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Map Of Authentic Learning


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Map Of Authentic Learning

  1. 1. The Adventures of the Hippies out to Save the Chesapeake Bay
  2. 2. together. They pecked open the lock and escaped while farmer Phadalia wasn‟t looking! They were near a friend so they decided to go and see him to see if they could get anywhere to stay
  3. 3. water is bringin‟ me down, the water, the water is bringin‟ me down!”
  4. 4. yelp from Squiddy, their friend. Flugan the blue crab rushed over to him.
  5. 5. “What‟s wrong?” asked Flugan.
  6. 6. “I can barely breathe…” Squiddy tried to say.
  7. 7. round, plastic circles around his neck. He swam up to the shore and to go and get one of there friends Shaleah.
  8. 8. “Shaleah, Shaleah!” he cried.
  9. 9. “Yes, what is it?!” Shaleah asked.
  10. 10. “Squiddy is in trouble Dudet!” Flugan said panting.
  11. 11. Shaleah grabbed Flugan and told him to clip the circles off of Squiddy.
  12. 12. “What were those things?” Squiddy and Flugan asked
  13. 13. “Those were plastic rings off of water bottles” Shaleah answered.
  14. 14. “Oh” they both said together.
  15. 15. What just happened, Dudes?” asked Squakey and Eggsy panting.
  16. 16. there was a real problem with the water in the Chesapeake Bay. So they asked if the water had always been this way. But no one knew about it.
  17. 17. questions about this water, it would most definitely be him. We wish we would have only gone to him first, to save time. He lives, well everywhere. He‟s like a turtle GPS. He knows pretty much
  18. 18. “Hey Dudes, look!” Said Eggsy.
  19. 19. “What? “ Asked everyone else.
  20. 20. “There‟s our friend Shaleah!” Said Eggsy.
  21. 21. “That‟s groovy, Dudes.” Said Flugan.
  22. 22. something in her hands. They walked over to her and started talking to her.
  23. 23. “What‟s that in your hand?” they asked her.
  24. 24. “I‟m putting up some of these signs for work.” She said
  25. 25. “Where‟s our lava lamp? Oh wait, but why?” They asked.
  26. 26. polluted people aren‟t allowed to swim in them” She said, “I‟m trying to get people to start cleaning it up.”
  27. 27. “I think they‟re going against us hippies. Can we help?” they asked.
  28. 28. you‟ll like it that much. Here, you can put these signs up.” She said passing Flugan some signs.
  29. 29. “Hey, Dudet” said Flugan
  30. 30. „What?” said Shaleah
  31. 31. “These signs say no swimming! Said Flugan
  32. 32. “Yeah. What about them?”
  33. 33. “We love to swim in the Chesapeake, Dudes!”
  34. 34. Shaleah passed another sign to Eggsy.
  35. 35. up signs that are just going to make it worse lets put signs to make it better,” said Eggsy.
  36. 36. “You know what Eggsy? You‟re right. This isn‟t helping at all.” Said Shaelah.
  37. 37. “Come on Dudes. Let‟s go make some new signs!” Said Shaelah.
  38. 38. peeps.” Flugan was working with Eggsy making new signs that said “Save the fish. Leave the water mellow like Humphrey. Don‟t pollute”
  39. 39. “Shaleah ,we took down all the old signs” said Squakey and Eggsy.
  40. 40. “That‟s groovy guys” said Shaleah.
  41. 41. to help and try to make a difference. From that day on, the Chesapeake Bay has been getting better bit by bit.