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Ms word kb_shortcuts_pc

  1. 1. MS Word Keyboard Shortcuts - PCCommand Name Modifiers Key MenuAbout HelpAll Caps Ctrl+Shift+ AAnnotation Alt+Ctrl+ MApp Maximize Alt+ F10App Restore Alt+ F5Apply Heading1 Alt+Ctrl+ 1Apply Heading2 Alt+Ctrl+ 2Apply Heading3 Alt+Ctrl+ 3Apply List Bullet Ctrl+Shift+ LArrange All WindowAuto Correct ToolsAuto Fit Content Toolbar 32782Auto Fit Fixed Toolbar 32782Auto Fit Window Toolbar 32782Auto Format Alt+Ctrl+ KAuto Format Begin FormatAuto Summarize Begin ToolsAuto Text F3Auto Text Alt+Ctrl+ VBackground Fill Effect Format BackgroundBackground More Colors Format BackgroundBackground Watermark Format BackgroundBold Ctrl+ BBold Ctrl+Shift+ BBookmark Ctrl+Shift+ F5 InsertBookshelf Lookup Reference ToolsBreak InsertBrowse Next Ctrl+ Page DownBrowse Prev Ctrl+ Page UpBrowse Sel Alt+Ctrl+ HomeBusu LanguageCancel EscCenter Para Ctrl+ EChange Case FormatChange Case Shift+ F3Char Left LeftChar Left Extend Shift+ LeftChar Right RightChar Right Extend Shift+ RightClear Del EditClose or Exit Alt+ F4Close Pane Alt+Shift+ CColumn Break Ctrl+Shift+ ReturnColumn Select Ctrl+Shift+ F8Compare Versions Track Changes MenuCopy Ctrl+ CCopy Ctrl+ InsertCopy Format Ctrl+Shift+ CCopy Text Shift+ F2Create Auto Text Alt+ F3Cross Reference InsertCustomize ToolsCustomize Add Menu Shortcut Alt+Ctrl+ =Customize Keyboard Shortcut Alt+Ctrl+ Num +Customize Remove Menu Alt+Ctrl+ -
  2. 2. Command Name Modifiers Key MenuShortcutCut Ctrl+ XCut Shift+ DelDate Field Alt+Shift+ DDate Time InsertDelete Back Word Ctrl+ BackspaceDelete Column Toolbar 32780Delete Row Toolbar 32780Delete Table Toolbar 32780Delete Word Ctrl+ DelDictionary Alt+Shift+ F7Do Field Click Alt+Shift+ F9Doc Close Ctrl+ WDoc Close Ctrl+ F4Doc Maximize Ctrl+ F10Doc Move Ctrl+ F7Doc Restore Ctrl+ F5Doc Size Ctrl+ F8Doc Split Alt+Ctrl+ S WindowDouble Underline Ctrl+Shift+ DDraw Group DrawDraw Picture Automatic Image ControlDraw Picture Black and White Image ControlDraw Picture Grayscale Image ControlDraw Picture Watermark Image ControlDraw Regroup DrawDraw Set Arrow Style ArrowDraw Shadow Color Shadow ColorDraw Shadow Customize ShadowDraw Shadow SemiTransparent ToggleShadow ColorDraw Show Auto Shapes andDrawing ToolbarsPicture MenuDraw Snap to Grid DrawDraw Ungroup DrawDraw Word Art Align Center WordArt AlignmentDraw Word Art Align Left WordArt AlignmentDraw Word Art Align LetterJustifyWordArt AlignmentDraw Word Art Align Right WordArt AlignmentDraw Word Art Align StretchJustifyWordArt AlignmentDraw Word Art Align WordJustifyWordArt AlignmentDraw Word Art Kern WordArt TrackingDraw Word Art Spacing Loose WordArt TrackingDraw Word Art SpacingNormalWordArt TrackingDraw Word Art Spacing Tight WordArt TrackingDraw Word Art Spacing VeryLooseWordArt TrackingDraw Word Art Spacing VeryTightWordArt TrackingDraw3 DColor Extrusion ColorDraw3 DCustomize 3-D EffectDraw3 DDepth Infinite Extrusion DepthDraw3 DDepth0 Extrusion DepthDraw3 DDepth1 Extrusion Depth
  3. 3. Command Name Modifiers Key MenuDraw3 DDepth2 Extrusion DepthDraw3 DDepth3 Extrusion DepthDraw3 DDepth4 Extrusion DepthDraw3 DLighting Flat 3-D LightingDraw3 DLighting Harsh 3-D LightingDraw3 DLighting Normal 3-D LightingDraw3 DParallel Extrusion DirectionDraw3 DPerspective Extrusion DirectionDraw3 DSurface Matte 3-D Surface MaterialDraw3 DSurface Metal 3-D Surface MaterialDraw3 DSurface Plastic 3-D Surface MaterialDraw3 DWire Frame 3-D Surface MaterialEnd of Column Alt+ Page DownEnd of Column Alt+Shift+ Page DownEnd of Doc Extend Ctrl+Shift+ EndEnd of Document Ctrl+ EndEnd of Line EndEnd of Line Extend Shift+ EndEnd of Row Alt+ EndEnd of Row Alt+Shift+ EndEnd of Window Alt+Ctrl+ Page DownEnd of Window Extend Alt+Ctrl+Shift+ Page DownEndnote Now Alt+Ctrl+ DEnvelope Wizard ToolsExit FileExtend Selection F8Field InsertField Chars Ctrl+ F9Field Codes Alt+ F9Find Ctrl+ FFix Me HelpFont Ctrl+ DFont Ctrl+Shift+ FFont Size Select Ctrl+Shift+ PFootnote InsertFootnote Now Alt+Ctrl+ FFootnotes ViewFormula TableFrameset Wizard Frames MenuGo Back Shift+ F5Go Back Alt+Ctrl+ ZGo To Ctrl+ G EditGo To F5 EditGridlines TableGrow Font Ctrl+Shift+ .Grow Font One Point Ctrl+ ]Hanging Indent Ctrl+ THanja Dictionary LanguageHeader ViewHeader Footer Link Alt+Shift+ RHeadings TableHelp F1HHC LanguageHidden Ctrl+Shift+ HHTMLSource ViewHyperlink Ctrl+ KHyphenation LanguageIndent Ctrl+ M
  4. 4. Command Name Modifiers Key MenuIndex and Tables InsertInsert Column Toolbar 32782Insert Column Right Toolbar 32782Insert Row Above Toolbar 32782Insert Row Below Toolbar 32782Italic Ctrl+ IItalic Ctrl+Shift+ IJustify Para Ctrl+ JLanguage LanguageLeft Para Ctrl+ LLetter Properties ToolsLine Down DownLine Down Extend Shift+ DownLine Up UpLine Up Extend Shift+ UpLinks EditList Num Field Alt+Ctrl+ LLock Fields Ctrl+ 3Lock Fields Ctrl+ F11Macro Alt+ F8Mail Merge Check Alt+Shift+ KMail Merge Edit Data Source Alt+Shift+ EMail Merge to Doc Alt+Shift+ NMail Merge to Printer Alt+Shift+ MMark Citation Alt+Shift+ IMark Index Entry Alt+Shift+ XMark Table of Contents Entry Alt+Shift+ OMenu Mode F10Merge Field Alt+Shift+ FMerge Revisions ToolsMicrosoft Script Editor Alt+Shift+ F11Microsoft System Info Alt+Ctrl+ F1Move Text F2New Ctrl+ N FileNew Window WindowNext Field F11Next Field Alt+ F1Next Misspelling Alt+ F7Next Object Alt+ DownNext Window Ctrl+ F6Next Window Alt+ F6Normal Alt+Ctrl+ N ViewNormal Style Ctrl+Shift+ NNormal Style Alt+Shift+ Clear (Num5)Number InsertObject InsertOffice Drawing Picture MenuOffice On The Web HelpOnline Meeting Online CollaborationOpen Ctrl+ OOpen Ctrl+ F12Open Alt+Ctrl+ F2Open or Close Up Para Ctrl+ 0Options ToolsOther Pane F6Other Pane Shift+ F6Outline Alt+Ctrl+ O
  5. 5. Command Name Modifiers Key MenuOutline Collapse Alt+Shift+ -Outline Collapse Alt+Shift+ Num -Outline Demote Alt+Shift+ RightOutline Expand Alt+Shift+ =Outline Expand Alt+Shift+ Num +Outline Master ViewOutline Move Down Alt+Shift+ DownOutline Move Up Alt+Shift+ UpOutline Promote Alt+Shift+ LeftOutline Show First Line Alt+Shift+ LOvertype InsertPage Alt+Ctrl+ P ViewPage Break Ctrl+ ReturnPage Down Page DownPage Down Extend Shift+ Page DownPage Field Alt+Shift+ PPage Numbers InsertPage Up Page UpPage Up Extend Shift+ Page UpPara Down Ctrl+ DownPara Down Extend Ctrl+Shift+ DownPara Up Ctrl+ UpPara Up Extend Ctrl+Shift+ UpPaste Ctrl+ VPaste Shift+ InsertPaste As Hyperlink EditPaste Format Ctrl+Shift+ VPaste Special EditPhoto Editor Scan Picture MenuPost Send ToPostcard Wizard ToolsPresent It Send ToPrev Field Shift+ F11Prev Field Alt+Shift+ F1Prev Object Alt+ UpPrev Window Ctrl+Shift+ F6Prev Window Alt+Shift+ F6Print Ctrl+ PPrint Ctrl+Shift+ F12Print Preview Ctrl+ F2Print Preview Alt+Ctrl+ IProofing F7Properties FileProtect Unprotect Document ToolsRecord Macro Toggle MacroRedo Alt+Shift+ BackspaceRedo or Repeat Ctrl+ Y EditRedo or Repeat F4 EditRedo or Repeat Alt+ Return EditRepeat Find Shift+ F4Repeat Find Alt+Ctrl+ YReplace Ctrl+ H EditReset Char Ctrl+ SpaceReset Char Ctrl+Shift+ ZReset Para Ctrl+ QRevision Marks Toggle Ctrl+Shift+ ERight Para Ctrl+ RRouting Slip Send To
  6. 6. Command Name Modifiers Key MenuSave Ctrl+ SSave Shift+ F12Save Alt+Shift+ F2Save As F12 FileSave As Web Page FileSchedule Meeting Online CollaborationSelect All Ctrl+ A EditSelect All Ctrl+ Clear (Num5)EditSelect All Ctrl+ Num 5 EditSelect Cell Toolbar 32778Select Column Toolbar 32778Select Row Toolbar 32778Select Table Alt+ Clear (Num5)Toolbar 32778Send to Fax Send ToSend to Online MeetingParticipantsSend ToShow All Ctrl+Shift+ 8Show All Headings Alt+Shift+ AShow All Headings Alt+Shift+ AShow Heading1 Alt+Shift+ 1Show Heading2 Alt+Shift+ 2Show Heading3 Alt+Shift+ 3Show Heading4 Alt+Shift+ 4Show Heading5 Alt+Shift+ 5Show Heading6 Alt+Shift+ 6Show Heading7 Alt+Shift+ 7Show Heading8 Alt+Shift+ 8Show Heading9 Alt+Shift+ 9Show Hide HelpShrink Font Ctrl+Shift+ ,Shrink Font One Point Ctrl+ [Shrink Selection Shift+ F8Small Caps Ctrl+Shift+ KSort TableSpace Para1 Ctrl+ 1Space Para15 Ctrl+ 5Space Para2 Ctrl+ 2Spike Ctrl+Shift+ F3Spike Ctrl+ F3Split TableStart of Column Alt+ Page UpStart of Column Alt+Shift+ Page UpStart of Doc Extend Ctrl+Shift+ HomeStart of Document Ctrl+ HomeStart of Line HomeStart of Line Extend Shift+ HomeStart of Row Alt+ HomeStart of Row Alt+Shift+ HomeStart of Window Alt+Ctrl+ Page UpStart of Window Extend Alt+Ctrl+Shift+ Page UpStyle Ctrl+Shift+ SSubscript Ctrl+ =Superscript Ctrl+Shift+ =Symbol Font Ctrl+Shift+ QTabs FormatTemplates Tools
  7. 7. Command Name Modifiers Key MenuTheme FormatThesaurus Shift+ F7 LanguageTime Field Alt+Shift+ TToggle Field Display Shift+ F9Toggle Master Subdocs Ctrl+ Tool Shift+ F1Toolbars ViewUn Hang Ctrl+Shift+ TUn Indent Ctrl+Shift+ MUnderline Ctrl+ UUnderline Ctrl+Shift+ UUndo Ctrl+ ZUndo Alt+ BackspaceUnlink Fields Ctrl+ 6Unlink Fields Ctrl+Shift+ F9Unlock Fields Ctrl+ 4Unlock Fields Ctrl+Shift+ F11Update Auto Format Alt+Ctrl+ UUpdate Fields F9Update Fields Alt+Shift+ UUpdate Source Ctrl+Shift+ F7VBCode Alt+ F11Versions FileWeb ViewWeb Go Back Alt+ LeftWeb Go Forward Alt+ RightWeb Page Preview FileWizard TableWord Count ToolsWord Left Ctrl+ LeftWord Left Extend Ctrl+Shift+ LeftWord Perfect Help HelpWord Right Ctrl+ RightWord Right Extend Ctrl+Shift+ RightWord Underline Ctrl+Shift+ W