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Automation Testing Syllabus - Checklist


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Automation Testing Syllabus - Checklist

  1. 1. Automation Testing Syllabus Software Development Life Cycle SDLC Development Models (Morning Classes) 1) Waterfall Model => Requirement Design Development Testing Release and Maintenance 2) Evolutionary Development Model 3) Agile Model 4) Test Driven Development 5) Scrum Model Role of a Tester Types of Testing  Different Testing Types  Unit, Integration, System Testing  GUI Testing, Load / Stress Testing  Smoke / Sanity Testing Important  Regression/ Functional Testing to test the new features added or when the build is almost complete. Basically the test suite is selected and run again fully to ensure that the build is working fine.  UML (RATIONAL ROSE) / Uses Cases for Testers Writing good use cases a) Elevator, Mobile Phone, Pen, Coffee Vending Machine, Keyboard List of Technologies Black Box Test Techniques 1) Boundary Value Analysis 2) Equivalence Class Partition 3) Error Guessing White Box Test Techniques 1) Statement coverage 2) Condition Coverage 3) Path Coverage 4) Branch Coverage Types of Test Cases 1) Positive and Negative test cases 2) UI Test Cases 3) Usability Test Cases 4) Field Validation 5) Functional Test Cases
  2. 2. Test Case Template 1) Do Test Cases for 2) Template – TID Description Steps Expected Result Test Data/Pre Condition Specific Environment Type/Priority Test Plan Document (Evening Class) 1) Title 2) Revision History 3) Objective of Document 4) Scope of Document 5) Objective of Testing 6) Metric Collection 7) Project Description 8) Critical Functionality 9) Test Data Requirement 10) Features not to be used 11) Test Environment 12) Training Requirements 13) Effort Estimation 14) Resource Requirement 15) Scheduling 16) Test Strategy 17) Input/Entry Criteria 18) Exit Criteria 19) Test Suspension and Resumption Criteria 20) Test Completion criteria 21) Completion Criteria 22) Acceptance Criteria 23) Bug Classification 24) Test Deliverables 25) Standards to be followed 26) Risk Analysis Bugs (Morning Class) 1) Bug Classification – Severity and Priority 2) Bug Template – Look at JIRA 3) Bug Tracking Tools – JIRA, BugZilla, Quality Center, Clear Quest 4) Bug Life Cycle – Filing duplicate bugs 5) Statuses for Bug Life Cycle Test Process – Look at the Document JAVA OO Concepts Encapsulation
  3. 3.  Access Modifiers  Packages Inheritance  Abstract Classes  Interface  Final Polymorphism  Overriding  Overloading  This  Super  Constructor General  Data types – byte short int long float double Boolean char  Derived Data types – String, Integer, Long Collections = Very Important  Lists  Sets  Revise Basic Algorithms if time permits. Exception Handling  Checked and Unchecked  Errors  Run time Exceptions  No such method error, no such field error, Illegal Access Error  Null Pointer Exception, Array Out of Bounds Exception JDBC Production Level Tools Log4J ANT SVN  Look into Test Drive of Tortoise for Recap HUDSON  Read Sel Simplified. JIRA ,BugZilla  Bug defect cycle JUNIT, TestNG  It provides test case structure to the automation test cases. It also provides utilities like asserts and annotations.  Annotations and utilities like assert and verify  Easily run the class files of test and tabulate the results.  TestNG
  4. 4.  Groups  Data Provider  Many suites can be run simultaneously. Changes done in the XML file. Other Languages SQL     PERL UNIX Create table Insert into table values Update Table A complex problem involving inner joins of three tables Other Topics SOAP  Basic theory and abbreviations  Test Cases for the response  Creating test suites and running them Web Services = Read the printed notes SOA N Tier  Read Day 5 notes of Alok. Good information.  Draw the diagram of the previous project N Tier Multi-Tier Architecture SEI CMM  Collect the notes Mercury Quick Test Pro (QTP)            Introduction Recording Object Repository Standard Checkpoints Text Checkpoints Database Checkpoints Need to Look Parameterization Data Driven Testing Output Values Actions Descriptive Programming (description.createobjectproperty = value) Load Testing (LoadRunner)
  5. 5.                   Fundamentals of LoadRunner Planning an Effective Load Test LoadRunner Installation Virtual User Generator (VuGen) Scripting Recording & Playback Actions & Transactions Parameters, Checkpoints, Correlation Advanced Correlation Enhance Vuser Output Log Error Handling Introduction to Scenarios Using Run-Time Settings Scenario Execution Scheduling Scenarios Performance Monitors Results Analysis Building Effective Load Test Scripts Load Runner Hands-on exercises Mercury Quality Center (Test Management Tool)          Adding Test Requirements Create Tests Executing the test cases manually Analyze project progress Run Tests and Analyze Results Report and Trace Defects Document Generator Executing test scripts remotely and more. Tie test cases with requirements (Requirements Traceability Matrix) Descriptive Programming (Time permitting)  How to write scripts using VBScript when application is not ready  Get a head-start on Test Scripting as developers are writing code Manual Testing Real Project: Take a real project and do following in different phases of QA lifecycle.  QA basic, First day at job  Requirement  Test plan  Sizing/LOE  Test case  Bug lifecycle-JIRA, Clear Quest, QC  Log- with Log4j  Build  Sanity vs Smoke/Build verification Test/Build acceptance test
  6. 6.      QTP                       Boundary value analysis and Equivalence partitioning End to End testing Status reporting UAT Production Check out OR SOR Basic of web syntax Descriptive programming Function Functional library Excel Integration Option explicit Description.create Loop Ordinal Identifier GetROproperty GetTOproperty Show manual test script Error handling using script Recovery Scenario Reporter.reportevent Start Calculator exercise to show different numbers Debugging the script Parameterize with excel for different number system Action Final development of Keyword driven framework with these learnings – Depends on Timing