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United Maps: Company Profile

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United Maps - Company Profile

  1. 1. United Maps Detailed Vector Maps more content – more benefit •  nited Maps GmbH ! 2009 U 1
  2. 2. Where United Maps comes from United Maps United Maps‘ staff produced European We closely work with a German and worldwide maps for more than 30 university on academic projects and years. currently employ 16 experts in Munich and Eisenach, Germany. Some of us made Carto Travel, formerly Germany‘s mapping market »  Feb 2008: founded leader: cartography, GIS, editorial »  Sep 2008: (seed-)funded processing and licensing is our »  Nov 2008: started operations profession. »  June 2009: UM-DE is ready »  July 2009: Series-A round
  3. 3. Summary United Maps By merging licensed cartographic data sets and The results are topologically correct vector routing information, United Maps generates networks covering vehicle traffic, pedestrian content-rich and fully routable vector maps, navigation and public mass transit. enabling pedestrian navigation and multimodal Quantitative gains are 50%-300% more streets routing. and pathes, compared to conventional data sets. United Maps‘ proprietary algorithms and Additionally, qualitative extensions add precise workflows allow the efficient conflation and point addressing and house footprints. A wealth matching of vector nets and all attributes with a of relevant POIs are completed and added. high precision of +95%. United Maps offers products (comprehensively mapped countries, regions or cities) or project Base data are digital maps by Navteq or Tele services. Atlas and cartographic data sets from national As a first product, ‘UM-DE‘ is a fully routable, mapping authorities*. For Germany, sources comprehensive vector map covering Germany in from BKG or AdV are deployed. unprecedented detail and quality. Austria, Switzerland and further 200 worldwide regions and cities are scheduled. * © 2009 NAVTEQ [Die Grundlagendaten wurden mit Genehmigung der zuständigen Behörden entnommen]. All rights reserved. Geobasisdaten © Amtliches Deutsches Vermessungswesen und Bundesamt für Kartografie und Geodäsie (www.bkg.bund.de)
  4. 4. original picture: http://flickr.com/photos/greenspartan/2548517094/ - by greenspartan
  5. 5. »  hyperlocal detail »  relevant context and POIs »  mass transit and multimodal navigation »  house footprints and house numbers
  6. 6. Digital Navigation Data United Maps Digital Navigation data comes from Persistent trends in many market two worldwide suppliers: Navteq (NT) segments point to a massive growth in and Tele Atlas (TA). the Geoweb and use cases based on Use cases were focussed on maps and location – increasingly on automotive industries and vehicle mobile devices and smartphones by navigation. Apple, Nokia, Blackberry, HTC or Samsung.
  7. 7. Why isn‘t detailed data being United Maps supplied by Navteq or Tele Atlas? Conventional suppliers of digital navigation data predominantely generate maps by field research, using a fleet of expensive vehicles. This is tedious and time-consuming. Navteq alone spent $336 Mio* in 2007 to update their map base. Turner, A. and Forrest, B., (2008) Where 2.0 - The state of the Geospatial Web. page 6. http://cachefly.oreilly.com/radar/research/ Where2.0_excerpt.pdf
  8. 8. Automated merging of vector data United Maps (1) Licensing Digital navigation data remains fully Primary vector data sets are licensed from operational. Navteq or Tele Atlas. Line vector networks are completed secondary data sets from NMOs (national mapping organisations) like BKG and AdV with missing streets and pathes, all for Germany. attributes remain intact and are (2) Processing editorially supplemented and Deployment of United Maps‘ proprietary extended. algorithms with ESRI ArcGis and SDE: automated matching of geometries and attribution for line vectors (e.g. street and rail networks), currently 95% positive Fully compatible, routable vector correct matches. data products in comprehensive (3) Editorial addition, GIS-workflows coverage and consistent data and quality assurance quality.
  9. 9. primary data + secondary data United Maps
  10. 10. primary + secondary = United Maps United Maps
  11. 11. Results United Maps In rural areas up to 300% more streets, pathes and trails. In metropolitan and suburban areas up to 50% gain – dependent on quality of primary and secondary data. Blue is primary data from Navteq. Red shows the automatically matched results. Navteq primary data | United Maps automated positive matches
  12. 12. Unique Algorithms enhancing data United Maps processing United Maps‘ unique algorithm and processing conflates and merges vector networks containing streets, pathes, rail lines, waterways, supply networks and maintains a correct and professional topology. Additional data, supplements and updates are automatically integrated , comprising correct geometries and comprehensive attribution.
  13. 13. United Maps closes gaps in maps. United Maps By merging cartographic data and adding routing information United Maps generates the neccessary foundation for extending street and vehicle navigation covering use cases like ... »  pedestrian orientation »  multimodal navigation »  business process optimization »  tracking and logistics »  insurance and security
  14. 14. Additional streets and pathes for United Maps pedestrian navigation Comprehensive, nationwide coverage of additional streets and pathes: »  complete topologies and integrated, additional streets and pathes extend coverage in nature reserves, city parks and forests »  enabling pedestrian navigation and orientation
  15. 15. Mass transit networks for United Maps multimodal navigation Multimodal Navigation and hyperlocal mapping: »  comprehensive mass transit networks integrated »  full and integrated topology of public mass transit options (traffic lines and stations) for main and regional, suburban and urban railways and trams, funiculars, ferries and bus networks (UM-DE02)
  16. 16. House footprints and Geocoordinates United Maps enabling point addressing Exact house footprints and precise address coordinates enable point addressing – extending conventional routing to street sections. House footprints and point addresses in full, nationwide coverage: every single building is mapped.
  17. 17. Comprehensive POIs for United Maps location based services Nationwide coverage enabling new location-based media and services. »  Embassies and Consulates »  Hospitals »  Cemetaries »  Historical objects and Sights »  Landscapes and Sanctuaries »  Museums »  Parking and Park+Ride »  Police and Fire stations »  Schools and Universities »  Recreational areas and playing fields »  (...)
  18. 18. Google Maps (Tele Atlas) United Maps OpenStreetMap Map24 (Navteq)
  19. 19. Google Maps (Tele Atlas) United Maps OpenStreetMap Map24 (Navteq)
  20. 20. United Maps UM-DE01
  21. 21. United Maps UM-DE01
  22. 22. United Maps UM-DE01
  23. 23. United Maps UM-DE01 ! Navteq map24
  24. 24. Roll-out United Maps »  UM-DE is available »  UM-AT (Austria) and UM-CH (Switzerland) scheduled »  200 worldwide metroregions and cities »  successful trials for U.S. and Asia
  25. 25. Contact United Maps United Maps GmbH Stefan Knecht – CIO Agnes-Pockels-Bogen 1 +49 89 4521 393 11 sk@unitedmaps.net 80992 München Germany Andreas Wiedmann – CEO +49 89 4521 393 0 http://unitedmaps.net/products.html aw@unitedmaps.net http://blog.unitedmaps.net Carsten Recknagel – COO +49 171 869 4937 cr@unitedmaps.net
  26. 26. much more United Maps