Infographic - Why Skillsoft learning is a smart answer


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See why Skillsoft elearning is a smart answer to the global talent crisis. Read the research behind the infographic at

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Infographic - Why Skillsoft learning is a smart answer

  1. 1. WHY SKILLSOFT ELEARNING IS THE SMART ANSWER LEARNING APPLICATION RATE WITHIN 86% SKILLSOFT LEARNING APPLICATION RATE 6 WEEKS WHAT EMPLOYEES LEARN IS APPLIED TO THE JOB 20%-50% AVERAGE LEARNING APPLICATION RATE CLASSROOM INTERNALLY DEVELOPED ELEARNING With Skillsoft, 86% of what is learned by employees is applied within 6 weeks to their job. What employees don’t use goes to waste, AKA scrap learning. QUALITY LEARNING IMPACTS BUSINESS OUTCOMES. +8% +12% INCREASED CUSTOMER SATISFACTION Skillsoft content is applied at rate that is 8% higher than the classroom and 12% higher than in-house +10% INCREASED EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION +11% developed elearning. SKILLSOFT LEARNERS ARE 43% MORE SATISFIED THAN CLASSROOM LEARNERS AND 2X AS Research indicates this improvement is directly attributed to Skillsoft. SATISFIED AS LEARNERS WHO ARE USING INTERNALLY DEVELOPED ELEARNING.