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Health GPS


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Health GPS concept power point for CS 100 Class

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Health GPS

  1. 1. Health GPS Stephanie Knotts
  2. 2. Health GPS • Have you ever been out of town on business or on vacation and gotten sick, but didn’t know where to go? • Have you recently moved to a new city, and need to find a new primary care physician? • Do you need to find a specialist? • Health GPS is here to help!
  3. 3. What is Health GPS? Health GPS is a smartphone app that will use GPS services to locate healthcare providers in the area  Many search options, including specialists and types of insurance accepted  Shows client reviews of the healthcare providers
  4. 4. Benefits Healthcare Providers   Healthcare providers’ information is included in the app free of charge Helps to generate new business for local doctors Clients    Open the app and it will show nearby healthcare providers Search options include type of doctor, insurances accepted, contact information, hours, reviews, and if they are accepting new patients Clients can read and write in-app reviews based on services received
  5. 5. How to get Health GPS  Health GPS will be available to download as an app on any smartphone  Health GPS is a completely everyone to use FREE service for
  6. 6. How Health GPS Creates Revenue   Health GPS will market itself to companies who would like to place in-app advertisements As the app grows in popularity, more and more people will be seeing the ads, therefore increasing the amount that Health GPS can charge for each ad