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Job market in finland


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Job market in finland

  1. 1. Finnish job market
  2. 2. Facts ● In Finland, the employment relationship between the employee and the employer is regulated by different acts and agreements. More information can be found under the topic Labour Legislation. ● Employment and Economic Development Offices provide jobseekers and employers with a wide range of services. ● The employer is responsible for occupational safety and health measures at the workplace. At the workplace you can turn to the occupational safety delegate representing employees or the safety supervisor representing the employer, in questions regarding occupational safety and health. ● In Finland, the share of organised workers is fairly high compared to many European countries. Some 75 per cent of workers belong to a trade union.
  3. 3. More more facts ;))) ● The unemployment rate in Finland is lower than normally in the EU: 7.3 % ● There were 5405 long-term unemployed persons in southwestern Finland in December 2012 - 708 people seeking job in Loimaa
  4. 4. Finnish working culture ● The Finnish working culture is based on equality. In working life, diligence, individuality and initiative are highly valued, together with strict observance of agreements and agreed schedules. ● Regular working hours are eight hours per day and forty hours per week, with two days' leave per calendar month worked. ● Finland is a bilingual country (Finnish and Swedish). Knowledge of at least the basics of the Finnish language is required in practice at all workplaces, although English is often the corporate language of the largest organisations.
  5. 5. Under 25-year-olds ● ● The youth guarantee guarantees that each person under 25 years of age, and recent graduates under 30 years of age, will be offered work, a work trial, or a study, workshop or labour market rehabilitation place within three months of registering as an unemployed jobseeker. The youth guarantee also includes an educational guarantee.
  6. 6. Employement service ● ● ● Employment and Economic Development Offices offer services to unemployed, those who are currently working or entering the working life as well as employers. The Employment and Economic Development Offices have 200 outlets all over Finland. Individual clients are offered services in the areas of job seeking, career planning, occupational rehabilitation and entrepreneurship. EURES-advisers who work in biggest employment offices give advice to jobseekers who want to work abroad and to employers who want to recruit workers from abroad.
  7. 7. The lack of job opportunities Unemployments Free work places during a month
  8. 8. Foreigners working in Finland ● Citizens of the European Union member states are entitled to work in Finland without a worker's residence permit. Citizens of other countries are in most cases required to have a worker’s residence permit. ● The same terms and conditions of work and occupational safety and health requirements apply to both foreign and Finnish workers.
  9. 9. Visiting the Employment and Economic Development office in Loimaa January 22nd 2013