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eBooks & eAudiobooks Free From Your Library


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eBooks & eAudiobooks Free From Your Library

  1. 1. eBooks & eAudiobooks Free from your library!
  2. 2. There are variousformats availablethat arecompatible withdifferent devices.See what formatsare compatiblewith your device.Most recentlyMyMediaMall hasnegotiated withAmazon toprovide Kindlebooks to librarypatrons.
  3. 3. The My Help!Function is veryuseful to getyourself started–what formatsare compatible,and whatsoftware or appyou need todownload.Let’s check itout.
  4. 4. Download andtransferring ofeBooks ismanaged byAdobe DigitalEditions.You will alsoneed to registeryour AdobeDigital Editions &Device with anAdobe ID. [We’lldiscuss thisshortly.]
  5. 5. Take note ofwhich fileformats arecompatible withyour device.When you aresearching forbooks, you canlimit your searchto these filetypes.
  6. 6. The My Help!Feature alsoprovides agreat set ofFrequentlyAskedQuestions(FAQ). A goodplace to start ifyou get stuck.
  7. 7. Download Free Softwareto manage downloadsand transfers.
  8. 8. OverDrive MediaConsole manages thedownload andtransfer ofAudiobooks.It’s free to downloadas well. We’ll take atour of OMC in a bit.
  9. 9. The QuickSearch box isalwayslocated onthe lefthandside of thepage.You can tickthe box tolimit yoursearch to onlyavailableitems.
  10. 10. Note theADVANCEDsearchfunctionbeneath it.Usingthis, we canlimit by fileformat, genre, etc.
  11. 11. NOTE the different fileformats and makesure you select whatis compatible withyour device!Click “add to cart” tostart the process. (Ifonly “place a hold”appears, the item ischecked out.)The gold buttons noteADVANTAGE titles. Wepurchase additionalcopies available toonly WPL patrons.Sign in to see.
  12. 12. Proceeding to checkout will prompt you tolog in, but you can alsolot in at any time byclicking “Sign In”
  13. 13. Note thelending period.In some cases,you canchoose.Also note thata max of 5items can becheck out at atime.
  14. 14. If Adobe Digital Editionsis installed, the dialogbox will prompt you toopen the file with it.Click OK.
  15. 15. This is the library view ofAdobe Digital Editions.
  16. 16. This is thereading viewof AdobeDigitalEditions.
  17. 17. I haveplugged inmy Nook,and itprompts meto authorizemy devicewith myAdobe ID.
  18. 18. Getting an adobe ID
  19. 19. I can click and drag thebook covers onto theNook icon in the leftpane to transfer.
  20. 20. If I click the little arrownext to the book cover, Ican delete or return theitem early. [Note: Notall items can bereturned early.]
  21. 21. Audiobooks
  22. 22. If OverDrive MediaConsole is installed, thedialog box will promptyou to open the filewith OMC. Click OK.
  23. 23. Choose whereyou want tosave your filesto.
  24. 24. Your audiobookwill download inparts. This cantake a longtime, especiallyif your book islong.
  25. 25. The transferwizard willassist you intransferring toyour device.
  26. 26. Mobile Devices OverDrive Media Console App (free download): iOS Android Windows Phone Blackberry
  27. 27. Tapping “Add a Library” willprompt you to search for WPL.You can tap the star next toWPL to add it to yourfavorites.
  28. 28. Logging In
  29. 29. Ta dah!
  30. 30. Swipe your finger to the left overthe title to make the red deletebutton appear.