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Berry Blendz and Books at Boeckman


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Students at Boeckman Middle School in Farmington head to the Media Center for lunch (and literacy) through a program called BerryBlendz and Books.

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Berry Blendz and Books at Boeckman

  1. 1. Once students get their lunches they proceed to the media center,Berry Blendz are sold through the Special Education Department.
  2. 2. Students meet in groups to enjoy lunch and discuss books in interesting ways.
  3. 3. Media Center Specialist Barbara Theirl leads students through activities like “Book Bag Genre”.
  4. 4. Students pass a bag of books trying to avoid holding it when the time is up. They need to name authors or books to pass it on.
  5. 5. Then they grab a book from the bag and try to identify the type of writing, or the genre of the book.
  6. 6. Students also viewed video trailers of upcoming books that are coming to the school to increase interest in reading.
  7. 7. The “Triple B” events are likely to continue due to their growing popularity at the school.