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Finnish schoolsystem, Finland


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Published in: Education
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Finnish schoolsystem, Finland

  1. 1. Education in Finland
  2. 2. COMPREHENSIVE SCHOOL ● ● ● Before primary school children go to preschool education. After that children go to elementary school (classes 1-6). Then children go to secondary school (classes 7-9).
  3. 3. AFTER COMPREHENSIVE SCHOOL… VOCATIONAL SCHOOL ● ● ● ● There are different kinds of classes to choose, for example a barber, a builder, a car mechanic, a chef, an electrician… Vocational school takes 3 years. After that you have a trade and you are ready to work. If you want to continue studying after vocational school, you can go to polytechnic. UPPER SECONDARY SCHOOL ● ● ● ● You have to pass the required and elective courses, at least 75. In the last year you have matriculation examination. Then you graduate. Upper secondary school takes 2,5-4 years. After that you are ready to go to an university or a polytechnic.
  4. 4. Loimaa upper secondary school
  5. 5. Loimaa vocational school
  6. 6. HIGH-LEVEL STUDIES University ● ● ● You can go to university after upper secondary school. In university you can study almost whatever you want. After that you are highly educated and you will get a good job. Polytechnic ● ● ● You can go to polytechnic after vocational school or upper secondary school. In polytechnic you can study many things about different jobs. After that you will get a little bit better job.
  7. 7. GENERAL THINGS ABOUT SCHOOL IN FINLAND ● ● ● ● We get a school meal every day and it is free. We have a free health care in school and also a psychologist. In comprehensive school we have free education, books, pencils and other stuff. After primary school we have to buy books and everything else by ourselves, but the education and food is still free.