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Ignou value addition courses for employment skills


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Ignou value addition courses for employment skills

  1. 1. IGNOU Value –IGNOU Value – added courses foradded courses for employment Skillsemployment SkillsDr.S.Kishore,IGNOUDr.S.Kishore,IGNOU
  2. 2. About IGNOUAbout IGNOU  A National Open and Distance LearningA National Open and Distance Learning UniversityUniversity  Under the purview of MHRD, Govt. of IndiaUnder the purview of MHRD, Govt. of India  Aim to provide access and equity for allAim to provide access and equity for all  Promoting Distance Education in India toPromoting Distance Education in India to enhance GER in higher educationenhance GER in higher education  Setting standards in Distance Education in theSetting standards in Distance Education in the countrycountry  National JurisdictionNational Jurisdiction
  3. 3. Structure of theStructure of the UniversityUniversity Head Quarters at New DelhiHead Quarters at New Delhi  Regional Centres at the state levels toRegional Centres at the state levels to coordinate and facilitate the studycoordinate and facilitate the study centrescentres  Study Centres linked to RegionalStudy Centres linked to Regional Centre – act as academic contactCentre – act as academic contact point for learnerspoint for learners
  4. 4. Instructional MethodsInstructional Methods
  5. 5. AcademicAcademic FlexibilityFlexibilityAdmission in a year – January & JulyAdmission in a year – January & July Flexibility Duration Registration Pattern Entry & Exit option Break in studies and continue Self study
  6. 6. Levels ofLevels of ProgrammesProgrammesProgrammeProgramme MinMin MaxMax  CertificateCertificate -- 6 months6 months 2 years2 years  DiplomaDiploma -- 1 year1 year 4 years4 years  PG DiplomaPG Diploma -- 1 year1 year 4 years4 years  Bachelors Degree-Bachelors Degree- 3 years3 years 6 years6 years  Masters Degree -Masters Degree - 2 years2 years 5 years5 years  MBAMBA -- 2 ½ years2 ½ years 8 years8 years  MCAMCA -- 3 years3 years 6 years6 years
  7. 7. Credit SystemCredit System  Certificate ProgrammesCertificate Programmes -- 16 credits16 credits  1 Credit = 30 study hours1 Credit = 30 study hours  1 Credit = 1 week study1 Credit = 1 week study  16 Credits = 16 weeks study16 Credits = 16 weeks study  16 credits = 480 study hrs16 credits = 480 study hrs  Study material – Programmed StructuredStudy material – Programmed Structured material called Self-Learning Materrialmaterial called Self-Learning Materrial
  8. 8. SLMSLM  Allows to thinkAllows to think  DoingDoing  PracticePractice  Assessing self-progressAssessing self-progress  RetentionRetention  ReviewReview  RecallRecall
  9. 9. CounsellingCounselling SessionsSessions During week ends at Study CentresDuring week ends at Study Centres  Does not disturb regular work / studyDoes not disturb regular work / study  Counselling completed in 5 – 6Counselling completed in 5 – 6 SundaysSundays  Practicals: Convenience of thePracticals: Convenience of the LearnersLearners
  10. 10. Main Role of StudentsMain Role of Students Support at Study CentreSupport at Study Centre Study Centre Study Centre Academic Contact Point Academic Contact Point CounsellingCounselling Assignment Evaluation Assignment Evaluation Practicals &Evaluation Practicals &Evaluation Term-End- Examination Term-End- Examination
  11. 11. Evaluation System inEvaluation System in IGNOUIGNOU  Continuous Evaluation throughContinuous Evaluation through assignmentsassignments  Term-End-ExaminationTerm-End-Examination  Practicals / Project workPracticals / Project work  Grading / Marking system followedGrading / Marking system followed
  12. 12. Importance of LearningImportance of Learning  Thinking + Doing + Practice = LearningThinking + Doing + Practice = Learning  Learning taking place at homeLearning taking place at home  Learning taking place at collegeLearning taking place at college  Learning taking place at work placeLearning taking place at work place Creating Learning SocietyCreating Learning Society
  13. 13. Benefits of short-termBenefits of short-term Certificate ProgrammesCertificate Programmes  Additional Programme of SIX months forAdditional Programme of SIX months for regular college student improves learningregular college student improves learning  Gaining knowledge in additional disciplineGaining knowledge in additional discipline Learning to face the real –life situationLearning to face the real –life situation  Learning also improves reading and writingLearning also improves reading and writing skills, hence communication skillsskills, hence communication skills  Opportunity for self-employment/placementOpportunity for self-employment/placement  Opportunity for income generationOpportunity for income generation  Becomes employable due to value additionBecomes employable due to value addition
  14. 14. Benefits of short-termBenefits of short-term Certificate ProgrammesCertificate Programmes Self Learning Analytical Skills Problem Solving Skills Application of Knowledge in Real-life situation Reading and Writing Skills: Communication
  15. 15. Relevant Value-added programmes of IGNOU forRelevant Value-added programmes of IGNOU for UG / PG /Engineering StudentsUG / PG /Engineering Students Regular College Study Relevant Value-added programmes of IGNOU B.A CFE , CIT, CTS, CFS, CTE, CCITSK B.Sc CTPM, CFE, CFN, CES, CTE, CFS, CPLT B.Com CCP, CBS, CFE, CIT M.A, M.Sc, M.Com CBS, CFE, CFN, CIT, CFS, M.Sc (Microbiology / Bio-Technology) CFN, CFS, CFE, CIT, CPLT, CNCC, B.Sc (Computer Science), MCA CFE, CBS, CFS Engineering CFE, CBS, CFN, CFS, CDM,CETM,ACIS
  16. 16. Course titlesCourse titles  CFN- Certificate in Food and NutritionCFN- Certificate in Food and Nutrition  CFE - Certificate in Functional EnglishCFE - Certificate in Functional English  CIT - Certificate in Information TechnologyCIT - Certificate in Information Technology  CTS - Certificate in Tourism StudiesCTS - Certificate in Tourism Studies  CFS - Certificate in Food safetyCFS - Certificate in Food safety  CDM – Certificate in Disaster ManagementCDM – Certificate in Disaster Management  CBS - Certificate in Business SkillsCBS - Certificate in Business Skills  CCP - Certificate in Consumer ProtectionCCP - Certificate in Consumer Protection  CTE - Certificate in Teaching of EnglishCTE - Certificate in Teaching of English
  17. 17. Course TitlesCourse Titles  CPLTCPLT -- Certificate Prog in Laboratory TechniquesCertificate Prog in Laboratory Techniques  CTPM –Certificate in Teaching of Primary SchoolCTPM –Certificate in Teaching of Primary School MathematicsMathematics  CNCC - Certificate in Nutrition and Child CareCNCC - Certificate in Nutrition and Child Care  CES - Certificate in Environmental StudiesCES - Certificate in Environmental Studies  CETM - Certificate in Energy TechnologyCETM - Certificate in Energy Technology ManagementManagement  CCITSK-Certificate in Communication and IT SkillsCCITSK-Certificate in Communication and IT Skills  ACIS Advanced Certificate in Information SecurityACIS Advanced Certificate in Information Security
  18. 18. How to ApplyHow to Apply  Prospectus available at Study CentresProspectus available at Study Centres  Prospectus CostProspectus Cost :: Rs.150/-Rs.150/-  Last Date for January,2014Last Date for January,2014 :16:16thth June 2014June 2014  Last Date with late fee ofLast Date with late fee of Rs.500/-Rs.500/- :: 3131stst July. 2014July. 2014  For details see websiteFor details see website::  RC Madurai email:RC Madurai email:
  19. 19. Sessions In GNOUSessions In GNOU  JanuaryJanuary  JulyJuly  Examination for Jan: JuneExamination for Jan: June  Examination for July: DecemberExamination for July: December
  20. 20. Regional Centre,MaduraiRegional Centre,Madurai  IGNOU Regional CentreIGNOU Regional Centre  Sikkandar ChavadiSikkandar Chavadi  Alanganallur RoadAlanganallur Road  MDURAI-625018MDURAI-625018  0452- 2370733,23807330452- 2370733,2380733   Thank youThank you