Natural skin care products revealed


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Maintaining young, healthy looking skin is an essential factor in preserving an overall youthful appearance. Unfortunately, with today’s skincare market flooded with overpriced, potentially harmful, chemical products, the skincare industry can oftentimes hinder this process more than it helps.

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Natural skin care products revealed

  1. 1. Natural Skin CareProducts Revealed
  2. 2. Maintaining Healthy Skin• Essential factor inpreserving anoverall youthfulappearance• Choose the rightskin care products
  3. 3. Dangers Of Wrong Skin Care Products• Understand the products before applying itin your skin.• Some skincare products can be harmful tothe skin• Many producers of skincare productsoperate under the assumption that thegeneral public will purchase their productswithout doing much research
  4. 4. Commonly Used DangerousIngredients• Alcohols– Alcohol can strip away the skin’s naturalacidic mantle, thus exposing the weakened skinto dangerous bacteria, molds, and viruses.• Collagen– Collagen is ineffective when applied topicallybecause collagen molecules are too big to enterthe skin from the outside
  5. 5. Commonly Used DangerousIngredients• Dioxane– Has been proven tocause irritation ofthe eyes, throat,nose, and skin inhumans, and livercarcinomas andedema of the brainin lab animals.
  6. 6. Commonly Used DangerousIngredients• Fragrances– Skin products with fragrance are considerablymore toxic than scentless products• Mineral Oil– Has been proven to clog pores, thus causingundesirable acne outbreaks.• Parabens– Repetitive use can lead to premature aging ofthe skin through cyclical inflammation anddrying
  7. 7. Natural Ingredients thatActually Work• Coenzyme Q10– Functions as anantioxidant,protecting the skinby counteringexternal damagebefore it occurs,thus preventingpremature aging
  8. 8. Commonly Used DangerousIngredients• Phytessence Wakame– Phytessence Wakamen is a natural sea algaeharvested from the Japanese sea. It preservesthe skin in an almost miraculous way.• Xtend TK– Created from natural keratin and is proven tostimulate the regrowth of collagen, elastin, andskin cells, which dramatically reduces theappearance of aging, creating a renewedbrightness and vibrancy in even severelydamaged skin.
  9. 9. Xtend-Life Natural Products Company• Recommended NaturalSkin Care Line• Based in New Zealand,and offers skincareproducts for both menand women• Visit their websitewww.xtend-life.com
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