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Skimlinks Culture Book


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Skimlinks Culture is built upon the foundation of a concept we call #Skimlove, that is infused in everything we do. It represents the level of care we put into helping our customers, taking care of our teammates, celebrating tech developments together and making every day fun and inspiring.

Our CEO Alicia Navarro wanted to capture the essence of #Skimlove and asked our lead designer Ellie Tzoni to put together a series of beautiful illustrations that represent our values (aka the special sauce) that have made us - Skimlinks - what we are today.

After reading the book internally, we asked Alicia if she would be comfortable sharing the book publicly, and much to our delight, she said yes. Treating a business like a family, making every interaction you have with a person count, and creating a rich and rewarding place to work is not easy and often overlooked. And it's our hope that flipping through the Skimlinks Culture Book gives you a bit of insight into who we are as a company, provides some workplace inspiration, or just brings a smile to your face :)

Have a great rest of your week wherever you are!

-Aaron on behalf of Alicia, Ellie and the entire Skimlinks team (

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