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Ict presentation vbw test

  1. 1. usıng technologyinside and outside the classroom
  2. 2. warmerplease dıscuss:● what are the technologıes you use at the moment● what do you hope to achıeve by usıng more technologıcal tools● what problems do you antıcıpate when usıng more technology ın the future
  3. 3. contentpart 1: tools for us teacherspart 2: tools in the classroompart 3: internet-based student tasks (homework and projects)
  4. 4. p1: keeping up with developmentswith RSS feeds you can:● keep abreast of latest developments● safe time looking for informationthis is how you do it● use googlereader or other services● subscribe to interesting service, e.g. my trainers ICT blog
  5. 5. p1: resource collectionwith diigo we can ...● highlight points of interest on a webpage● organize relevant information by list or tag● share information with colleagues so we can collaborate>>> LIVE DEMO>>> why not create a diigo for us?
  6. 6. p1: screen recordingswith jing we can:● give students individual feedback● create our own videos or tutorials
  7. 7. p1 / p2 / p3: animationswith domo goanimate we can ...● create our won animations and slideshows● have students do their own animations to practice chunks, funktional language etc.
  8. 8. p1: classroom presentationswith powerpoint and googledocs we can ...● enhance our teaching by using graphics, animation, or sound● easily modify and recycle our tried and tested material for each lesson● quickly find and adapt online material for use in our classes● help save the rain forest
  9. 9. classroom presentationsa few ideas● show flash cards● present grammar structures● mimic popular quiz games like Jeopardy!● ...
  10. 10. p3: wikiswith wikis we can:● have an online meeting point with our students● do collaborative writing exercises
  11. 11. p3: idea sharingwith lino we can:● share our ideas with colleagues● have students collect vocabulary, ideas
  12. 12. p3: web questswith zunal we can:● integrate classroom work and homework activities● use existing online material● create our own web quests
  13. 13. p3: useful websites for studentsSome useful website for your students tocheck language, collocations, chunks etc● twurdy● googlefight● british national corpus (BNC)macmillan online dictionary
  14. 14. p3: useful apps for studentsiphone and android apps that can be usedinside and outside the classroom● sounds - macmillan pronunciation app● ankidroid - flash cards
  15. 15. p2/3: record podcasts● can be used by teachers to prepare customised material● can be used by students in class and at home, i.e. students prepare a script, record it and embed it in a WIKIJust use vocaroo
  16. 16. p3: talkgroupswith voxopop you can:● have students do speaking exercises when you didnt get to production phase in class● create (international) voice discussion groupshere is an example from my ICT course
  17. 17. lexis and chunkingdid you know?about 74 % of all text is made up of the 1000most commonly wordsabout 8 % of all text is made up of the next1000 most commonly words
  18. 18. Lexis and Chunkingcheck out these websites● lingo to word● googlefight● corpus concordance english● british national corpus● sketchengine (30 days password)