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AccessGM - Schoology


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Published in: Education, Technology
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AccessGM - Schoology

  1. 1. Goals for AccessGM-Schoology •Communicate with students from one place •Share instructional content (course syllabi) •Provide a course calendar with major project and test dates •Provide a easy to use tool to help students organize themselves •Provide an online resource that can be used with an App on the student’s mobile device
  2. 2. AccessGM-Schoology iswhere •Teachers and students can communicate with each other •Students can see instructional content that teachers share (course outlines, guideline or course syllabi) •Students can see major assignments and test dates
  3. 3. Communication Students can see all updates and announcements from all their teachers in one place.
  4. 4. Communication -Notifications Students can setup notifications to sent to e-mail or phones on the mobile app or via text
  5. 5. Instructional Content Students can find the course outline, guidelines and/or syllabi here.
  6. 6. Course Calendars Calendars merged into one. Can view from the Homepage in agenda view and also available in the week and month view
  7. 7. Logging in Students need to log in using the AccessGM-Schoology login box on the George Mason High School website – Students will use the username and password setup at school. Parents are encouraged to share access with their child, until parent access is ready.
  8. 8. Mobile Apps Updates Materials/ Assignments Calendars