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Teacher Summers lasso


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Teacher Summers lasso

  1. 1. The Teachers of GMHS Summer Vacation 2011
  2. 2. Mrs. Herrington and family visited Half Moon Bay in California.
  3. 3. Mr. Pikrallidas visited London with his sister this summer.
  4. 4. Mr. Shumpert visited the Antietam battlefield in Maryland . On Sept 17, 1862 the battle ended the Confederate Army’s first invasion into the North and led to Lincoln’s issuance of the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation.
  5. 5. This is the Dirga Family in front of the small temple at Mrs. Dirga’s in-law's house in Bali, Indonesia.
  6. 6. Mrs. Schumann conquered her fear of flying this summer on a flight to Puerto Rico with her husband Rick. This photo was taken at touch down in Puerto Rico – this was her first flight in 21 years!
  7. 7. Mrs. Wagener travelled to Park City, UT where she took in the views from 9,356 feet.
  8. 8. Mrs. Dirga and her daughter, Elizabeth, at Besakih Temple in Bali. This is the largest temple on the island.
  9. 9. Mrs. West and her husband were in Brisbane and Melbourne, Australia this summer attending the Int'l Saxophone and Clarinet Symposium. They visited the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary where they held a koala and fed the kangaroos. Mrs. West is now a marsupial fan, noting the koala "has my eyes!"
  10. 10. Park City, UT hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics. Mrs. Wagener enjoyed the world’s tallest zipline, alpine slide, and bobsled.
  11. 11. Mrs. Kao worked with the Chinese summer immersion program this summer with some GMHS students. Pictured here are students from TJ with teacher Kao, and high school students.
  12. 12. Mrs. Schumann and her husband celebrated their 25 th wedding anniversary with a trip to the top of the San Cristobal fort overlooking the ocean in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
  13. 13. Ms. Carvalho participated in a Fullbright Teacher Exchange in Uruguay this summer. She presented workshops for teachers, visited public and private schools in Montevideo and taught classes about the USA to high schoolers. English language is a compulsory class in Uruguayan public schools.
  14. 14. Dr. Mecca and his wife travelled to France this summer. Here he is outside a restaurant in the Normandy Region of France. The second photo shows him taking a boat ride in Paris.
  15. 15. Mr. Scharff protested in front of the White House and got arrested… read the next slide for the whole story!
  16. 16. Mr. Scharff’s whole story: <ul><li>“ On Monday, August 22, I participated in the third day of the sit-in at the White House protesting the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline that if built will bring the Tar Sands oil from Alberta to Texas. This is a pool of carbon second on earth only to Saudi Arabian oil, and so if developed basically ends any chance for effective action against climate change. I was one of 52 people arrested that day, of a planned two-week nonviolent direct action for which over 2000 people have volunteered to participate and risk arrest. By incredible coincidence, 2010 grad Graham Overby volunteered to participate on the same day as I did, and we ran into each other at the previous evening's training session, so he is next to me holding the banner in the protest photo, and is being arrested with me in the other. I have to say it made me quite proud to have a former student there with me.” </li></ul>
  17. 17. Mrs. Mah spent one week in the Montpellier area in the south of France in July. Here she is eating oysters (her favorite food) in Bouzigues, situated on L'Etang de Thau. It's the oyster capital of France!
  18. 18. Also while in the Montepellier region of France, Mrs. Mah visited the Abbaye of St Guilhem le Desert. The abbaye and town dates to the C12th.
  19. 19. Mrs. Rizzi and Mrs. Wagener attended the East Asian Literature conference at Indiana University for one week in July.