Caffe bene (social media analysis)


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This is the socil media analysis about Caffe bene(카페베네)

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Caffe bene (social media analysis)

  1. 1. -In April 2008, Coffee brand started as "Caffe bene" .Then they tried to do innovative marketing and endless challenges, so they could change the domestic coffee market and achieve the No.1 brand title. -In 2011, Caffe bene became No.1 brand. And in 2012, as the first Korean coffee brand coffee, Caffe bene opened hone store in Manhattan, New York. And in 2013, Caffe bene is opening store in Vietnam, China and other Asia country to achieve goal which is becoming global. -When CEO was traveling around Canada he saw that the local indigenous brands were popular. So he gained if he create competitive brands he will become success. So he brought the idea from the open-air cafe in Europe and started Caffe bene. -Today Caffe bene which think the CSR as important is trying various social contribution program. And it want to contribute world market and achieve its powerful position.
  2. 2. -Caffe bene manage the perfect 'FTT(Farm To Table)' system that coffee brand manages coffee from the farm to the table under unitary management system. -To provide differentiated flavor through the finest coffee beans, Caffe bene established the roasting plant in 2010. -Roasting plant's all staff try to improve the quality of coffee beans and make high-quality coffee. -Caffe bene menu features European style and they want to make new menu frequently.
  3. 3. -Caffe bene uses its Facebook Fanpage to personally interact with its customers, promote discounts and services, and entertain fans with interesting posts. There is a famous marketer-generated fanpage. And many people “like” this fanpage. So Today we will think about why so many people like this page and what should this brand attract other people. -Caffe bene has 34,646 Likes. It’s facebook page updates frequently and at least 2 times a day. -We’ve categorized its content by means of: -informative : posts that include recipes and facts. -interactive: posts that require consumer responses like “Tell me your wish’ or etc. -promotional: posts that advertise caffe bene and new menu or events -Emotional: posts that evoke emotion of many people. -advertise other activities: posts that relate CSR or social contribution program.
  4. 4. informative The Good: Caffe bene made the concept of mascot called “bene girl”. So when it posts the recipes on the fanpage , bene girl help people try. Now this post has clear orders and tell easy ways to make this drink. This post gained 244+ likes, 24 shares, and plenty of comments. And through this post people talk with bene girl and ask about this drink.
  5. 5. informative The bad: In fact Caffe bene want to announce information about their services programs. But many people don’t like this post. there has been a lot of controversy about Caffe bene. According to controversy, Caffe bene has problems about giving coffee or unkindness services. So this post is written because of that controversies. But this is not a right solution. When it comes to this post, there are many negative comments. And this make other people feel more displeased to Caffe bene.
  6. 6. Interactive I will go to home. Wow, that’s a enviable sound! The Good: I think this caffe bene’s way to communicate with customer is very good way. We know it is fun to answer my questions or comments. This post is too. When I write the comments café bene give me the comments only for me. Because this comments relation to emotional post so I think such communication is more effective.
  7. 7. Interactive The Good: This post is written about the event “Tell me your wishes”. People who don’t like lucky or good chance are not anywhere. So when people found this post they feel attractiveness. And through this events people share their wishes with Caffe bene so they feel more friendly to Caffebene. Later this event try another event that people whose wish is achieved by Café bene write comments or story on the facebook fan page. I think this plus event make people more fun.
  8. 8. promotional The Good: This is an event page of Caffe bene fan page. This post is not similar to Caffe bene fan page in the way that people can upload their personal story on the Caffe bene facebook page. And through this stories Caffe bene give ticket to people. So there are many “likes”, ”shares’ and stories.
  9. 9. promotional The good: We can know these menus made because celebrate the 5 th anniversary fall special menu. In fact “5th anniversary fall special menu” means just promotion which attract people to buy these menu. But this post makes people feel something special about these menu.
  10. 10. promotional The Bad: This post is advertising “love duck” which is the toy given when people take the coffee in caffe bene. But look at the comments. There are many people who did not gain anything. So they became upset and caffe bene lose trust. They did not gain anything.
  11. 11. emotional The Bad: Left side post is an example of emotional post can be ignored. Because many people think this post could not provide any benefits, and this post just something meaningless. So there are less “likes”, “shares” and “comments”
  12. 12. emotional The Bad: Caffe bene want to attract people attention but people write the negative comments. Such “That cup is only for staff” means this is not fact., so I don’t like post losing trust. “ This cup is only for staff” “Today is not cold. So you feel cold?”
  13. 13. Advertise other activities The Good: Caffe bene advertise other activities relation to their brand. This post try to advertise New York traveler3. So many people who want to go to New York or are interested in this activities are attracted this post. This post
  14. 14. Advertise other activities The Good: Example of Caffe bene brand’s other activity. This post is written about Caffe bene volunteer program. This is caffebene Wakeup Campaign Flash mob and this is a fun and really entertaining way to attract to customer’s attention.. This is special because this post is someone’s post which us shared by Caffe bene.
  15. 15. -In conclusion, we based our findings under 5 categories: Informative, Interactive, Promotional, emotional, advertise other activities. Caffe bene use promotional as the best, and interactive as the worst. -Promotional: Caffe bene use their facebook fan page to promote brand. So people feel that they just “consumer” not “friends”. And many people think this facebook fanpage as advertising page or Caffe bene homepage. Especially they try to write a emotional post like “today is raining day, isn’t it sad?” but I think this post does not have any information or something interactive so can be ignored easily. -Interactive: Caffe bene lacks in this department. They didn’t post game-like or engagement contents. Instead they post their another activities to advertise their brand. So many friends can’t feel they really engage in brand fan page. -Many people response to promotional contents and the tone of Caffe bene facebook page is very friendly. So relative to other marketer-generated facebook fanpage, in this Caffe bene fanpage there are much communications.
  16. 16. Strength 1.European stylish interior which make feel luxurious 2. Differentiation to the side menu 3.The star-marketing and PPL through production Sidus HQ 4.The frequency of exposure because of store expansion opportunity 1.Expand the coffee market 2.New café culture 3.Diversification of customer base 4.Improving the diversification of communication media Weakness 1.Focus on star image 2.Similar naming to Coffee bean 3.Lack of promotion about main menu because of diversity of menu Treat 1.Red Ocean 2.Launching a new brand of existing enterprises 3.Foreign brands entering coffee shops 4.Expansion of the side menu specializing 5.Expansion of low-cost coffee shop
  17. 17. -starbucks Korea: This brand is a the biggest chain of American coffee market and one of the most popular brand in the world. And this brand is known as symbol of modern life and expensive product. Korea fen page 242,752 likes -Tom N Toms coffee: Toms N Toms coffee is poplar coffee brand focused on coffee mania. And this brand is original Korean Brand and when it comes to have short history the brand is similar to Caffe bene. Korean fen page 30,952likes -Hollys coffee: This brand started in 1998. They have many manias. And they know that CSR is important so they is running socil contribution program social-H green-H. Korean fen page 61,309likes
  18. 18. TOM N TOMS – advertise other activities -They have done events for two years and now they have an event “Advertising contest”. Whenever they have this event, many people have attention to contest. So Tom N Toms use their facebook fan page to advertise their events and add another musical event. Through musical event people could know what is ads contest easily.
  19. 19. TOM N TOMS – emotional -The ton of Tom N Toms is similar to Caffe bene. They use friendly tone so in fanpage there are much communications with customer. This post also make people feel friendly. And they induce people to participate their facebook fanpage post. Through this post people can talk bout what they want. So this become like funny play.
  20. 20. TOM N TOMS – promotional -This facebook fanpage have a event. If they write comment to this post TOM N TOMS give free ice chocolate coupon to people who write comments. Maybe there is no one don’t like “free”. So many people write the comments and participate this events.
  21. 21. Starbucks Korea-promotional -This post announce new version tumbler and starbucks own debit card. So after people see this post they can know new version will be on sale soon. And through this post people can talk with other friends about design or package. So this post can play a role which is important to sale new items.
  22. 22. Starbucks Korea-promotional -Starbucks Korea promote their juice product through this fen page and post. Whenever to buy starbuks product people use their starbuks cards, 200won is dominated by starbucks. This is one of the social contribution program in the starbucks. They write this post and they have a loot of benefits. First they have attention from people and second they make people think starbucks as very good firms. And finally the card’s sale will be raised.
  23. 23. Starbucks Korea – interactive and informative -This post is the most interesting post in Starbucks posts. In this post we can know how make “Ristretto Bianco” coffee. And this post evoke people’s attention because they don’t teach how this coffee become perfect coffee , and what it is needed to this coffee. So whoever answer this question, Starbucks give free drink ticket. Kook at the “likes”! “likes” are 1,185 and “comments”2,065. This number is very surprising. So this post acts as interactive post at the same time informative post.
  24. 24. Hollys coffee – emotional -This post acts as emotional post. When people see this post they feel something cozy or friendly. In the picture there is a drawing coffee. So I feel this post is written by me or my friends. And then we can know the benefits of drinking coffee through this picture. So many people have attention to this picture.
  25. 25. Hollys coffee – advertise other activities -This post advertise their class “Hollys coffee academy” They announce the information of this class and we can know through this post hollys coffee academy could be a good chance to me. And this post make me participate their fan page, post and academy.
  26. 26. Similarities : These brand uses almost same tone. Especially the tone of tom n toms is more friendly., but it is not big difference. And on all fen page they have “friends” who “likes” post and talk each other with brand. And people have lots of attention to this brand. Differences: Among these brand’s fan pages Starbucks fan page have the biggest number of fan. And starbucks post is some times just pictures. But they didn’t post just writing. And Tom N toms and Hollys post act as interactive post more than Caffe bene. According to this insights, to Caffe bene they need to wrote interactive post.
  27. 27. Informative -They need more informative post for instance of recipe or another fact. -Each informative post should have honesty and these post should receive attention. -For example: “ the way to down coffee calories” Interactive -They need more events or game-like contents to attract people’s attention. -In there fan page they need more funny post. -They should try to hard to interact their customer Promotional -They should categorize their promotional post. -They should write creative post.
  28. 28. Emotional -They need to post more than just “emotional post”. -They should combine emotional factor plus other factor. So they should write post that gain information or feel funny. Advertise other activities -They should post not only advertise other activities but also tell why they do such activities and what relationship other activities with this brands.
  29. 29. Focus Target -People who likes this brand fan page have the 20~40 age band, especially many facebook user is in 20age group. So Caffe bene focus this age group then make creative contents. Focus communication -Nowadays many people use facebook to communicate each other. So facebook page acts as chatting site. So Caffe bene should have post which is the personal story of fan.
  30. 30. Tasty coffee story -Focus on personal story, Caffe bene provide interactive personal page for people. So people can post their story about what is their coffee style or what is their favorite coffee. So through this page they can like this post to their blog or twitter and also advertise to other friends.
  31. 31. I Love Caffe bene -When they play like I love coffee game they can give comment about coffee and send to their caffe bene faebook fan page so they can share their experience. And then Caffe bene collect these experiences and make a game-like content. Through this content brand advertise new menu or share funny experience with customer and induce many people’s participations.