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How to Motivate Customers to Complete Training


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A Skilljar Slideshare. Win the battle of customer priorities by employing some creative techniques to keep your customers engaged in your training program. Learn about incentives that can be used to promote customer education and encourage customers to complete their training courses. Examples include promotions, CE credit and more. Questions or comments? Email us at

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How to Motivate Customers to Complete Training

  1. 1. How to Motivate Customers to Complete Training A SKILLJAR SLIDESHARE
  2. 2. Customers are Busy Want to learn at their own pace Constantly shifting priorities Need to opt in to training
  3. 3. Provide Incentives to Promote Training Completion Social Certificates and Badges Continued Education Credit Points and Rewards Promotions
  4. 4. Social Certificates and Badges Choose technology that allows customers to add their certification to LinkedIn
  5. 5. Social Certificates and Badges Literal give and get Career incentive and credit within the industry Secondary benefit: Increase visibility of your program
  6. 6. Tools that Can Help
  7. 7. Stakeholders Marketing Customer Success Training While training and certification departments typically manage credentialing like social certificates and badges, they can collaborate with customer success and marketing functions. The benefits of these programs are often widespread.
  8. 8. Continued Education Credit Greater value placed on training Tangible professional development Provide CE credits for on-demand and instructor-led training courses.
  9. 9. Getting Accredited for CE Credits Standards vary by industry and professional organization Learning hours are tracked Quality of education is evaluated Find out what your industry’s professional organization requires.
  10. 10. Stakeholders Sales/ Finance Customer Success Training Providing CE credits provides an additional selling point for training. Collaborate with the sales team to determine your strategy for revenue generation.
  11. 11. Points and Rewards Loyalty points Awards, prizes or recognition for gaining points Provide points or rewards for completing courses.
  12. 12. Tools that Can Help
  13. 13. Stakeholders Marketing Customer Success Training Rewards programs often provide lots of opportunities for advocacy marketing and referral programs. Work with marketing to incorporate training into a larger scale rewards or loyalty program.
  14. 14. Promotions Discount Free offer Promotional credit Only available upon course completion Create a promotion that distributes a coupon at course completion.
  15. 15. Deciding on the Right Promotion Evaluate – What training will really result in desired customer behaviors? Does this promotion make economic sense for the business?
  16. 16. Stakeholders Sales/ Finance Marketing Customer Success Training Before you decide on your promotion, collaborate with marketing and finance to evaluate the appeal and feasibility of your offer.
  17. 17. To Gamify or Not to Gamify? Consider - Will this gamification feature be used? How much is too much? Do users have a reason to come back into training?
  18. 18. Make Training Accessible o Use a training platform with a great student experience and user interface. o Cross-link resources o Collaborate with knowledge base/help center o Leverage customer-facing teams
  19. 19. Thank you! Email us at