Eco-friendly Folktale 2


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Eco-friendly Folktale 2

  1. 1. Jack Dunkenberger – Gilbert Kayleigh Pratt – Emily Kelly Devens – Nicole Brittany Mallette – Maddy SURVIVING FISH FRIENDS MORAL – Survive with the things you have and can find and work as a team. Once upon a time, in the Chesapeake Bay, four fish, Gilbert, Emily, Nicole, and Maddy, were swimming peacefully in the waters. The Chesapeake is home to many of the sea creatures of many different shapes, sizes, and kinds. Gilbert, a fun flounder, loved to play sea ball. He was always very talkative and always had a big smile on his face. Emily, a bluefish, was the creative one of the group. She would always be coming up with new ideas or learning something new to share with the rest of our Chesapeake friends. Nicole, a puffer fish, was a friendly, loving fish, and always had her arms open for someone. She was always wandering around, looking for new adventures. And finally, Maddy, an angel fish, who loved to make new friends. She always had a welcoming personality that would make you feel great on the inside. One day, when they were playing sea ball, they noticed something a little different about the bay. Less and less fish would play with them. They saw something coming towards them. They watched a dead crab shell float past them. They looked toward the direction the crab came from. “Hey, look! That’s something you don’t see everyday!” Gilbert exclaimed. “Let’s go check out where it came from!” Nicole said, as she raced off. “Maybe we shouldn’t! There could be a murderous giant squid in there!” Maddy said nervously. “Oh, come on! It will be fun!” Nicole replied.
  2. 2. Jack Dunkenberger – Gilbert Kayleigh Pratt – Emily Kelly Devens – Nicole Brittany Mallette – Maddy Once they reached what looked like where the dead crab had come from they couldn’t believe their eyes. There wasn’t a murderous giant squid like what we expected to see but, a pile of dead crabs, fish, and other sea creatures that were probably dared to enter that place. “I’ve heard of these places before! They’re called dead zones! They sounded bad, but not as bad as this!” Emily mentioned. Maddy looked over at the dead crabs and said, “Aw poor crabs!” She was just about to enter the dead zone when Gilbert pulled her back. “You know. Something is a little fishy about this place.” said Nicole. “Oh, sorry that’s me…” Gilbert said, “I forgot to take a shower this morning.” “No! Does anybody feel like it’s hard to breathe here?” she replied. Emily and Maddy put they’re fins on their mouths and mumbled, “Yeah. I’f smellfs therable fere! We bethher get outtha here, or we’ll run out of oxygen!” After that, they turned and saw Gilbert swimming ahead of them already! They darted off as fast as they could, swimming to their home. When they got there they realized their home had turned into a dead zone too! “There’s no escaping!” Gilbert whined. He grabbed all the food he could hold, even though probably contaminated, and darted off. It seemed that the whole bay had turned into a dump. It was disgusting! All were barren and empty, all food like plants gone, and algae covered the surface.
  3. 3. Jack Dunkenberger – Gilbert Kayleigh Pratt – Emily Kelly Devens – Nicole Brittany Mallette – Maddy “This place is horrible! If we didn’t live on oxygen we could live here. It would be great if we had something to breathe with!” Maddy said. “Well, I guess we’ll have to find a way,” Emily added. At that very moment Gilbert got pinched by a grumpy Johnny crab. He drops all the food they had left and, we all watched it float off into the dead zone. “Oops!” said Gilbert. “That was ALL of our food! Why did you let go of it?” Emily shrieked. “Sorry….. It wasn’t me! It was that crab, and he has all our food!” he replied. “We have to find a way to get our food back.” Maddy said looking directly at the dead zones. “Let’s go! I’m not afraid of a dead zone or an old crab!” Nicole said. “Well I am. There is no way I am going in that place. Who knows what could be in there!” Maddy exclaimed. “But we neeeeeed you to come. Were all in this together, and don’t forget. You are so good at getting the other fish to understand,” Nicole said with a smile. She pulled at her fins and then said, “Well, alright I guess I’ll come. We are all in this together. Sorry about that,” she said shyly. They all approached it slowly before Nicole took off into the murky water. “I see our food! It’s over there with those crabs!” Emily said. “Let’s go!” They got closer and closer to the crabs. “Aw they look so hungry. Poor crabs!” Maddy said. “But we’re hungry too!” Emily shrieked! “We have to survive.” They were so close they could almost touch it. Snap! , went one of the crabs.
  4. 4. Jack Dunkenberger – Gilbert Kayleigh Pratt – Emily Kelly Devens – Nicole Brittany Mallette – Maddy “Hey, get your dirty little claws off me!” said Gilbert. He got cut three times on both of his sides. Then, all of the crabs snapped into action. They cut the rest of us, and we all had gashes on our sides in a matter of seconds! They watched Emily wipe some blood off of the side of her. “Hey, look. Does anyone else feel a whole lot better?” Emily said. “I do! It's much easier to breath now.” Gilbert said. They all got three cuts on both of their sides. Nicole grabbed the all the food while the rest distracted the crabs. “Go, go, go! Swim as fast as you can! I got our food back," she said. The distraction didn’t have to last long. Some crab catchers reached in to the water. They scooped up all of the crabs. “Bye!” Gilbert yelled and waved goodbye. “Don’t be so mean to them! Think about if you were in their shoes!” Maddy said with a frown. They all giggled at the funny comment. “Well, I guess we can go home now since we can survive better with our gills.” Nicole said. After that, they went home and all lived happily ever after.