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2011 Food Challenge


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Akin Road Elementary and Farmington Elementary particpated in a "friendly" food drive challenge, an event that raised thousands of food items for the Farmington Food Shelf, maximized student involvement in a community building project, and saw on Principal make good on a bet.

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2011 Food Challenge

  1. 1. Akin Road students kept a steady stream of food items coming in. Those boxes back behind are also filled with food.
  2. 2. Grade 5 students at Farmington Elementary had a challenge to count the impressive collection of food assembled in the corridor.
  3. 3. They organized the items for the food shelf, and had a pretty good idea that their Principal had “won” the bet.
  4. 4. Principal Januschka tried to get away with kissing astuffed animal cow that he found in Dawn Slinger’s classroom.
  5. 5. But the Donnelly Farms brought in “Bessie” to the delight of the students and the show was about to begin!
  6. 6. Here “Farmer Ben” gets on the good sideof “Bessie” with some fresh milk prior to the magical moment.
  7. 7. The big winnerswere local families in need who will benefit from thethousands of food items donated by students in both schools.