Reaching the Tumblrbetics


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Reaching the community of type 1 diabetics on Tumblr.

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  • Hey Guys! My name is Sarah and this Slideshare presentation is going to focus what steps to take in order to best reach the diabetic community on Tumblr.
  • Members have to go digging for such information. Because of this, much research remains unknown to the T1D community. The T1D community would majorly benefit from a site that could offer them all of the information they are looking for. In 2009, JDRF launched (now as an online community for diabetics to ask questions, get answers and stay informed on T1D researchWhy didn’t this work?
  • According to a survey taken for the month of November by, Tumblr, currently has 5.5 million users. Approximately 50% of Tumblr’s audience comes from the 18-24 age range. When searching Tumblr for accounts relating to diabetes, I found dozens of diabetic teenagers and young adults, ages 14-20 who all interact with one another via this website.
  • I went searching for tumblrbetics, and immediately found about 40-50 blogs that post about having diabetes or diabetes management frequently. I followed all of these blog, and sent personal messages to each account explaining who I was and the project I was working on. I posed the question, would you find a blog that posts about updates in diabetes research helpful? GENERAL CONSENSUS YES!!!Of the 11 responses I got, 8 said that they were very interested, and would love to have a blog that would tell them about diabetes research updates. 2 blogs belonged to people who did not have T1D, and therefore did not really care.1 blog responded saying that they were more interested in diabetes advocacy than awareness. “I would be very interested, it would be nice to hear about advancements outside of my doctor’s office.” “I would find it helpful, I think blogs like this help other diabetics because not everyone knows where to look for new research and technological advances in the field of diabetes.” I know very little about the diabetic world outside of my own experiences. I very recently found this community on Tumblr but I’ve yet to adventure into looking at the research and technology areas of diabetes.
  • It is important to give valid, serious updates, but this must be done strategically: teenagers don’t want to read about long, detailed, research studies. They want to know how this information is going to affect them personally, and they want to be entertained while they learn this information.
  • So the key is to mix information with humor. This takes a certain type of journalistic skill. If you’re not funny, then don’t try to be. That is important.
  • An important part of sharing information on Tumblr in a way to make it reach the largest audience involves post tagging: Tagging Posts is the process of adding SEO key terms that will allow your post to come up when people search that term on Tumblr. There are certain tags that are very popular within the Tumblrbetic community, so it is important to familiarize yourself with these specific terms. By posting with similar tags to your audience, you are more likely to engage with them. Popular tags within the tumblrbetic community include: #diabeticconfessions #diabeticproblems #type1diabetic #diabeetus (a play on the words of Wilford Brimley) #divabetic
  • On most mainstream social media sites (i.e. Facebook and Twitter) we know that the optimal posting time range is between 1 and 4 P.M. Because Tumblr is made up of such a different demographic of people, there are different times that are better to post at. The best time to post on Twitter is between 1 and 3 P.M. Monday through Friday. The best time to post on Facebook is between 1 and 4 P.M., especially Wednesdays at 3 P.M.Tumblr is totally different – the best time to post is between 7 and 10 P.M. on Sundays Mondays and Tuesdays and ESPECIALLY FRIDAYS. According to studies on posting optimization. If you see posts that apply to your beat, then reblog them! This promotes the tumblrbetic community aspect that I was focusing on earlier. Whereas on facebook, most of your posts won’t include pictures, that is not acceptable on tumblr. The audience expects pictures, memes and gifs in order to stay entertained.
  • Reaching the Tumblrbetics

    1. 1. Reaching the “Tumblrbetics”Meeting Informational Needs within the T1D Community on Tumblr
    2. 2. The need within the T1D community The T1D community would majorly benefit from a website/blog that focuses on research updates, technological improvements and strides made towards finding a cure for T1D. This would create a better educated and more involved T1D community. Has this been tried before? Where can it be done better?
    3. 3. The Unrealized Tumblr Demographic Tumblr is a website that is dominated by the teenage/young adult demographic. There is a large diabetic community already active on Tumblr. Predominantly made up of diabetic teenagers posting about highs, lows, and everything in between.
    4. 4. Who are the “Tumblrbetics?”  The T1D community on Tumblr uses this mainly as a place to vent, ask for advice, and encourage others in their walks with T1D.  Are they even interested in getting research updates? Is Tumblr the place for this?
    5. 5. Search Results:
    6. 6. What is Tumblr? Tumblr is a blogging site that is used to share pictures,videos and GIFs. How can this be used well by someone looking to share research updates?
    7. 7. When Considering Tumblr Posts…  It is important to consider what the audience expects.  Tumblr is used as a place to share GIFs, images, etc.  In order to be relevant with this audience, you have to engage in these sort of posts too.
    8. 8. Part wittiness, humor, andresearch update information…
    9. 9. Tagging Posts for SEO
    10. 10. Popular Tumblrbetic Tags: Type 1 OR Type 1 Diabetes Diabetic Probs OR Diabetic Problems Diabetic Confessions Divabetic Diabeetus (this is usually accompanied by a picture of Wilfurd Brimley with glowing eyes)
    11. 11. Posting Strategies: Different optimal posting time range  Don’t bother posting before 4 P.M.  Between 7 and 10 P.M. is optimal  Friday nights are especially busy nights on Tumblr.
    12. 12. Would anyone actually use this? I have started an example blog entitled The Tumblrbetics have welcomed me into their community. In my first 4 posts, I gained 7 new followers and11 different interactions with those posts. The Tumblrbetics have engaged.
    13. 13. In Conclusion… DO DON’T DO know your audience  DON’T try to turn Tumblr into something that it isn’t DO use pictures, GIFs, memes, and videos in as many posts as  DON’T post long texts without possible images DO know how to speak to your  DON’T try to be funny if you audience, know the language aren’t funny DO post at optimal times  DON’T get unprofessional – DO tag posts to make them SEO don’t try to be everyone’s best friend. Be honest about who DO reblog things that are relevant you are and what your to your beat intentions for using Tumblr are.
    14. 14. Any Questions?  E-mail:  Twitter: @sarahkhoehn Tumblr: