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Yliopisto ja ammattikorkeakoulu, Finland


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Yliopisto ja ammattikorkeakoulu, Finland

  1. 1. University and University of Applied Sciences ● After high school, students can go to University or to University of Applied Sciences ● UAS studies are more practical, when university studies are more theoretical ● In Finland studying in University is free of charge but students have a lot of responsibility for their studies ● You have to pass entrance exams
  2. 2. University ● There are 20 different Universities in Finland ● Each University is specialized in many different themes (e.g. University of Lapland specialized in arts) ● Many faculties: for example Theology, Law, Medicine...
  3. 3. Studying at University ● Studies take about 3-6 years ● A lower degree contains basic and subject studies and a candidate degree. It requires also minor studies for two different subjects. - the target time is 3 years ● A master's degree requires also advanced studies in the major subject and a pro gradu thesis - the target time is two years
  4. 4. University of Applied Sciences (UAS) ● There are 28 UAS in Finland ● Finnish UAS cooperate with business and industry ● Ministry of education controls most UAS ● You can apply to a UAS if you have graduated from any secondary level studies
  5. 5. Studying at University of Applied Sciences (UAS) ● Studies take about 3,5-4,5 years ● At UAS you can get a lower vocational diploma or a master's degree ● If you want to get master's, first you must finish lower vocational degree and have at least three years' work experience
  6. 6. Apply to University or UAS ● If you want to apply in a Finnish University read more info at University's website, for example University of Turku: fi/en/studying/Pages/home.aspx ● If you want to apply to a Finnish UAS, you can look for more information here: www.