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Module 4


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Module 4

  1. 1. Newsletter Shaniqua Larde kindergarten ClassReady to Exploretowards success!
  2. 2. Plant life
  3. 3. The Objective for the UnitThe lesson will begin by showing students a variety ofplants. Talk briefly about each plant and ask the childrenabout the color, texture, and leaves. Have the studentsbrainstorm all of the things they know about plants. Askwhat they want to learn about plants, and record theirresponses.
  4. 4. StandardsThe students will be able to ask and answerquestions, actively engage in groups, and use acombinations of drawing to help identify aplant.
  5. 5. Essential Questions1. How do you think plants adapt to environments whenuprooted and transported to a different location? Do they stayalive?2. How is it possible for only some of the plants in certain environments tosurvive while the others either struggle to survive or do not survive at all?3. How would you explain some skills that either plants , have in order to adaptto environments?Unit QuestionsWhat do plants need to grow?How do plants grow?Content QuestionsWhar are the parts of plants?What is the order of the plant cycle?What are plant hormones?
  6. 6. Project based LearningAn instructional approach built upon learning activitiesthat engage students interest and motivation. Learningopportunities that are relevant to the students. By Creatingan assignment and activities that require student inputpresumably also increases the way the students learn.Benefits:The students will be able to see theimportance of plants and it will enhance their learningabilities with hands on activities the students will have withtheir peersThe students will learn the plant cycle, how do plants grow,and all the essential formats of a plant.
  7. 7. Summary & RolesThis unit will focus on the plant life and will teach the students the plantessential nutrients, the attributes of a plant and growth. They will learnthrough written, verbal and hands on activities.Teachers Role- The teacher will serve as the instructor for the groups and helpand give outlineParents Role- To make sure the students are staying on task so that it does notput the student behind. Make sure that their child is completing theirhomework assignmentStudents Role- Stay on task, Pay Attention, Follow direction, Share with theirpeers/group members, turn in assignments.
  8. 8. ContactShaniqua for conference: Shaniqua.lell phone: 205-240-0640