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Aligning Learning with the Needs of the Business


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Alignment is a constant focus for top L&D teams. Here’s how Skillsoft’s Global Leader Forum members stay in synch and ensure learning is aligned to business needs.

Skillsoft’s Global Leader Forum is an exclusive group of customers who have proven strategies of success around Engagement, Alignment, Adoption and Value – the Four Building Blocks of Learning and Talent Success. As part of the Forum, these clients regularly collaborate with other leading organizations and to share best practices, resources and tips within the new Client Community portal. They are also invited to participate quarterly in short research efforts around key topics that are of interest to the Skillsoft and industry-wide learning and talent communities.

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Aligning Learning with the Needs of the Business

  1. 1. The Skillsoft Global Leader Alignment Trifecta: Right People, Right Content, Right Time Connecting regularly with executive business owners is key to content alignment. Skillsoft Global Leader Forum Member “ ” TOP L&D ALIGNED BUSINESS OBJECTIVES: Think about how the learning can be embedded [into the work]—don’t restrict to just formal learning, look for opportunities to reinforce through on the job experiences. Skillsoft Global Leader Forum Member “ ” s k i l l s o f t . c o m 76% 73% 65% 54% 41% 32% 30% 24% Improve employee satisfaction Improve customer retention/satisfaction Reduce risk Increase sales Contain costs Enhance product innovation Business skills Attend individual department/business unit planning meetings Learning function/HR business partners Subject matter experts Rely on managers to share goals with L&D Meet regularly with executives Rely on learners to share their goals with L&D Management/ leadership skills Digital/ Desktop skills Compliance Product/company proprietary Increase market share/ expand into new markets Reduce time to market LEARNING CONTENT CATEGORIES ALIGNED TO ACHIEVE TOP BUSINESS OBJECTIVES: HOW LEARNING LEADERS ENSURE ALIGNMENT TO BUSINESS GOALS: 86% 84% 76% Technical skills 76% 68% 16% IT IS EVIDENT TO LEARNERS HOW CONTENT ALIGNS TO CORPORATE GOALS: WHO IS PRIMARILY RESPONSIBLE FOR ALIGNING LEARNING CONTENT TO BUSINESS NEEDS: THE MOST INFLUENTIAL FACTORS IN PRIORITIZING ALIGNMENT: LEARNING CONTENT IS MAPPED INTO THE PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL PROCESS: 54% 51% 43% 32% SOMEWHAT YES 80% 14% NO 6% FOR SOME COMPETENCIES OR JOBS YES 30% 19% NO 51% 69% 19% TIME LE ADERSHIP SUPPORT 30% 51% COS T 5% Global learning leaders are using learning as a powerful tool to influence business outcomes. Below shows the percentage of Global Leader Forum members that are aligning to a given business driver. Did you know that 92% of CEOs believe their leadership development program is ineffective? Members of Skillsoft's Global Leader Forum are staying ahead of this perception by targeting business skills and management/leadership skills as their top content categories. With 43% of Skillsoft’s Global Leader Forum members meeting regularly with executives about L&D, they surpass the market average where 36% of organizations work with business leaders to identify business performance indicators that they want to improve.1 According to Toward Maturity’s latest In-Focus Report, “Aligning Learning to Business,” 39% of L&D professionals are not confident that their learning activities actually support the skills the business needs. 94% of the members of Skillsoft's Global Leader Forum report that their learners are aware of the alignment between content and corporate goals.2 Recent research from Bersin by Deloitte states that, for the first time, the role of content curation is a formal part of the L&D role. In fact 8% of L&D's time is spent in portfolio management and content curation. Skillsoft Global Leader Forum members have also recognized this trend.3 There is an opportunity for many organizations to better demonstrate how learning content aligns to corporate goals by integrating it into the performance management process. Members of Skillsoft's Global Leader Forum feel that obtaining leadership support of L&D and dedicating time for aligning learning resources are critical factors in paving the way for aligning learning to business objectives. Cost was not a significant factor. ? How often are you meeting with your c-level executives to ensure your eLearning content is meeting business needs? ? How are you effectively communicating L&D’s strategic alignment and impact on corporate goals to your learners? ? How are you leveraging your eLearning library to address the issues keeping your CEO up at night? ? Is your L&D team aligning to business objectives? ? How well have you equipped your L&D team and systems to curate and recommend specific content? ? Is your learning content mapped into the performance appraisal process? ? Have you dedicated time in your planning and obtained sufficient leadership support of your L&D programs? 1 2 3 2015 Corporate Learning Factbook We have curated our own content playlists. Click the YouTube link to see our backstage passes to Leadership, IT and Desktop video course samples and more. Interested in seeing more from Skillsoft?