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Farmington Young Author's Workshop


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Over 140 Gifted Education students in Farmington Area Public Schools participated in an interactive day of improving writing skill on Wednesday, March 14 at Boeckman Middle School.

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Farmington Young Author's Workshop

  1. 1. YOUNG AUTHORS WORKSHOP Boeckman Middle School, March 14, 2012
  2. 2. Mary Evanson Bleckwehl is the author of the six-time award winning book Henry! You’re Late Again and a featured speaker to motivate young writers.
  3. 3. Mac Gimse working with students. He has also created over 2000 bronze sculptures and challenges students to connect with art.Charwells will provide multiple promotions during March to attract students to healthier options.
  4. 4. Mac Gimse, Professor Emeritus of Art at St. Olaf College, leads students through a creative process in the creation of poetry.
  5. 5. Ben Heckmann, a 14 year old author from Farmington, provides a real world inspiration for elementary aged writers.
  6. 6. Accomplished author Kate Vogl discusses writing a memoir style book with students.
  7. 7. Students even made their own books under the direction of TomSpence from the Minnesota Center for Book Arts Youth Program.
  8. 8. Jen Legatt, Tech Integration Specialist and Andrea Brokl, GELTeacher at Akin Road assisted students with writing for video.