Welcome to sitanadi whitewater rafting


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Welcome to sitanadi whitewater rafting

  1. 1. Welcome to SitanadiWelcome to SitanadiWhitewater RaftingWhitewater Rafting
  2. 2. Memorable Drive throughMemorable Drive throughShiradi GhatsShiradi Ghats
  3. 3. Dormitory Accommodation toDormitory Accommodation tostaystay
  4. 4. Re-Checking SafetyRe-Checking SafetyEquipmentsEquipments
  5. 5. Theory ClassesTheory Classes
  6. 6. Far from ego, Team workFar from ego, Team workPrevails herePrevails here
  7. 7. White Water Experience of Lifetime.White Water Experience of Lifetime.
  8. 8. Have a safeHave a safeexperience withexperience withinternationalinternationalstandard equipment,standard equipment,self-bailable raftself-bailable raftwhich will drainwhich will drainout the water on itsout the water on itsown.own.
  9. 9. Start off on River Sita, through evergreenStart off on River Sita, through evergreenforests of western-ghats,forests of western-ghats,
  10. 10. Valley dip rapids on Sita River a realValley dip rapids on Sita River a realrush of adrenalinrush of adrenalin
  11. 11. Lush-green forests, one of theLush-green forests, one of the8 top dense forests of the world*8 top dense forests of the world*
  12. 12. Bellanje dip rapid on River SitaBellanje dip rapid on River Sita
  13. 13. Dilip’s dip, one of the most thrillingDilip’s dip, one of the most thrillingrapids of south india.rapids of south india.
  14. 14. Fun time during the calmer sections of River sita,Fun time during the calmer sections of River sita,covered by dense evergreen forest.covered by dense evergreen forest.
  15. 15. Haider’s rapid one of the exciting rapidsHaider’s rapid one of the exciting rapidson River Sita.on River Sita.
  16. 16. Lot more exciting options,Lot more exciting options,trekking in Agumbetrekking in Agumberangesranges(third highest rainfall(third highest rainfallplace inplace in IINNDDIIAA.).)Onake Abbe WaterOnake Abbe Waterfalls.falls.
  17. 17. Paradise on the way toParadise on the way toKoodlu Theertha falls.Koodlu Theertha falls.
  18. 18. Amidst the mist, pollution free environment aAmidst the mist, pollution free environment ahealth freak holidaze.health freak holidaze.
  19. 19. HeavenHeaven is it???is it??? Yes it is!!!Yes it is!!!
  20. 20. Plenty of streams flowing through thePlenty of streams flowing through thewestern ghats.western ghats.
  21. 21. SteamingSteaming forests? Yes look at the fog formation.forests? Yes look at the fog formation.
  22. 22. Koodlu theerthaKoodlu theertha water falls, a trekwater falls, a trekdestination.destination.
  23. 23. Malabar red giantMalabar red giantsquirrelsquirrel,, feasting andfeasting andcute to watch themcute to watch themplaying around.playing around.
  24. 24. Creepers over the trees, a botanists paradise,Creepers over the trees, a botanists paradise,evergreenevergreen SomeshwaraSomeshwaraWild Life Sanctuary.Wild Life Sanctuary.
  25. 25. River Sita, flowing past Sitanadi NatureRiver Sita, flowing past Sitanadi Naturecamp, Hebri.camp, Hebri.
  26. 26. Trekking around the natureTrekking around the naturecamp for the sake of ancamp for the sake of anexperience.experience.
  27. 27. Cascading Sita, enroute Koodlu theertha.Cascading Sita, enroute Koodlu theertha.
  28. 28. Cascading RiverCascading Riversita assita as KoodluKoodluTheertha Falls.Theertha Falls.
  29. 29. Brahmasthana, areligious place insidesomeshwara.
  30. 30. A moonlight experience around theA moonlight experience around thecamp.camp.
  31. 31. OrchidsOrchids foundfoundin westernin westernghats are wellghats are wellknownknownglobally.globally.
  32. 32. ColourfulColourful flowersflowers ofof westernwesternghatsghats make your tripmake your trip evenevenmore colourfulmore colourful..
  33. 33. Warm welcomeWarm welcome for the unique experiencefor the unique experienceof the life-time offered byof the life-time offered by TeamadventureTeamadventureA team of outdoor specialists, internationally certified instructorsA team of outdoor specialists, internationally certified instructorsensuring international safety standards and practice.ensuring international safety standards and practice.Reach us at :# 390 – SFS – 407, 1stMain Road, IV Phase, Yelahanka New Town,Bangalore - 560 064.URL : www.teamadventure.infoMail : ask@teamadventure.infoVenture Adventure Club91 – 80 – 3091 4606Mobile : 98 44 12 44 89