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  2. 2. ABOUT! Tawon Media Sakti connects like-minded people who invest in up and coming talent in01 the eco environmental solutions world. Our solutions bring together pragmatic thinking and action. We focus on the process rather than the end result. We plan dreams and ideas, then grow successful business models. Tawon Media Sakti is dedicated to sustainability. We support and fund environmentally sound business models, as well as manage some of the best socially responsible sites online.
  3. 3. WE ARE! We’re the 6th man in your basketball team. We’re your home field02 advantage in your football game. We wear many hats in Tawon team and can be describes as many things, a Marketing Agency, a Design Studio, and Application Developer, or Event organizer would all fit. Ultimately though, we provide business solutions to Startups and SME’s. Our services can range from improving how a business presents itself to driving its entire identity, marketing and sales process. Our core aim when working with any client is to help improve their business in any way we can.
  4. 4. THE STING!! We believe all effort in community development and online media cannot03 stand alone without any activation to connect any entities within. Therefore, we established TAWON STING!! a unique division powered with experience resources to cater all the needs in community activation, anywhere, anytime.
  5. 5. THE STING!! We walk the talk. Cut the chase. These are the man04 behind TAWON STING! : BOWO KUSUMO More than 5 years in artist management business. He is the man behind many unique talent : Ecoutez!, Pee Wee Gaskins, and Last Child. Now, he’d like to dedicate his expertise in community activation. BONY CAHYONO He is the man behind JakCloth. A big event to promote local clothing brand and now becoming a must go event among youth in Jakarta. He has more than 10 years of experience in event productions under his belt. IMAM MULIA BAHRI Imam a.k.a Abah, he’s been around since old school dotcom era. Very experienced in digital creative business and countless projects has been carried under his wings.
  6. 6. STING!track! STING!track!05 Jakarta Clothing Expo, Juli 2010 Jakarta Clothing Expo 3-5 Dec 2010 Jakarta Clothing Expo 2011 (Year End Sale) Jakarta Clothing Expo 2012 (Summer Fest) Urban Fest 2011 Tangerang Clothing Expo 2009 Clothing Expo Road Show 2010 Demo Masak Campina, 8 Kota Semarak Ramadhan Carrefour & ITC Cempaka Mas Gudang Garam Merah Keliling Kota BCA Merchant Gathering, Surabaya 3 Desember 2008 Carrefour Charity Box Ramadhan 2008 CAMPINA AVATAR HOLIDAY PROMAG KULINER RAMADHAN, 4-15 September 2009 PEPSI GEBYAR UNDIAN 10.000 di seluruh Carrefour MAGGI KREASSIP COOKING ROADSHOW ANMUM Valentine Day 2009 CAMPINA DAY 2008 – 2009 RIAU AIRLINES Launching & Travel gathering ANLENE Launching & Media Gathering 2009 Santos Company Gathering 2009 Campina Avatar Energy Zone 2009 ( Pekanbaru, Surabaya, Bandung ) Campina Holiday 2010 ( Jakarta, Bandung, Jogjakarta, Malang) Nonton Bola Bareng Indomaret 2010
  7. 7. STING!track! STING!track!06 music Metal Evolution 2003 Rockoholic Festival Battle Of Music Konser Lights Up The Music (Café To Café) Lights Nation (Campus To Campus) Refresh Festival 2007, at METOS Black Sound (New Year Celebration 2008) Promo Event My Chemical Romance Promo Event SUM 41 Roadshow Gudang Garam Rolling Stones Night di Jakarta, Bogor, Bandung, Purwokerto, Surabaya Konser NAPALM DEATH (Inggris) Grinding Indonesia 2005 Konser KREATOR(Jerman) Trashing Indonesia 2006 Konser SODOM (Jerman) WORLD ASIA TOUR 2006 Konser SUFFOCATION (USA) INFECTING INDONESIA 2007 Konser NAPALM DEATH Indonesia 2007 Konser THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER (USA) Nocturnal World Tour 2007 Konser MXPX (USA) Secret Weapon Asian Tour 2008 Konser BLEEDING THROUGH (USA) The Truth World Tour 2008 Konser SICK OF IT ALL (USA) Spreading The Hard Core 2008 Konser EXTREME NOISE TERROR (Inggris) World Tour 2008
  8. 8. STING!track! STING!track!07 community D-DAY OVERLORD 2008 West Point Airsoft field launching Lido Sukabumi Jawa barat. STONEHOLE 2009 - 2010 The first national airsoft war-game event in Indonesia. LETTERS FROM ONRUST 2011 24 hours wargame mission on Onrust island THE BROTHERS 2011 24 hours wargame & gathering nasional airsoft community INDONESIA AIRSOFT SHOW 2012 The biggest airsoft event of the year support by BRIGIF Linud 17. Road To IAS2012 Division
  9. 9. STING!track! STING! EVERY WHERE!08
  10. 10. Get in touch! Contact us any way you like BONY CAHYONO } 08179941899 BOWO KUSUMO } 08170884999 Graha Qarisha 2nd Floor, Suite 09 Jl. Kemang 3 No. 5, Jakarta Selatan Jakarta 12730 - Indonesia Phone +62 21 719-4724 Fx +62 21 719-4724 info@tawonisme.com www.tawonisme.com