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The Skimlinks Advantage


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This is a primer on why Skimlinks is the leader in the content monetization and affiliate marketing space.

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The Skimlinks Advantage

  1. 1. presentsThe Skimlinks Advantage: A true story about Skimlinks and what makes us superior.
  2. 2. “Genius” ProductsWe monetize existing links and we create new links to drive purchases. Use our URL Shortener to take Skimlinks anywhere on social media, monetize your RSS feeds, or use our Flyover to add extra value and information to your readers. The possibilities are endless. Quote from Alexis Madrigal, Senior Editor, The Atlantic
  3. 3. 33% + More MoneyWith some advertisers, we pay up to 800%!! more. Thanks to our scale and brilliant merchant relationships, we are able to pay our publishers significantly higher commissions in our Preferred Partner Program.
  4. 4. 4x Faster Don’t slow your site down by adding technology that isn’t blazing fast. Ourlinks load 4x faster than any relevant competitor, and respect the links you’ve already built on your page.
  5. 5. 100% UptimeThanks to our tremendous engineering team and our “globally load balanced servers” (fancy term for having servers around the world); our service doesn’t go down; even when storms in Virginia knock out Amazon Web Services and take out our competitors, Instagram and Netflix.
  6. 6. v9 of our technologyTo celebrate our 5th birthday, we worked our butts off to put out the best version of our technology yet. V9 is faster, better and stronger than ever. Oh, and it further enhanced our geo-targeting and yield management capabilities.
  7. 7. 31 affiliate networksWe are integrated with the most, and highest quality affiliate networksaround so we can monetize whatever product links you throw our way.
  8. 8. ∞ advertisersSkimlinks has a new BYOA (Bring Your Own Advertiser) program which meansthat if there is any advertiser you want to work with, great! We will do all the tracking and technical work for you. To infinity and beyond!
  9. 9. 100%mobile optimized Word.
  10. 10. 12 great APIsWe highly encourage creativity in the way you use Skimlinks. And we are here to provide guidance with…
  11. 11. 50+ employees Our Award Winning International Team is dedicated to making your siteprofitable and helping you through set up and all things online monetization (not just Skimlinks related).
  12. 12. 45 seconds to installThe average time it takes to install the Skimlinks code if you are approved.
  13. 13. 35%referral program payouts For anyone that discovers Skimlinks through you,we give you 35%! of our standard publisher earnings for an entire year.
  14. 14. What they are saying about us: "Sites need to make money. And making money directly from links that users put up for free? Genius.” Alexis Madrigal // Senior Editor // The Atlantic Skimlinks “puts a great deal more power and control in the hands of traditional content generators, but when applied to a social network where users are creating the content by the bucketload it could be very, very powerful.” Mike Butcher // European Lead Editor // Tech Crunch ”With Skimlinks, we were able to leverage affiliate marketing to realize a new revenue stream that would have been impossible to achieve manually.” Sarah Graham // Group Marketing Manager // National Magazine Company "SkimLinks and SkimWords has provided a strong revenue boost to our bottom line with virtually no effort, beyond checking a box.” David Goldstein // Owner //
  15. 15. We are running on over 100k domains with clients all over the world.
  16. 16. 5Years of excellence.
  17. 17. 1place to get started