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My horror film


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My horror film

  1. 1. BLOOD SUCKING By Emmanuel bodunrin
  2. 2. Blood sucking  This film is a horror and it is also a slasher film  I want to make this film because I like vampire films such asTwilight Eclipse and from DuskTill Dawn.
  3. 3. Characters  My tagline Is called : The world is coming to an end.  There are three main characters in this film, they are:  Ade who is a good and quite boy that never gets in trouble with teachers.  Tunde who loves to fight and almost got excluded  Jamie who is very smart at school and he got an A star in science.
  4. 4. Storyline  A horrible scientist who wants to end the world. He feels it belongs to him so he makes a species of vampires to end the world and it will become his but will he succeed.
  5. 5. Equipment/props  The equipment that I am going to need are:  Camera  Sound  Tripod  Lighting  All the things that are listed above I could get vampire plastic teeth from Argos or toy r us  And I will get a hammer from my dads tool box and I will find wood from the cemetery.
  6. 6. Setting  The place we are going to be filming is the upper site science room.  I want to do it there because the first scene is the vampire creation scene.  I can do that by making a drink and when they drink it they will turn into a vampire
  7. 7. How much will I spend  For all these things that I want to get I will spend 10:00 pound plus lunch so overall I’m going to spend 15.00 pounds on all these items.
  8. 8. This is my first idea
  9. 9. My second idea
  10. 10. MY third idea
  11. 11. This is my health and safety graph
  12. 12. This is my peer assesment
  13. 13. This is my storyboard
  14. 14. My first idea  Pro’s: i think My first idea is good because i have detailed characters and my title is linked to the storyline.  Cons: however i need to work on my tagline and make the storyline allot better.
  15. 15. My second idea  Pro’s: my second idea is a good idea because i like vampire films and I like the storyline.  Cons: I need to work on my tagline because the tagline doesn't relate to the storyline and the title
  16. 16. My third idea  Pro’s: my third idea is good because I think my title is appealing to other people and I also like my tagline which is called just run.  Cons: what I need to improve on is my characters and the storyline is not realistic.