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e-PRO® is specifically designed to help real estate professionals thrive in the competitive world of online real estate. This recently updated course is designed to ensure continued success in your Internet marketing efforts well after you complete the course and earn your certification.

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e-PRO Workshop

  1. 1. E-PRO WORKSHOP Presented by: Certified e-PRO Trainer, Sharon Koziel, CRS,e-PRO www.EducationPlus.biz Welcome To The
  2. 2. Partnering in Your Success!  Superior Home Warranty Coverage  Caring Service  Marketing Support
  3. 3. Intro • E-PRO Workshop • Internet Education Searching: “real estate, California” 310,000 real estate, California 5,260,000 As the percentage of real estate transactions that begin on the Internet rockets through 82% Source: NAR®, (on its way to 90%+) it is clearer than ever that you need a strong array of tools to stake your claim to your part of that bounty.
  4. 4. NAR’S e-PRO CERTIFICATION COURSE FOCUS 1. Getting connected – creating an Internet Presence 2. E-mail – communication and marketing. Mastering e-mail software to be your tool 3. World Wide Web – learn advantages of web- marketing plan. Use web to publish valuable information. Search engines, blogs, etc. 4. Ancillary technology – PDAs, digital camera, virtual tour, personal technology plan of action
  5. 5. National Association of REALTORS® CIPS
  6. 6. • Taught online • Teaches to all levels • 6 Month Enrollment (an extra 2 months today) • No Annual Fee • Lifetime Access to e-PRO Community • 12 CE Credits Through CAR CE.eProNAR.com
  7. 7. INTERNET AND YOU • Internet Savvy? • Have a website? • An e-mail powerhouse? • Have a website plan for your website? • Have a blog?
  8. 8. For many industries and businesses, Technology and the Internet created a Paradigm Shift… A Fundamental Change of the Rules
  9. 9. Paradigm Shift When a Paradigm Shifts, everyone goes back to Zero. Your past success guarantees nothing when a Paradigm Shifts
  10. 10. • It’s the little things that make a difference • Differentiate yourself from your competition • Integrating technology into what you are already doing • Develop a Domain Name Marketing System • Contacts Create Contracts Themes
  11. 11. • Vision • Long Range (Strategic Plan) • Business Plan • Technology Plan • Marketing Plan • Web Site Plan Create a Plan
  12. 12. • Identify your Audience(s) • Content of value to your audience (specific) • Web site publishing Tool • Drive Traffic Web Site Plan
  13. 13. • Customer Service • Ease of Use • Up Time Web Host Check Lists
  14. 14. YOUR IRRESISTABLE WEB OFFER • How do you keep someone at your site? • What’s the “thing of value” that engages them? • Special reports? Ho, hum. • Interactive content –Agent Home • What piece of info, or document, or item is extremely valuable to your visitor? Incentive? Target market? • Offer a ListingBook account to everyone http://www.mycorona.listingbook.com/ (Member Benefit of your local MLS and your local Association)
  15. 15. NINE INTERNET PLANNING PRIORITIES 1. Get your own domain name 2. Get a full-featured e-mail account 3. Create a permanent e-mail address 4. Pick the best broadband option in your area 5. Learn and use more of the functionality of your e-mail software
  16. 16. PLANNING PRIORITIES cont’d 6. Build your e-mail address book 7. Create your web site strategy and web marketing plan 8. Examine web options and budget for them. 9. Make your web site decision and make sure you measure results. (from Saul Klein, of Internet Crusade, creators of e-PRO certification of NAR– Saul is one of the top 25 most influential people in real estate and the CEO of Internet Crusade and Point2Agent)
  17. 17. Marketing Plan
  18. 18. Marketing • Conventional side • Internet side • Tie them together
  19. 19. Domain Name Marketing System™ Put Your Name in Front of People
  20. 20. Personal Branding
  21. 21. Real Estate is a “Me Too” Business • Place in MLS • Lock Box • Sign • Classified Ads • Open House
  22. 22. • Enhance Technology Proficiency • E-mail Efficiency • Web Efficiency • Become e-PRO Certified - Differentiation • Become part of the e-PRO Support and Referral Network Benefits of
  23. 23. CONSUMERS: 1. Will have confidence you take the “connected consumer” seriously. 2. Will have confidence you will meet their online needs. 3. Will appreciate your interest and ability in using the Internet. 4. Will have ability to link to a special web page explaining what e-PRO Certification means to them, the online clients. 1. Will have confidence you take the “connected consumer” seriously. 2. Will have confidence you will meet their online needs. 3. Will appreciate your interest and ability in using the Internet. 4. Will have ability to link to a special web page explaining what e-PRO Certification means to them, the online clients. Personal page
  24. 24. Module 1 •Domain Hosting •E-mail Hosting •Web Site Hosting Internet Hosting Understanding the Miracle of the Internet
  25. 25. Domains: Internet Addresses • Top Level Domain .com • Second Level Domain You.com koziel.com • Third Level Domain SOLD.Koziel.com UnderContract.Koziel.co m
  26. 26. Domain Name Marketing System™ • Second Level Domain • Web Address www.koziel.com • E-mail Address sharon@koziel.com • Third Level Domains • Deep Linking www.ForSale.koziel.com • Links to other web services www.ListingBook.Koziel.com www.Lowes.koziel.com • Multiple e-Mail Addresses • Ad Tracking • E-mail Management
  27. 27. For More info: http://455 Nobe St.Koziel.com For Sale Old Town Realty (555) 444-4545
  28. 28. For Sale Old Town Realty (555) 444-4545 http://UnderContract.Koziel.com http://SOLD.Koziel.com
  29. 29. Lowes.Koziel.com
  30. 30. It’s the little things that make a difference Use Upper and Lower Case
  31. 31. It’s the little things thar make a difference Use Upper And Lower Cases firstnamelastname.com FirstNameLastName.com jimshead.com JimShead.com generhoads.com GeneRhoads.com
  32. 32. XXX - Rated • whorepresents.com • WhoRepresents.com • expertsexchange.com • ExpertsExchange.com
  33. 33. E-mail Communication and Marketing… Become an e-mail Powerhouse Module 2 Client Side Server Side
  34. 34. • Software on Your Computer Client Side • Change your return address • Keep your Inbox Below 20 Messages • Create Folders • Create Rules • Automate your Signature (Does not have to be a signature)
  35. 35. Thank You Signature Dear Mary, Congratulation for taking the first step in becoming an ePRO real estate professional. I have found this designation to be a great asset. Please remember to sign up for your free website. You will get three month to test drive the full-featured Point2 Standard site with no obligation to purchase or even supply a credit card and then a fee of only $9.95 if you continue to use the site. Sign up today at http://sharonkoziel.internetcrusade.com/ Sharon Koziel, CRS,e-PRO REALTOR®, Certified WINForms & e-PRO Trainer 800-394-3444 / 951-751-6011 www.EducationPlus.biz
  36. 36. Signature Should Include: • Name • Title • E-mail Address MailTo:You@You.com • Web Site Address: URL http://Association.com • Auto Responder MailTo:CodeOfEthics@Association.com • Phone/Fax Number
  37. 37. • E-Mail Forwarding sharon@koziel.com goes sharonkoziel@hotmail.com • E-Mail Hosting Server Side E-mail Services
  38. 38. Permanent E-mail Address #1 Web Presence http://YourName.com #2 E-mail Presence You@YourName.com Internet Marketing Presence
  39. 39. E-mail Host AOL Denis@DenisWaitley.co m AOL E-mail Forwarding New Temporary E-mail Address Denis234@AOL.com
  40. 40. Unlimited E-mail Addressing: Anything@You.com 123RiverStreet@Koziel.com Email Plus Can be purchased at: http://sharonkoziel.internetcrusade.com/
  41. 41. • Real Estate Book • Homes and Land • Harmon Homes Unlimited HomesAndLand@koziel.com HarmonHomes@koziel.com
  42. 42. http://sharonkoziel.certifiedeprotrainer.com
  43. 43. WWW – Marketing, Publishing, Service and Support 1. Identify your Audience(s) 2. Content of value to your audience (specific) 3. Web site publishing Tool 4. Drive Traffic – (Blogs, Networks) Module 3 Web Site Plan
  44. 44. • Community Expert • RealTownBlogs.InternetCrusade.com • Publish Information for Club, Church, Little League, etc Blogs for Fun and Profit
  45. 45. BLOGS = Weblogs • Frequent personal comments in an online diary/journal • Sharing ideas and learning from other professionals • www.Activerain.com has more than 70,000 members – Realtors, mortgage people, appraisers • A source of referrals and advice from other Realtors
  46. 46. Web site publishing Tool http://Point2Agent.InternetCrusade.com
  47. 47. Social networking • Mirrors the circle of people you know • Sharing content online, e.g., photos, videos, music • For Realtors, www.Realtown.com gets 100 new members a day and has over 4000 members currently • www.LinkedIn.com is for individuals with similar professional interests, e.g., insurance, real estate, mortgage banking, inspectors, etc.
  48. 48. Social Networking • By 2010 GenY will outnumber BABY BOOMERS • 96% of them have joined a social media • 1 out of 8 couples married in the U.S. last year met via social media
  49. 49. • To Reach 50 Million Users Radio = 38 Years TV = 13 Years Internet = 4 Years IPOD = 3 Years FACEBOOK added 100 Million users in less than 9 Months! If FACEBOOK were a country it would be the world’s 4th largest Fastest segment on FACEBOOK 55-65 Year Old Females
  50. 50. SOCIAL NETWORKING or Web 2.0 Check these out: • Zolve.com Zolve.com allows agents to network, blog, assign ratings, create and accept digital contracts for r.e. transaction services • More: ActiveRain,BeatYouThere, Listolia, RealtorClix, Trulia Voices, Zillow’s Home Q&A., FaceBook • And for the consumer: www.ChoiceA.com, a free alternative to the MLS.
  51. 51. • Putting the Internet and Technology to Work for You • Plan of Action • Virtual Community Module 4
  52. 52. e-PRO MEMBER BENEFITS 1. Large referral base 2. You stand out from your competition 3. You stay connected with the internet consumer 4. You’ll be connected to a huge base of real estate professionals who help with problems, questions, opinions 5. You’ll enhance your proficiency in technology 6. You’ll avoid overspending on technology
  53. 53. TOP REASONS TO SIGN UP1. You have 6 months to complete it + 2 months extra today. 2. Done at your convenience – a.m. or p.m. 3. Time to complete = 26-35 hours 4. No annual dues 5. $25 discount off today’s registration 6. It’s an elective for other NAR Designations (ABR, CRS,etc) 7. In your marketing it makes you different than the rest. 8. The agent next to you does or doesn’t have it. If they do, you need it; if they don’t, differentiate yourself. 9. CA will give you 12 hours of CE Credit
  54. 54. How Do you Begin?
  55. 55. •Visit: http://sharonkoziel.certifiedepro trainer.com/ TRAINER CODE 3947 •Register for $359 •Get Special Pricing today •Cash/Checks/Credit
  56. 56. is a Differentiator
  57. 57. FREE website • In appreciation for you attending this workshop, the NAR and Internet Crusade would like you to have a Free website for 3 months. Continue @$9.95 p/mo. • Go to: http://SharonKoziel.InternetCrusade.com • Click on SECOND button = “Website” • It’s a standard, full-featured website powered by Point2Agent.com, easy to use and customize, and free hosting. • Free web page for every listing, multiple pictures • Free uploading of virtual tours
  58. 58. Sign Up Today You Can’t Afford Not To
  59. 59. Questions???? www.EducationPlus.com