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Process Intelligence and Predictive Analytics


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A presentation on process intelligence and predictive analytics that I did on a webinar for BP Logix, August 2010.

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Process Intelligence and Predictive Analytics

  1. 1. Process Intelligence and Predictive Analytics Sandy Kemsley Kemsley Design Ltd. Twitter: @skemsley
  2. 2. Why Predictive Analytics? Predict and “Predictive analytics is not just avert undesirable about forecasting what’s coming events down the pike. It’s also about keeping the bad alternative futures from happening.” James Kobielus, Forrester
  3. 3. What Are Intelligent Processes? Process, Baseline from historical aggregate analytics and Analytics on running processes decisioning predict future problems Self-adjusting processes through feedback to decisioning
  4. 4. History of Process Intelligence Distinct, often Business unintegrated Process technologies and disciplines Business Business Rules Intelligence
  5. 5. History of Process Intelligence Rules add agility to processes Business Business Rules Process
  6. 6. History of Process Intelligence Analytics add visibility to processes Business Business Process Intelligence
  7. 7. History of Process Intelligence Agility with vision: Business “Smart Process Enough Systems” [Taylor/ Raden] Business Business Rules Intelligence
  8. 8. Keys to Intelligent Processes Focus on Compare current to baseline model process goal, not just Compare current to historical current task Understand process dependencies and critical path to identify future problems
  9. 9. Enabling Technologies Managing Models of process timelines and processes in real-time goals In-memory analytics for immediate feedback User feedback via dashboard and mobile alerts
  10. 10. Results and Benefits Make better Understand overall process state decisions sooner Provide process guidance for Avert manual decisions potential problems Feedback to automated decisioning before they occur
  11. 11. Questions? Sandy Kemsley Kemsley Design Ltd. Twitter: @skemsley