Skift Report: In flight entertainment excerpt


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Skift Report: In flight entertainment excerpt

  1. 1. The Rapid Ascent of In-Flight Entertainment SKIFT REPORT #17 2014 WWW.SKIFT.COM
  2. 2. Get the twice-monthly Skift Trends Report for the latest intelligence on the travel industry. Each edition in our new series of reports will brief you on a specific trend, providing insight into the current state of the market, the context around the trend, and where the industry is heading in the near future. After you subscribe, you will receive 24 reports direct to your inbox for an entire year. Reports are delivered as a downloadable PDF. For any comments or questions, email us at For more information on past reports go to Subscribe to the Skift Trends Report
  3. 3. Today, in-flight entertainment (IFE) is one of the largest growing sectors of the aircraft interiors market. The value of the IFE market will reach $2 billion by 2015, and the expenditure on content to supply that IFE is in the range between $450 and 500 million, ac- cording to Aircraft Interiors International Magazine. The premiere of new IFE technologies garnered a great deal of attention at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg this April from airlines and in- dustry watchers alike, rivaled only by the excitement generated by new in-flight connectivity options; which is, in fact, is a related tech development. Larger, HD-ready smart IFE screens, powered by new “invisible” wiring systems, and eliminating under-seat control boxes, were also a prime feature of the new A350XWB aircraft which Airbus debuted on the day before the Aircraft Interiors Expo opened. The new announcements of ever more lavish cabin programs by top airlines are generally accompanied by the introduction of enhanced IFE offerings. In this report, we’ll look at how IFE has evolved in recent years to such a prominent element of the in-flight experience, why IFE is such an important factor to the airlines in product differentia- tion, what new innovations are in store for this technology, where IFE lags behind modern technology and when it might catch up. We provide some important highlights and feature key players and airline case studies here, in order to reflect the predominant trends in today’s market. Executive summary The Rapid Ascent of In-Flight Entertainment SKIFT REPORT #17 2014 3
  4. 4. Table of contents About Skift - Executive Summary 3 Introduction 4 The Onboard Theatre 8 8 9 10 Home Entertainment 11 11 12 12 13 Bring Your Own Device 15 15 16 Low-Cost Carriers Fall Short 18 21 21 21 22 23 23 Looking Forward 24 24 25 26 27 Insights and Strategies 28 About Skift 30 The Rapid Ascent of In-Flight Entertainment SKIFT REPORT #17 2014 7