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This I Believe Conclusions


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This I Believe Conclusions

  1. 1. THAT’S A WRAP! Guidelines for your TIB Conclusion
  2. 2. Why do we need a conclusion? • To provide closure for the reader • To leave the reader thinking about your lesson or “theme” • NOT wondering what it is, but reflecting upon it. • To help distinguish a connection between your reader and your experience • Why should the reader care about your lesson?
  3. 3. Your conclusion SHOULD: • Share what lesson you learned or epiphany you had from this experience. • Explain how/why that experience has affected you as a person AND SHOWS YOUR BELIEF. • How are you different today from this experience? • End with a strong statement that will stick in your reader’s mind. MUST RESTATE BELIEF. • Avoid cheesiness or clichés.
  4. 4. Your conclusion SHOULD NOT: • Begin with the words “In conclusion…” • Address the reader using “you” • End with a cheesy statement or cliché
  5. 5. Not So Good Conclusions • In conclusion, I believe that quitting isn’t always a bad thing and that sometimes you have to do what’s right. • Overall, I continue to live this belief out in my daily life today. • I guess you could say that falling off my bike really taught me something.
  6. 6. A Better Conclusion In the moment, I didn’t realize that the decision I made simply by opening an envelope at 17 years-old would truly be able to change the course of my life for the better. We may never live in a society where being called a “quitter” is a compliment, but I’ve realized that when it comes down to it, doing what feels right at heart is better than sticking with something for appearances. Volleyball will always be a part of my life, but not having to eat sleep and breathe the sport anymore was more than a relief, it was an opportunity to rediscover myself and want I wanted to do with my life. Quitting gave me a chance to enjoy college, which for me, became the most invaluable experience of my life thus far. This I Believe: Quitting isn’t always a bad thing; in fact, sometimes, it’s the best thing.