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3 Ways the Skillsoft Global Leader Forum Employs Social Learning


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Social learning plays on one of the most important aspects of basic human nature; engagement. Learn how the Skillsoft Global Leader Forum uses social learning in this infographic.

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3 Ways the Skillsoft Global Leader Forum Employs Social Learning

  1. 1. 3 WAYS SK| LLSOFT'S GLOBAL LEADER FORUM USE #SOG| AL LEARNING TOOLS #Socia| learning plays on one of the most important aspects of basic human nature: THE ART OF ENGAGEMENT We asked the Skillsoft Global Leader Forum about how they use social | earning. ... and here is what they said. lOO°Io USE SOCIAL TOOLS TO PROMOTE PROGRAMS 84% of leaders use deep links to 42% use social tools to promote on learning content in social posts. a monthly basis. ...11% daily. Eslaaaiasazsaiaslsasreaaar E E E Deep Links Frequency 0 . Yes, a|w; :s. -No, never. 20 O -1MonthTy -Zuartefly Iisneeesded LDail: EASY ACCESS INCREASED AWARENESS s ' I If you aren't using soc_ia| tools to inform | ea_rners of offerings, you are missing out on a solid opportunity to get in front of your earners! 2 58°Io USE SOCIAL TOOLS TO PROPEL CONTINUOUS LEARNING Leaders use social learning touch points to increase knowledge retention. Performance 5 Moments 0! Need Remembenng or applying When something goes wrong When something changes beaming tor the 111st time Hr-’ lectrnjng more breadth or depth Skills Retained and Applied to the Job Time a "We have recc_nt| y appreciated the need for_a' ardener' role to a tend to the social aspects and _et it to grow in e_ early days of a . In‘ program, then wee it throughout it's life. Social learning doesn't haptrtren without care and feeding (and time)! "-Anne e Miiller, Cap Gemini 37°Io USE SOCIAL TOOLS TO ENGAGE LEARNERS We have a communication plan and the topics are set for 12 months. They align with well-being events or key messages from our Directors, we u5ua| |y profile internal projects, software senior leaders and UP8rade5 9“- involve them in our promotional efforts. We have several internal certification/ degre e programs and we leverage social media to alert learners of new content offerings and provide them a method for discussion. 80°Io of Skillsoft G| oba| _Leaders_use O the Skillsoft C| ient_ Community and their Customer Success } _ Consultant to ident_if ways to use socia to promote learning. / - - Ell7llrlLI‘11l. lZ1ll‘y' , ‘ The 2020 workplace: An organizational environment that provides an intensely ‘ Skills fr mm"-3 all generations and geographies. " You Interested in seeing more from Skillsoft? We have curated our own content playlists. Click the YouTube link to see our Backstage passes to leadership and IT TUIJE and desktop video course samples and more. 11 * Skillsoft surveyed 30 of its elite customers who are part of the Skillsoft Global Leader Forum * The 2020 Workplace: How innovative companies attract, develop, and keep tomorrow's employees today byjeanne C. Meister and Karie Willyerd. Harper Business, 2010.