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  1. 1. Offical name- Bharat &India5000 year old civilizationCapital- New Delhi29 states, 5 unionterrioriesArea- 3.3 million squarekilometersPopulation- 1.3 billionLanguages- 2 Offical & 22languages recognizedLiteracy- 65.38%GDP $4.457 trillion](3rd)
  2. 2. Locat i on: Southern Asia, bordering the ArabianSea and the Bay of Bengal, betweenBurma and Pakistan Geographic coordinates: 21°N 78°ELand borders 15,106.70 km Bangladesh 4,096.70 km , China3,488 km Land Pakistan 2,910 km , Nepal 1,751 km 90.44% water Burma 1,643 km , Bhutan 699 kmHighest point- Kanchenjunga 8,598 mLowest point- Kuttanad -2.2 m
  3. 3. 5% Age structurePopulation: 1,242,200,000 (1.22 billio) 31% 0-14 yr(August- 2012) 15-65 yr 64% 65-overGrowth rate: 1.41%Birth rate: 22.22 births/1,000 population IndiaDeath rate: 6.4 deaths/1,000 population 15% world 85%Life expectancy: 69.89 years Fema le male, World population 7 914 1000 billions
  4. 4. Kashmiri Urdu Punjabi Sanskrit Assamese Rajasthani Bengali Gujarati Hindi Oriya Marathi Telegu Konkani Kannada Tamil Malayalam
  5. 5. Ram Ganesh Laxmi Durga Shiv Nanak buddha Jesuskrishna
  6. 6. Hindu - 80.46% 1 Billion people, 1 Billion Gods Buddhist - 0.78%Jain - 0.41%Christian - 2.34% Sikh - 1.87% Muslim - 13.43%
  7. 7. Odissi Bharata Natyam ManipuriKuchipudi Mohiniyattam Kathakali Kathak
  8. 8. 476–550Aryabhatta is the first of the greatastronomers of the classical age of India.he was born in 476AD in Pataliputra inBihar.He was the first person to say that Earth isspherical and it revolves around the sun. Hegave the formula (a + b)2 = a2 + b2 + 2abAryabhatta is a kind of revolution in the fieldof Mathematics. Many of his concepts formthe basis of modern Mathematics. Heinvented the concept of Zero, upon which
  9. 9. He was born in a village of Vijjadit (Jalgaon) in Maharastra. Bhaskaracharyas work in Algebra, Arithmetic and Geometry catapulted him to fame and immortality. In the "Surya Siddhanta" he makes a note on the force of gravity: "Objects fall on earth due to a force of attraction by the earth. Therefore, the earth, planets, constellations, moon, and sun are held in orbit due to this attraction“.Bhaskaracharya was the first to discover gravity, 500 years before Sir IsaacNewton. He was the champion among mathematicians of ancient andmedieval India.
  10. 10. Acharya Sushruta, A genius surgeon was widely accepted as the father of surgery and His mastery in the annals of medical sciences amazes every one. His detailed surgical procedures given in "Sushruta Samhita" were quite advanced whereas during that period in Europe the concepts of surgery were still at the stage of infancy.His book, "Sushruta Samhita", 300 types of operations, 25 surgicalinstruments and 1120 describes a method of treating diseases.
  11. 11. several unique contributions of India to the world. It seeks to 200BCE discover and realize the ultimate reality through yogic practices. Acharya Patanjali Founder of the Science of Yoga that controls the body, mind and Soul. He discovered 84 Yogic Postures to enhance the efficiency of respiratory, circulatory, nerves, digestive and endocrine systemsf g k Q hj s f h k q e r u
  12. 12. buddha, meaning one who is awakein the sense of having woken up toreality was the title first given toLord Buddha. It was about 2500 years ago whenPrince Siddhartha Gautam left all theworldly pleasures to attain thereality of life, and became theBuddha.It was a state in which the Buddha
  13. 13. 1863 -1902
  14. 14. Osho was one of the most famedas well as the most controversialspiritual leaders of his time. He institutionalized religion andadvocated an open attitudetowards sexuality, which landedhim in a number of controversies.Founder of Osho International
  15. 15. Greatest writer in modern Indian literature, Bengali poet, novelist, educator, and an early advocate of Independence for India is the introduction to Rabindranath Tagore.They wrote novels, short Nobel Prize for He won thestories, songs, dance-dramas,1913. essays on Literature in andpolitical and personal topics. Gitanjali, Gora
  16. 16. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born on October 2, 1869 in Porbandar, India. He became one of the most respected spiritual and political leaders of the 1900s.GandhiJi helped free the Indian peoplefrom British rule through nonviolentresistance, and is honored by Indians as
  17. 17. 1910-1997Mother Teresa was one of thegreat servants of humanity.She was an Albanian Catholicnun who came to India andfounded the Missionaries ofCharity in Kolkata. Later onMother Teresa attained Indiancitizenship.Her selfless work among thepoverty-stricken people ofKolkata (Calcutta) is an
  18. 18. Dr. Avul Pakir Jainulabhudin Adbul Kalam, the twelfthPresident of India, is rightfully termed as the father of Indiasmissile technology.Totally dedicated to the nation, Dr. Abdul Kalams vision is totransform India into a developed nation by the year 2020through hard work and perseverance. He holds a first worlddream for the third world nation.Awards and honours :-2012 Doctor of Laws , Simon Fraser University2009 Hoover Medal ASME Foundation, USA2007 King Charles II Medal Royal Society, U.K1997 Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration1997 Bharat Ratna1990 Padma Vibhushan1981 Padma Bhushan
  19. 19. Sachin Tendulkar made his internationaldebut inOds s and test at the age of 16 againstPakistan and the fiery pace of Wasim Akramand Waqar Younis.The greatest batsman in the world today,The first batsman to 33,9059 runs in allmatchesHighest run getter in Test (15,533) & ODI(18426) runs
  20. 20. Wikipedia - Government - of culture - Culture - Mirror -