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Best Practices for Content Curation from the Skillsoft Leader Forum


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We live in a world where we want it all…all the time! A wealth of learning material can be a double-edged sword, though; if you don't implement some structure and guidance, your employees may be overwhelmed by a wealth of choice.

With this in mind, we asked our esteemed Skillsoft Global Leader Forum to share their thoughts on successful content curation for a winning elearning program.

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Best Practices for Content Curation from the Skillsoft Leader Forum

  1. 1. s k i l l s o f t . c o m THE "BEST" DO IT, AND THEY DO IT WELL. SOMEONE NEEDS TO OWN THIS. of Skillsoft's "Best" actively curate and align learning content to ensure learners have what they need when they need it. We have curated our own content playlists. Click the YouTube link to see our backstage passes to Leadership, IT and Desktop video course samples and more. Interested in seeing more from Skillsoft? 71% of clients who actively curate content have either dedicated or part-time headcount fully responsible for keeping content current, aligned and relevant to business initiatives. 68% USE MULTIPLE TOOLS TO HELP CURATE CONTENT. Did you know that Skillsoft is happy to provide content mapping/alignment support to all clients? Leaders use this service, as well as our Universal Competency Toolkit, the Skillport search, SFIA mappings, Skillsoft Books notifications and the course catalog to find content recommendations. KEEPING CONTENT TIMELY AND RELEVANT IS KEY. Don't let your content get old! Updating your content offerings annually is not near enough. In order to provide the right content at the right time, the majority of our "best" continually curate content as needed or monthly, at minimum. TIME IS THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE PREVENTING ACTIVE CONTENT CURATION. TIPS FROM SKILLSOFT'S "BEST" For the few Skillsoft leaders who are not curating content, the primary reason for not doing so is time to dedicate to the effort and people to curate. Ask your consultant about Skillsoft's available tools to support you in curating content. WHAT DOES "RIGHT CONTENT" MEAN? The best practice for ensuring you have the "right content" IS active curation. Content curation is a key component of the Alignment section of the 4 Building Blocks of learning program success. THE TIME IS NOW. If you are not curating your content, NOW is the time. It is clear that curating content is critical in an overall learning strategy. Providing relevant, prescriptive content to the right people at the right time is key to strategic alignment of learning to business initiatives. Value objectives defined upfront with stakeholders buy-in Annual success criteria is defined in order to deliver progress toward the value objectives Schedule a recurring calendar appointment to curate content curation. This avoids you 'forgetting' or re-prioritizing the task. Skillsoft Global Leader Forum Member “ ” Personalize curation by learner by enabling and helping learners self-assess needs. This is a critical first step that leads them to development paths that best meet their needs. Skillsoft Global Leader Forum Member “ ” Be specific when you work with Skillsoft to map your content. You have options to request things like course length or content type to help make the mapping more targeted. Skillsoft Global Leader Forum Member “ ” ENGAGEMENT Learning solutions aligned to enable value objectives Context is key (right people, right content, right time) ALIGNMENT Communicate how learner performance contributes to organizational objectives Accesibility and visibility are vital to learner experience ADOPTION Demonstrate performance against the value objectives Run training like a business by regularly measuring learning's efficiency, effectiveness and outcomes VALUE Skillsoft’s expertly curated learning paths enable learners to access Skillsoft's microlearning at the moment of need, saving learners time and ensuring they apply what they learn to the job quickly. Content Curation from Skillsoft's "Best" We asked our Skillsoft Global Leader Forum what they think about content curation.