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Internships and Practicums


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Internships and Practicums

  1. 1. INTERNSHIPSANDPRACTICUMS Shannon Gilligan Becca Thomas Brendan Engle Chris Halliday Sean Clifford
  2. 2. PracticumsWhat is it? A 2 credit mini-course for Journalism and PR track Required SU places specifically to major Distinct
  3. 3. InternshipsAny official or formal program to providepractical experience for beginners in anoccupation or profession
  4. 4. Internships con’tAppealing on resumes and applicationsGain credit while increasing experience in yourfieldLocal, National, Global internships are offeredStrong alumni connectionsFor the best and the brightest
  5. 5. Seeking Informationeasily accessible through Salisbury websitevideos that explain the process step by step
  6. 6. Dr. MorrisonInternship DirectorVery accessibleLocated on campusExtensive list of connectionsPlaces you in a practicum within your majorAssists you when searching for internships
  7. 7. The Leads ListOpportunities inside and outside of Salisbury areaCollective list of organizationshave hired SU students
  8. 8. Oh the Places You’ll Go!Under ArmourWalt Disney WorldThe Late Show with David LettermanThe Baltimore OriolesMTV
  9. 9. Bibliography"Companies match students with internships - Business - US business |NBC News." Breaking News & Top Stories - World News, US & Local |NBC News. N.p., 6 Mar. 2007. Web. 6 Dec. 2012.J. Morrison, personal communication, November 29, 2012.(2011) Information for CMAT 249 Journalism and Public RelationsPracticums. 6December, 2012