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Investment on the Web

  1. 1. Investing on theWeb Evaluating Investments on the InternetMike BuhmannReference LibrarianSkokie Public Library
  2. 2. The Good vs. theThe Good Bad Hundreds of sites to learn about investing & to research stocks & securities Easy to stay informed and to get advice Trading via online brokers is convenient and inexpensive Can keep track of most of your accounts on one site
  3. 3. The Good vs. theThe Bad Bad Information overload (just what do you pay attention to) Cheap trading can lead to a gambling mentality Investment sites are constantly changing, adding and removing key features, charging for information, etc. Security issues when trading or accessing accounts
  4. 4. Investment Tools Online Tutorials  Money Stock Quotes & Management Tools Charts  Personalized Financial News Portfolios Financial Advice  Message Boards (Good & Bad)  Blogs & Podcasts Stock Screeners  Online Brokers Investment Calculators
  5. 5. All Purpose Investing SitesSites that coordinate many investment tools in one
  6. 6. Maintaining a Portfolio Track selected securities to review price changes, news, and more. Set up an account with login and password Enter purchase price for securities to easily check the value of your portfolio during the day Each site offers a variety of features. Try each one out to see which you like
  7. 7. All Purpose Investing SitesThe Biggies Yahoo!Finance MSN/Money MarketWatch Motley Fool SmartMoney Kiplinger Online CNNmoney
  8. 8. Learning Guides for beginning & advanced investors Investopedia Contains tutorials on basic and advanced investment topics along with a glossary of investment terms Offers advanced stock trading help along with an excellent collection of investment links
  9. 9. Calculators & WorksheetsInteractive tools forsound decisionsFoolish series of calculators to help in your decision making processcovering topics such as: college, retirement, bonds, autos and worksheets to help you analyze different aspects of yourinvestments
  10. 10. Fun & Games Investing isnt a game, but theres no better way to learn how to use online investing tools. Test some strategies before putting them into play Can practice tactics like buying & selling options, selling short, etc. Smart Stocks A realistic stock market simulation game that teaches trading without the risk. Virtual Stock Exchange Free online trading games from MarketWatch with public or private games with a cash balance you set. Investopedia Simulator that uses real data from the stock markets in order to reproduce the experience of using a real online brokerage account. Hollywood Stock Exchange Buy shares of your favorite actors and their new movies. Watch their values rise or fall based on their success. Prices soar with a blockbuster and plummet with a bomb
  11. 11. Credit / DebtManagement Credit/Debt Management (from Website with detailed information on credit and debt Consolidated Credit Counseling Services A credit consolidation company that provides informative articles on debt
  12. 12. CDs & Money Markets mortgages,Find out the best rates for CDs, credit cards & other investment related products at: Annual Provides free credit reports from each of the three credit reporting agencies every twelve months
  13. 13. SecuritiesOnline Tools Stock & Security Quotes – Real Time & Historical – Commodity Prices Research: – Stock Screeners – Charting – Message Boards Online Brokers – Choosing – Example
  14. 14. Security QuotesHistorical Quotes Yahoo!finance Prices Kitco Provides current and historical quotes and charts for precious metals Provides quotes for commodities in the futures section CMEGroup CME stands for Chicago Mercantile Exchange and this site has detailed information on all types of commodities and futures.
  15. 15. Stock ResearchStock in a ticker symbol to get ratings on more than 5,000 publiclytraded companies on a 10-point stockconsultant.comType in a ticker symbol and receive every bit of technical informationyou might want or need on that stock. Free for limited access to gurufocus.comCheck how the leading stock market gurus (like George Soros orWarren Buffet) are trading and learn about their trading style. Needto sign up and pay a fee to receive latest trades
  16. 16. Stock Screeners Useful for finding potential securities to invest in. Get lists of securities that meet specific criteria Google Finance Stock Screener Bing Finance Screener StockCharts Predefined Scans An at-a-glance page filled with technical, candlestick, and P&F Patterns.
  17. 17. Charting BigCharts Draws complex and detailed charts ClearStation Contains detailed charting capabilities and a guide on how to use charts. Offers four free charts to help you filter out insignificant price moves or to create candlestick, bar, or line charts for any stock, index or mutual fund in their database.
  18. 18. Message Boards Message boards can often provide more information than the pros or the news media. Whether this information is accurate or not is determined by your willingness to follow up or participate. Good luck!  Yahoo!Finance Excellent message boards for individual stocks & mutual funds  The Lion Claims to be the worlds largest stock forum community site that offers access to all financial message and blogs, and news.  Board Central Enter companys ticker, click the GO button, and then read messages about that stock from all leading boards.
  19. 19. Mutual Funds Mutual Fund Education Alliance Tutorials, guides, links and ratings of funds The hallmark mutual fund rating guide. Provides basic ratings of stocks & mutual funds for free. With Skokie Library card you get complete access
  20. 20. Bonds Find information on individual corporate, municipal and treasury bonds along with general information on the bond market Treasury Direct Get information on US Treasury securities including savings bonds and T-Bills
  21. 21. Investing BlogsA Blog is a website with regular entries and commentaryBlogs can be saved to a reader such as to read This directory allows you to cruise through dozens of investing blogs
  22. 22. Investment Podcasts thatA podcast is a sound or video broadcast can be played on your computer or an MP3 playerTwo sources that compile podcasts: iTunes Podcast Alley podcastalley.comInvestment related podcasts: The Disciplined Investor – Andrew Horowitz Options Strategies for Investors Mad Money Machine – Paul Douglas Boyer
  23. 23. Money Management ToolsSign up and manage multiple financialaccounts, develop a budget, pay bills andplan your financesCheck for a review of these
  24. 24. Online Brokers A Quick Overview
  25. 25. Online BrokersRatings: SmartMoney Contains annual broker survey listing the top full service and discount brokers Online Broker Review An ex-broker reviews a number of online brokers rating them by a number of categories Consumer Search Provides an overview of the rating sources for online brokersConsumer Information: Investing Online Resource Center Information on selecting a broker from the North American Securities Administrators Association
  26. 26. Library Databases Value added Investment resources subscribed to by the library Available in the library building or via the Internet with a library card
  27. 27. tson theWebThank Youfor Coming Mike Buhmann Reference Librarian Skokie Public Library
  28. 28. Annual Reports Edgar (SEC Filings) Get financial filings such as 10K and 10Q reports for public companies Annual Report Service View annual reports online for many major companies.Public Registers Annual Report Requires a login. Service (PRARS) Order selected annual reports to be delivered to your home
  29. 29. IPOsGamble on getting in on the ground floor of newer stock issues do your research at one of the sites listed below. You can find information about IPOs at many of the larger stock research sites such as MarketWatch, and Yahoo!Finance Yahoo!Finance IPOs This site shows latest IPO events along with a history of best and worst performing IPOs. IPO Home Access basic information on this site for free. Youll find consolidated calendars, news, commentary and more.
  30. 30. wikinvestA Wiki is a collaborative website that allows anyone to edit, delete or modify content. It assumes a broad collective intelligence.  wikinvest An encyclopedia of investing topics that covers companies, and other investing ideas.
  31. 31. Learn & Develop a PlanFirst Things First How much money do you need for life goals (retirement, children’s college, etc.) How much risk are you willing to take Where should you put your money (stocks, mutual funds, bonds, CDs, money markets)
  32. 32. Miscellaneous Closed End Fund Center Investment information on closed end funds Quantum Online Investment guide on preferred stocks Forbes Best Investing Sites A guide to the best investing web sites broken down by category
  33. 33. All Purpose Investing SitesSites that offer a multitude oftools for investors such astutorials stock screenersarticles investing newsstock quotes chartingpersonalized and much moreportfolios