Holistic market


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Holistic market

  1. 1. Holistic Marketing Concept
  2. 2. Components of Holistic Marketing 1. Relationship marketing 2. Integrated marketing 3. Internal marketing 4. Social responsibility marketing
  3. 3. Diagram of Holistic Marketing
  4. 4. Relationship marketing Relationship marketing includes of building mutual satisfaction with customers long term relationships with key parties as well as go through profit of the business. key parties are- • Customers-People those who are the target market for a firm. • Channel - Suppliers, distributors • Partner- Delears, agencies Relationship marketing involves cultivating the right kind of Relationship with right kind of groups. Outcomes of Relationship marketing is to create marketing network which consist of customers, employees, suppliers, distributors, retailer, agencies and so on.
  5. 5. Integrated marketing The marketer task is to device marketing activities and assemble fully integrated marketing programs to create , communicate and deliver value for customers. Marketing programs are the combination of decisions on value enhancing marketing activities to use.
  6. 6. M.C. Carthy classified marketing mix/ integrated marketing into 4 tools
  7. 7. Robert Lauterborn suggested that the seller four P’s correspont to the customers four C’s Two key out comes of Integrated marketing are- •Many different marketing activities are employed to communicate and deliver value and •All corresponding activities are co-ordinated to maximize their joint effects
  8. 8. Internal Marketing • Internal Marketing is the task of hiring, training and motivating to able employees who want to serve customers well. • Intenal marketing must take place on two levels- • At one level think the various marketing function- » Sales forcing » Advertising » Customer service » Product management » Marketing researchand so on • Another level think about the customerswants, needs,demand and satisfaction.
  9. 9. Social Responsibility Marketing • Social Responsibility Marketing concept build social and ethical consideration into their marketing parties • Focus on satisfying customer needs and wants while enhancing individual and societal well-being • Consider the collective needs of society as well as customer desires and the organization’s profits.  Society..…… #1 (Human welfare)  Consumers ..#2 (Want satisfaction)  Company ….#3 (Profits)
  10. 10. Outcomes of Holistic Marketing Concept • Clear understanding about business vision/values, mission, and goals/objectives. • Developing marketing strategies andplans. • Conducting marketing research. • Selecting target markets and connect with key customers. • Configuring products and services. • Making value ,price statements and shape market offerings. • Deliver value by exploration and creation of value • Creating promotional messages and integrating media. • Managing the sales force. • Managing marketing/distribution partners. • Doing internal marketing. • Capture market insights and build strong Brand
  11. 11. Conclusion Finally we say that Holistic Marketing concept meet all the challenges of 21st century which are- Changing Technology Globalization  Customer Empowerment Customization Customer relationship marketing Customer lifetime value Target marketing Integrated marketing communication Channels as partners Every employee a marketer
  12. 12. THANKS TO ALL
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