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  2. 2. Local HistoryRoomThe Local HistoryCollection contains a“legacy” group ofWilmette photographs,newspapers anddocuments.Little has been added tothe collection since1990.
  3. 3. MostCommonlyRequestedThe most commoninquiries are aboutWilmette people or thehistory of old houses inthe Village.The Local HistoryCollection is organizedwith those two topics inmind.
  4. 4. WilmetteHistoricalMuseumLibrarians also use thecollection to assistpatrons with local historyquestions when theWilmette HistoricalMuseum is closed.
  5. 5. What is in the Local History Room ?
  6. 6. FileCabinetsThe collection consistsprimarily of three largefile cabinets containingclippings from localnewspapers organizedby subject.
  7. 7. SteelCabinetA large steel cabinetnext to the file cabinetscontains binders ofheavily used materials.
  8. 8. BiographyNotebooksClippings about peopleare filed in BIOGRAPHYnotebooks by last name.
  9. 9. HouseNotebooksClippings about oldhouses are filed inHOUSE bindersorganized by streetaddress
  10. 10. IndexStreet index of Housebinders is taped to thecabinet door.
  11. 11. PhotographsPhotographs are filed inbinders by broadsubject.There is a separateindex to all of thephotographs on the shelfnext to the binders.
  12. 12. OTHER RESOURCESIn the Local History Collection
  13. 13. TelephoneBooksTelephone books andcity directories.The earliest telephonebooks have beendigitized, and can onlybe viewed and searchedonline.More recent telephonebooks are kept in theLocal History Room.
  14. 14. HistoriesHistories of Wilmette
  15. 15. OralHistoriesA series of oral historieswas prepared in the1970s on cassettetapes.The tapes have beendigitized and areavailable with theirtranscriptions on theLocal History Website.Funding was providedby a Wilmette PublicLibrary Creativity Grant.
  16. 16. OralHistoriesThe originals areshelved beside theReference Desk, andcan still be checked outby patrons.
  17. 17. Maps
  18. 18. HistoricMapsHistoric maps are usedto document locationsand changes in streetnames.
  19. 19. BoundAtlasesMaps bound in volumesare on the atlas stand.The stand was a gift ofthe Friends of WPL
  20. 20. SanbornMapsThe Sanborn FireInsurance Atlas is on topof the atlas standIt is the most commonlyrequested atlas
  21. 21. IndividualMapsSingle maps are in theMap Box on top of thefiling cabinetsA list of the single mapsand bound atlases iskept in a notebook onthe counter in the LocalHistory Room.
  22. 22. TheAnnexOn the second floor,opposite Fred’s office, isa storage area whereadditional local historymaterials are kept.
  23. 23. Bound IssuesWilmette LifeA few bound issues ofthe Wilmette Liferecently donated to theLibrary by Sun-TimesMedia are kept here.
  24. 24. MicrofilmsMicrofilms of newspaperissues that have alreadybeen digitized are hereas well.
  25. 25. TheKeyThe keys to the LocalHistory Room and TheAnnex are kept behindthe recent arrivals desk.
  27. 27. LocalHistoryPageThe Local History pageof the Library website islocated under the tab“Local Community.”
  28. 28. Local HistoryWeb PageThe Local History pagehas a link to the list ofmaps.Genealogy and house-history sources links areavailable there as well.The “Search Widget”takes patrons directly tothe Local Historywebsite.
  30. 30. WilmetteLocal HistoryWebsiteThe goal of the websiteis to make the contentsof this small, uniquecollection accessible toas wide an audience aspossible. The site is searchablethrough Google.
  31. 31. PhotographsA link on the websiteleads to the photographsthat have been digitized.
  32. 32. PhotographsPhotographs in theLocal History Room thathave been digitized aremarked with a big red Dsticker.
  33. 33. TelephoneBooksThe earliest Wilmettetelephone books are onthe website.The books are veryuseful to genealogistsand house-historyhunters who can searchthe digital books byaddress.
  34. 34. Books andPamphletsThis pamphlet datesfrom the World War Iera.
  35. 35. ObituariesObituaries from localpapers are indexed from1971-2012
  36. 36. MapsA few individual mapshave been added to thewebsite
  37. 37. MostPopularPagesThe website allows theadministrator to seewhat things are mostpopular
  38. 38. Historicdocuments andlettersResearchers enjoy thethank-you letters writtenby soldiers during WWIto Wilmette ladies forsending warm, knittedsocks, scarves andsweaters.
  39. 39. • “You cannot imagine how gratefulOral HistoriesThe oral histories are I am, that thanks to you, I amamong the most popularitems on the site able to hear his voice once more.generating delightedcomments and hundreds As a genealogist I believe this isof hits. also such a valuable historical resource. Thanks for making my heart glad again.”
  40. 40. OralHistoriesPatrons can listen tostreaming audio andread the transcript onthe site.A link allows downloadsof the audio with iTunes
  41. 41. Oral HistoriesPatrons can downloadthe sound tracks directlyfrom the iTunes store,too.The patron must haveiTunes software on acomputer in order to dothis.
  42. 42. WilmetteNewspapersSome newspapers areavailable on the sitetoo…
  44. 44. 1991IndexIn 1991 we stoppedclipping and filingarticles.A printed index to theWilmette Life wasbegun.
  45. 45. 2003OnlineDatabaseIn 2003 the index wasconverted to a databaseformat and went online.
  46. 46. 2010DigitalDisplayBy 2010 the softwarehad evolved to permitthe display of digitalnewspapers in additionto the index.
  47. 47. OldestNewspapersDigitizedThe oldest Wilmettenewspapers, The LocalNews and The LakeShore News, have beendigitized and added tothe websiteA Wilmette PublicLibrary Creativity Grantprovided funding for theproject.
  48. 48. GoodbyeMicrofilm!
  50. 50. PublicDomain • Newspapers published beforeNewspapers can be 1923 are in public domaindisplayed online if theyare in the public domainor if the Library has • Newspaper published betweenpermission from thecopyright owner 1923 -1977 without a copyright symbol are in the public domain. ©
  51. 51. 1912 – 1923Public DomainThe Lake Shore Newsand The Local Newsissues are in the publicdomain.Digital issues areavailable on the website
  52. 52. 1923 - 1977PublicDomainA few public domainWilmette Life issuesfrom this period havebeen digitized, and areavailable on the website.
  53. 53. Wilmette LifeA calendar on the siteprovides links to thesedigital issues.
  54. 54. After-1977CopyrightProtectedYou will see links to2008-2012 Wilmette Lifeissues on the calendar.These issues have beendigitized, but only thecovers can be displayedonline.Articles from thesepapers are indexed onthe website.In order to read thearticles, the patron mustuse microfilm OR….
  55. 55. 2008-2012DigitizedPatrons can view the2008-2012 digitalissues, in color, on astand-alone PC in theRecent Arrivals room.Patrons can search,download, and print tothe Library’s networkedprinterWilmette Public LibraryCreativity Grantprovided the funding forthe project.
  56. 56. MicrofilmStillNeeded1924-2007Microfilm is still neededto read older WilmetteLife articles found in theonline index as theyhave not yet beendigitized.
  57. 57. What’sWhereThe Website has a linkon the home page to alist of Wilmette’snewspapers and howthey can be accessed.
  58. 58. StaffLoginA link on the staff pagewill give you access tomaterials that are notvisible to patrons.You can enter thedatabase to correctspelling errors, addinformation, or makedisputed entries“invisible”
  59. 59. Non-PublicRecordsOften you will find full-text of obituaries herethat cannot be displayedonline because ofcopyright restrictions.
  60. 60. THE ENDPlease attend the Local History “refresher” Dec. 10th