United Maps - Pedestrian Map, Large Scale Samples Munich


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Sample screenshots from United Maps' product UM-DE - large scales, adding more zoom levels and relevant content to conventional wepmapping services.

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United Maps - Pedestrian Map, Large Scale Samples Munich

  1. 1. United Maps United Maps: Sample Pedestrian Maps •  re-release of UM-DE covering Germany: P samples „Munich“ - May 2009 •  nited Maps GmbH  2009 U 1
  2. 2. United Maps Vehicle Maps don‘t make too much sense on personal mobile devices Conventional maps focus on vehicle traffic and streets: »  no detail on pedestrian level »  no multimodal navigation »  random house footprints »  few relevant POIs Mobile devices have different usecases. Users expect better maps.
  3. 3. United Maps United Maps fills gaps in maps. »  large scale = deep zoom »  public transport »  seamless multimodal navigation »  pathes, walkways and trails »  precise house footprints »  exact addresses »  comprehensive content Better maps = better apps.
  4. 4. United Maps Better Maps = Better Apps Yahoo! Maps UM-DE (pre-release 04.09) Maps make the difference.
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