. Scifinder Scholar Coverage > 10,500 Journals 51 Patent Issuing Authorities Conference Proceedings Technical Reports Book Reviews Dissertations
  7. 7. Features and Benefits Access to current, high quality scientific information. Links to more relevant journal articles and patent documents than any other source. Content indexed by scientists Time savings, with speedy access to more than a century of scientific information. A novel approach to problem solving by linking related concepts.
  8. 8. When you open SciFinder Scholar, the first thing you see is the “Explore” menu. Youhave 6 different choices of how to search for articles.
  9. 9. SciFinder: Uses ‘natural’ language searchingI am looking for the effect of aspirin on blood clotting  separate key concepts with prepositions  prepositions are translated into the Booleanaspirin on blood clotting is better thanaspirin blood clotting  if only a space separates words, the system will consider the words to be part of a phrase
  10. 10. searching authors in scifinder: type a surname and initial, select all possible forms of a name.
  11. 11. Conclusions SciFinder makes it easy to locate chemical synthesis information in a variety of ways, depending on your needs. It then lets you explore synthetic pathways as well as quickly and easily navigate among reference, substance, reaction, and commercial source information. SciFinder can help to increase the overall effectiveness of your searching, as well as your accuracy, efficiency, and productivity and it is an effective tool for accessing important information for teaching and academic research. SciFinder is an essential part of the chemical synthesis research process.
  12. 12. Reference Rosenstein, I. J. (2005). A Literature exercise using Scifinder Scholar for the Sophmore Level Organic Chemistry. Journal of Chemical Education, 652. Wagner, A. B. (2006). Scifinder Scholar 2006 : An Empirical Analysis of research Topic Query and Processing. Journal od Chemical Information Model, 767-774. Wilson, Anne M.s (2002). Utilization of Scifinder Scholar at an Undergraduate Institution. Journal of Chemical Education, 524.