Nook users 1.28


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Nook users 1.28

  1. 1. E-Books for Nook
  2. 2. In a nutshell: Downloading library e-books for Nook requires you to download them to yourcomputer using specific software and transferring them to your Nook via USB cable.Download Adobe Digital Editions free from the link below. It manages the downloads &transfers.
  3. 3. Get an Adobe ID at your Adobe ID & Password. We will need it to authorize our software & device.
  4. 4. I have plugged in my Nook, and it prompts me to authorize my device with my Adobe ID.When you first launch ADE, you will be prompted to authorize your computer with yourAdobe ID. When you plug your Nook in to your computer, you will be prompted toauthorize your device with the same Adobe ID & Password. This is very important.
  5. 5. We alwayswant to signin first. Thesign in link isat the top ofevery page.By signing in,you get to seecontentexclusively forWilmette &KenilworthCardholders.
  6. 6. Now let’sexecute asearch forcontent.I alwaysrecommenddoing an“AdvancedSearch”because wecan limit oursearch toformatscompatiblewith ourdevice.
  7. 7. You can search by title, author, or subject.Remember to limit your search to EPUB E-Books. This is the format compatiblewith Barnes & Noble Nook.You can also choose E-Books that are available now.
  8. 8. This is our search results screen. Take note of the icon in the upper right hand cornerof the books. These icons differentiate between e-books and e-audiobooks.
  9. 9. Let’s click on Gone Girl. Note the important information in the right hand sidebar. It noteshow many copies are available in what formats.Let’s click BORROW.
  10. 10. Another change includes choosing format AFTER the book has been checked out. Clickon Go to Bookshelf next. The Bookshelf can be accessed at any time by clicking theAccount button at the top of the page.
  11. 11. From the Bookshelf, you can choose your format. As Nook users, we must chooseEPUB or PDF books. Choose carefully. Once you’ve made a choice, it cannot beundone.
  12. 12. I have selected the EPUB format. The EPUB e-books only understand to “Open with”ADE. They will not work if you save them to your computer first.
  13. 13. When I plug in my Nook, it will appear in the left hand pane. It should prompt me toauthorize with my Adobe ID. (If it does not, you can click on the gear icon.)
  14. 14. I can transfer downloaded titles to my Nook by right clicking on the book cover.NOTE: Sometimes library E-books end up in the “My Files” area of the Nook menu.
  15. 15. I can return or delete the downloaded book by right clicking on the book cover.