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Envisioning Excellence - My Leadership Learning Journey


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Pages From Pmi Today Dec 04

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Envisioning Excellence - My Leadership Learning Journey

  1. 1. Members of the PMI Leadership Institute Class of PMI Leadership Institute 2004. (Front row, from left) Victoria Kumar, PMP, Class of 2004: Catherine Werbeck, Mary Brugger, Cyndi Snyder, Kay Fleischer, PMP, Judi Vincent, PMP, Shirley Growing as Edwards, PMP, Faye Smith, PMP, Carol Dekkers. (Middle row) Fabio P. Teixeira de Melo, Frank Leaders and as Gorman, Murray Grooms, Frank Saladis, PMP, Ed Rosenstein, PMP, Mike Musial, PMP, Brian Horgan, PMP, Jorge Gelabert, PMP, Brian Lang, PMP, Joe a Community Alvarado, PMP, Dr. Jerry Brightman. (Back row) Peter Dimov, Shelly Brotherton, PMP, Larry Goldsmith, PMP, Cliff Sprague, PMP, and Saji ver wonder how business visionar- Madapat. (Unable to join class in 2004) Lambert E Ofoegbu. ies like Jack Welch and Bill Gates got their start? A leading orator eral intense class exercises. Our personal from 100 years ago provided valuable and professional backgrounds were insight when he wrote, explored by analyzing our life-changing “Destiny is not a matter of chance, milestones, and by breaking history into it is a matter of choice. seven-year “buckets.” This was a painful It is not a thing to be waited for, exercise in several instances, but we it is a thing to be achieved.” knew that improvement is always - William Jennings Bryan reached outside the comfort zone. In the past few years, PMI has been offer- We also conducted a personal ing an opportunity for future business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities visionaries to seize that opportunity at and threats analysis to better know our- “destiny,” and to learn how to make the selves. We concluded the session realiz- choice to achieve success rather than wait ing that the skills we had developed for it. A valuable tool for accomplishing through our life experiences are the tools get to know each other beyond our outer shells, and this is the PMI Leadership Institute (LI), which is help- that had made us successful so far, but are not necessari- facilitated a safe environment to share our inner selves. ing PMI become ly what we will need when we take the next steps. Throughout the sessions, facts intermingled with experi- a springboard organization to the future. Already We started our leadership journey as a class, and ence, and we soon understood how learning organiza- Leadership Institute graduates feature prominently on then progressed through the program and became a tions work in the context of personal mastery, shared the PMI Board of Directors, component leadership community, but not always in a classroom. The connec- vision, team learning, mental models and systems think- positions and in progressive leadership positions within tion made between class participants is the key to the ing. Having come together as strangers only 48 hours our ranks. program. Meanwhile, we continued our exploration of before, the LI class of ‘04 soon became friends. Since its launch in 2002, LI has developed a commu- ourselves as a community through various exercises that That was just the beginning. Over the next few nity of about 100 learners and leaders in four leadership concluded at the Leadership Meeting prior to PMI months we participated in an insightful 360-Degree classes. LI provides personal leadership assessment, Global Congress 2004—North America. Evaluation/Analysis, a comprehensive assessment skills building, active learning sessions, one-on-one Graduation drew LI ‘04 to a formal close, but it tool developed by the Center for Creative Leadership coaching, personal development planning, peer net- also marks a new phase in our never-ending leadership (CCL). What makes the 360-Degree Evaluation unique working, discussions and mentoring. journeys, as we are now part of a community of leaders is that it measures 16 skills proven to be critical for lead- The LI program is facilitated by renowned leader- and learners. Like the butterfly emerging from the ership success. ship coach Dr. Jerry Brightman, who has experience in cocoon, for LI ‘04 members, graduation is only the The analysis provided us with a gauge of how we over 110 countries and was among the first in the beginning. We emerge from LI ‘04 eager to demonstrate are doing compared to a standard of leadership excel- United States to do business in China in the 1970s. the truth expressed by a renowned anthropologist many lence. Results were discussed with Dr. Brightman, and Dr. Brightman works closely with Linn Wheeling, PMI years ago: many were surprised as they came to see how others manager, component and community relations, to build really see them. Never doubt that a small group dynamic programs. During this time the interaction among the commu- Of thoughtful committed citizens The LI class of 2004 first gathered in August 2003 in nity began to flourish. Side initiatives started, such as Can change the world. Denver, Colo., USA. Class members were pleasantly sur- the creation of a list of leadership books based on the Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” prised to find that the innovative, interactive approach members’ readings. As the comfort level grew, frank -Margaret Mead to leadership ignited our leaders within. With trust and discussions came up regarding situations we are When will you become a part of this community of confidence, we followed the lead of Dr. Brightman who battling in our personal, professional and PMI volunteer leaders and learners? For more information about the provided instant agendas and demonstrable results. environments. Leadership Institute, please contact Anne Jenemann at The intensive exercises and programs started early in the The group came together in Vancouver for our sec- morning and lasted through dinner, which helped us to ond face-to-face session in March 2004 and tackled sev- – Saji Madapat, LI ‘04 Those attending the Leadership Institute “The Spa for the Mind”… Reunion: (Front row) Ray Termini, Karen Tate, Cindy Berg, Renee Mepyans Robinson, Brantlee Learning and Jacobs, Donna Brighton. (Back row) Debra Miersma, Lisa McCann, Pamela Robinson, Roger Sharing at the Bruno, Katherine Shawver, PMP, Brad Bushnell, Paul Bruno, Michael Walsh, PMP, Eric Woodruff, Joanne Gumaer, Marie Gunnerson, Yamile PMI Leadership Jackson, PMP. (Not pictured) Ross Butterworth, Chris Fristad, PMP. Institute Class day as we headed for dinner. Reunion On Sunday, Renee Robinson facili- tated the Leadership Showcase, with each participant challenged to prepare wo PMI Leadership Institute T a three-minute presentation that high- (LI) classes recently had an lighted a recent leadership experience. opportunity to network, learn The experiences reflected events at a and share leadership experiences, PMI component, or illustrated an while at the same time renew their application or skill learned through bonds with each other. The classes of the Leadership Institute. 2002 and 2003, initiated, organized and The classes voted and selected the attended a reunion the weekend of top three winners based upon content 7 August at the PMI Global Operations and delivery. The winners, Donna Center, Newtown Square, Pa., USA. Brighton, Ray Termini, PMP, and PMI CEO Greg Balestrero provid- Joanne Gumaer, each received a PMI ed a warm welcome to the event, The committee organized a wide range of engaging Bookstore certificate. All participants were awarded a which was organized on the theme, “The Spa for the activities to challenge the attendees. As the first presen- Certificate of Participation. Mind.” Mr. Balestrero provided positive and inspiring ter, Pamela Robinson completed a leadership assess- The event concluded as Linn Wheeling, PMI man- words of encouragement to those serving as leaders in ment based upon the book Power Thinking that identi- ager, component and community relations, presented the PMI organization. Brantlee Jacobs, CAE, gave a fied skill sets by categories. the future direction of PMI leadership development. tour of the PMI facilities; for some class members Next, Deb Miersma discussed conflict among lead- The first PMI Leadership Institute Reunion was a this was their first opportunity to visit the global ers and highly functioning teams. Ms. Miersma is PMI resounding success for 25 participants. As program operations center. Secretary/Treasurer, chairs the Performance Oversight facilitator Dr. Jerry Brightman said, “It is a credit to the The planning committee was chaired by Paul Committee and is herself an LI graduate. Joanne graduates and the program that they carried on this Bruno, PMP, and included Brantlee Jacobs, Roger Gumaer encouraged participants in the LI book club to additional learning.”. Beatty, PMP, Marie Gunnerson, Cindy Berg, PMP, discuss the leadership aspects of books read during – Renee Mepyans Robinson Pamela Robinson, Debra Miersma, Donna Brighton, this year. Marie Gunnerson provided a wrap-up for the Joanne Gumaer, PMP, and Renee Mepyans Robinson. PMITODAY December 2004 7