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Intuisi, Inc. - Company Profile

  1. 1. Research | Promo | Event Management INTUISI Inc.
  2. 2. i n · t u · i · s i | or intuition in English (n) power or ability to know or understand things without thinking or learning; whisper of the heart; motion of heart – The Big Dictionary of Indonesian Language. A deep direct understanding and knowledge to a higher level of consciousness. Once achieving self-consciousness, or better ability in self-development, the intuition will become improved. The aim of a knowledge is straight to enable the creation of a better universe. Intuisi, Inc. as a group of body and soul striving for a better world formed on Rebo Kliwon, 10 Sura 1942 Jé (a specific Wednesday in Javanese Calendar) or January 7, 2009 which was then authorized as legal organisation by No. 01 Forming Act – dated February 2, 2009.
  3. 3. To improve quality of Indonesians with appropriate socio- cultural context through extensive participation in managing available resources, supported by studies that scientifically determine the formulation of public policies, as well as cultural references Page 2 OUR Mandate
  4. 4. Divisions Page 3 Promo & Marketing Web Development; Outdoor Marketing; Research & Development; Media Strategy and Campaign Event Management Conference; Training & Workshop; Art Performances; Charity Events Research & Community Organising Public Policy; Consumer Market; Social Dynamics; Public Health; Training & Workshop; Organisational Strengthening
  5. 5. Mathematics as an expression of the human mind reflects the active will, the contemplative reason, and the desire for aesthetic perfection. Its basic elements are logic and intuition, analysis and construction, generality and individuality – Richard Courant
  6. 6. Community around the globe are subjects in all humanitarian issues and interests, that the community themselves have become an enormous potentials to resolve every inconveniences. Not only in fighting colonialism to become an independent nation, the Indonesians have been actively taking numerous role in various sectors. And despite of the diversity, concern to the current difficulties faced by this nation is the basis to continue working hand in hand to achieve a prosperous, equal, and wealth society. A coffee shop discussion group, consist of mostly researchers and activists who have involved in a number of community problem solving since 1978, formed Intuisi, Inc. in 2009. Multidimensional studies to reveal an intact community problem are the basic elements to formulate actions, through public policies up to its operating manual. Such capacities are an absolute qualification especially in utilising proper methods that can be manifested into simple tasks for social transformation purposes. The study results are continuously being enriched through a network mechanism, fellow researchers as well as the affected community and other related stakeholders. Non governmental organisations as well as people’s organisations have sprung up along the growing process of democracy in Indonesia. This developed condition should be followed by the quality improvement of those organisations. Often time, an organisation is being formed by a donor’s project which has limitation of time and fund. Therefore, not only the organisation, the existing development programs have also to be strengthened. A sustainable program and an organisation that rooted in the community are aspects worked by Intuisi, Inc. out in its research and community organising activities. Page 5 Community Organising
  7. 7. Page 6 Marketing Marketing is a various form of activities ensuring continuous fulfilment of customer’s needs and having results for that effort. In general, marketing will focus on a product or service thus its marketing plan should vary within products. Intuisi, Inc. supports the marketing of a product through market research in finding what and how to fill the needs of a specific potential customer’s profile; analyse both price and position of a product within existing competitors; and promote the product through advertisement, promo, public relations, and sustainable selling. The cost effective solution is what Intuisi, Inc. offer to both companies and individuals in promoting as well as marketing a product. It is based on guidance to various options in order to fill the needs of a product through appropriate steps.
  8. 8. Page 7 Intuisi, Inc. was formed by experienced manpower in event management mainly music performances, conferences, workshops, and trainings. Maturity in both power and thinking, causing a memorable event to the participants and come to wider public attention, is a prerequisite of a professional event management. Event management consists of goal setting, program design, resource mobilisation both to the event and its implementation (organising committee), to promo and publication. Despite management service, Intuisi, Inc. provides series of consultancy in proposal developing of an event. Over the experience in managing events, Intuisi, Inc. has had network of vendors with competitive price and quality, cooperative sponsors in partnership, and media that widely cover communities both in promo and publication of the event. So, in spite of commercial objectives, events that involves local communities for empowerment goals can be managed according to the determined goals. Management
  9. 9. Page 8 2011-2014 E X E C U T I V E D I R E C T O R Amala Rahmah Joining Yayasan Kusuma Buana Jakarta for reproductive and sexual health educator to factory workers after having public health degree from University of Indonesia in 1998; Involved in gender and reproductive health issues in UI Centre for Health Research and Population Council, Jakarta to 2005; Developing harm reduction project in DKI Jakarta Province supported by AusAID until 2007. Worked closely with Ministry of Health, National AIDS Commission, National Narcotics Board, NGOs, and the affected community groups in assisting the development as well as implementation with personnel capacity building of an integrated harm reduction to national health system until 2011; Involved in numerous research for drug use, prisons, women and trafficking related to HIV and its socio economic impacts: A desk review report consultant in International Organisation for Migrant (IOM) during 2009-2010; A researcher in Intuisi, Inc. up to present. F I E L D M A N A G E R Bani Risset Expert in online marketing,: a web designer for number of both profit and non-profit organisations since 2006. Had been managing program for Yayasan Stigma Jakarta and Yayasan Grapiks Bandung, organisations work for reduction of harms associated with injecting drugs and its advocacy until 2008. Has become field manager for events, researches, and promo managed by Intuisi, Inc. since 2008. Involved in a research for HIV in Indonesian migrant workers with ICODESA in 2011. Has facilitated workshops and trainings participated by NGOs for advocacy and community organising of public health issues especially HIV. A C C O U N T E X E C U T I V E Patri Handoyo Has extensive experience in popular education and advocacy with sterling reputation in integrating development programs to the growing decentralisation practice in Indonesia. Proficient skills in public service area imposing community participation, political determination, and strong networking. Decent collaboration with both governmental and non-governmental agencies by participative problem identification and analysis, instrument development , and collective implementation of actions. Accounting school background strengthens his capacity in evolving any group or organisation especially in finance management. The experience in popular education includes short story publishing and movie making as a medium to interact with people in an education process. A S S O C I A T E R E S E A R C H E R Bambang Tribuana Dahana Has been working for social research, capacity building, and organisational strengthening on advocacy and human rights since 1990. Numerous of consultancies for research, assessment, evaluation, and documentation as well as for organisational strengthening has been worked with local and international organisations since 1999. The Director of Yayasan Sketsa Pojok (Skepo) Bandung for 2001-2003 period and still works as freelance to develop educational instruments and media for human rights and advocacy trainings. N E T W O R K D E V E L O P M E N T S Lola Lamanda Helmi Putri Enthusiastically working for broadcast since 2001, name it RRI Pro 2 FM, ANTV, RCTI, and MS Tri FM Jakarta as announcer and narrator. Involved in some Fremantle Media productions for TV shows. Had worked as a Staff for HIV Prevention Program in Yayasan Stigma and Femme Group Jakarta and still affiliated as volunteer. Nowadays working as co-producer of a program in Green Radio Jakarta: “Sex and the Kota”
  10. 10. Page 9 -2008 - 1. [event] Event organiser”2nd National Workshop on HIV & AIDS Research” with SIGI Indonesia as the institution’s name | National AIDS Commission supported by Coca-Cola Foundation Indonesia, QTV, KBR 68 H, Green Radio, and Banirisset Web 2. [event] Vice Head of Steering Committee; Head of Organising Committee; and Event Management Secretariat “2nd National Harm Reduction Conference” Makassar 2008 | National AIDS Commission and the Government of Makassar, other national and international organisations -2009 - 1. [research] “Pattern of Relation HIV Discordant and Concordant in Preventing HIV within Spouse in Pekanbaru, Jakarta, Denpasar, and Timika” | United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM); 2. [event & promo] Consultant of Secretariat & Web Development “9th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and The Pacific” | AIDS Society of Asia and the Pacific; 3. [event] Event Consultant “3rd National Workshop on HIV & AIDS Research” | National AIDS Commission Secretariat 4. [event] Party & Wedding Ceremony Consultant | Abel & Supri, Jakarta; 5. [promo] Official Website Development | Indonesian CCM of Global Fund for AIDS, TB, & Malaria; 6. [promo] Promo & Marketing Strategic Development of Jawa Timur Batik | Galeri Batik AYA; 7. [promo] Promo & Marketing Strategic Development Telkomsel Mobile Internet Unlimited & Cellular Modems | I-Flash Inc.; 8. [promo] Official Website Development | Yayasan Orbit Surabaya. -2010 - 1. [research] “OST Buprenorphine Management Study for HIV Prevention in Indonesia” | NAC, Global Fund, and HIV Cooperation Program for Indonesia 2. [event] Party & Wedding Ceremony Consultant | Bani & Lola, Jakarta 3. [research & promo] Moviemaking Consultant and Producer: “Reuni Putih” | Funded by HIV Cooperation Program for Indonesia; 2011 MTV International Drugs and Harm Reduction Film Festival – The Best Five Movie out of 47 Participants 4. [research] “Effectiveness of Outreach Program to Injecting Drug Users in Decreasing the HIV Risk Behaviour” | Research Centre on Health University of Indonesia (PPKUI) & National AIDS Commission; -2011 - 1. [research] “Social & Economic Change on Prohibition of Commercial Sex Localisation – Related to HIV Prevention Program” | supported by National AIDS Commission 2. [research] Consultant : “Needle & Syringe Program in Indonesian Prisons: An Operational Research” | Directorate General of Correction Ministry of Law & Human Rights 3. [research & promo] Producer and Author: “Denyut Terobosan Penanggulangan AIDS: Jawa Barat, DKI Jakarta; Banten” | In collaboration with NAC and AIP -2012 - 1. [research & promo] Moviemaking Consultant and Producer: “Harus: Violence to Women and Materialism as Reduction of Values” | IPPI & United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women 2. [promo] Management of Social Network Campaign | Indonesia AIDS Coalition
  11. 11. Perum Sutra Indah No. 35, Terusan Jl. Sasak Batu Cimenyan, Bandung 40197 Tel./Fax: +6221 430 3425 (headquarter office) | Email: |